Use the beginning of this year to be still and quiet, and look to declutter your life so you can focus on what’s important. The first three months will fly by, so use that time wisely to let go of things dragging you down and set yourself up for success in the coming year.

This year, I want to help you focus on achieving your goals by using the best energies around. I’ll be guiding you by asking the right questions and helping you shine the light on healing the hidden aspects of yourself. My wish for you is to end 2023 in an empowered way.

2023 is a year that asks us to reflect on the previous years and assess what we have come to learn, asking us to look inward to our soul for the profound wisdom and knowledge that lies within.

2022 was a year of ups, and downs and receiving life lessons to make you transform at a rapid speed. Have you caught up yet? If so good, then it’s time for the next level.

This 2023 year is a frequency of 7.

The number 7 is about combining the physical world with the spiritual world. It also has the opportunity to bring transformation, mystery, and introspection. And this year you’ll be sharing and putting into practice the wisdom and knowledge that you’ve been working on over the last few years or even lifetimes.

Last year was the relationship year where old relationships may have ended, and new ones formed, so 2023 will bring a deeper connection and even the realisation of those people being part of your soul family. The energy of 7 drives transformation, but this is happening on a soul level too.

We begin the year by focusing on deep healing and clearing around the throat chakra. This helps us with clear communication and sets 2023 up for success. Sit with your thoughts and feelings during the holiday period; reflect on the past year, or even several years. This exercise is important for your growth.

Remember to give yourself the time and space you need to process, understanding the reasons behind the lessons, heal them and move forward. This is a repeating theme for the year, and with my help with the monthly overview, I will help you navigate the year with strength and courage. If you don’t take the time to reflect and learn, the universe can take over and slow us down to catch up.

Listening to soul & learning from the soul – some of us find it difficult to let go of our egos, but transitioning into a heart-centered personality helping us learn and grow. This was a key shift in the collective in 2022. And this year we see another big collective shift from heart connecting to soul, and it will be around October where many of us are ready for that next level of awakening. Take care empaths healers and sensitives you may be called upon for your energy to help souls shift, so please be mindful of over-giving, your boundaries and energies. This whole process will start in April and continue throughout the year.

Soul Led

This will lead to a more sustainable lifestyle, less clutter, and getting rid of materialistic items we think make us appear more successful. It’s a domino effect that starts with us. By making individual changes, like reassessing our diets, the way we live, and our spending habits, we can cause a ripple effect that has the potential to reach far beyond ourselves. We start to assess what is essential in the grand scheme of things. Everything is up for assessment. The positive result is less mental stress, bringing us back to harmony.

Responsibility for self in 2023

As we move from March to May, we are encouraged to take ownership of our own healing transformations and assess where we are with our health and wellbeing. It will look different for each of us, but the underlying theme will be the same: self responsibility. It’s time to take full ownership of how our lives are going and strive for the best version of ourselves.

As we start to understand more deeply, we enter into a state of craving inner balance & life with harmony which is the energy frequency in which miracles can occur. You probably want to live healthier too, like exercising more, eating better or breaking old addiction habits. But it’s okay if you only make small changes at first—every little bit counts! This is not a quick fix; it’s looking at a permanent way of creating the changes for your own good.

Reclaiming lost power

For many, this year will be a rising up and reclaiming of lost power. You will find that you are more in control of your life. You will begin to understand your own boundaries and what you are willing to tolerate. You will also grasp a better sense of what feels aligned with your authentic self as you settle into a new way of being led by soul.

We all have plans, and this year is about using our wisdom and knowledge to help us make some quantum leaps. But to do this we need to; share our voice – coming out from the shadows.

The idea of learning more wisdom and knowledge started to activate in us around 2021/ 2022. So, some of you are starting or continuing on a journey of self-development, learning new skills or transforming. This is another big theme for this year. Alongside the activations of sharing that knowledge with others.

This could look like taking a role in life as a mentor, spiritual teacher, sharing your values in order to connect with your soul family who will also be looking for you. Writing a book, or podcast or taking a bold move to get in front of and audience to share your wisdom. The main point here is that even those who are closest to you might not want anything to do with your gifts or knowledge. Instead, this is about expanding your horizons and bringing others into your world. So please don’t be discouraged. Focus on your big why, and your soul aligned people.


In January pay extra attention to grounding as we experience some intense energy into our lives. This can be disorienting and confusing if we don’t take steps to ground ourselves. You could feel off balance, tired and irritable. We need to look at letting go, trusting, allowing the spiritual learnings and messages to come through and stepping into the type of role model you wish to communicate to the world. I spoke a lot last year about becoming the leader in your life, in January we are starting on the next level.

Ways to ground ourselves, eat root vegetables, and take our supplements especially minerals. Get in nature.

Look at shifting the beliefs around “having to learn life lessons the hard way”, which is adversity, and by overcoming it will be calming back your power, so let’s clear this up to start the year off strong. Some of us have this as an oath made in our past lives, and we can have this as a core belief instilled in us from our parental line. So please look to book in a session, or ask your own healer to release this old program for you.

Journal questions for January

  • What needs to happen for you to release it forever?
  • What is the reason why you can’t let go of things must be hard?
  • What do you gain from things being hard?
  • Where do you need to bring in the love and faith to heal this?