Manifesting is the process of bringing the desired outcome into reality. It’s the act of putting your thoughts and feelings into action and using the power of emotional energy in the universe to create what you truly desire in life.

When you learn to manifest, you can create anything you want – from financial abundance and happiness to love and success. Manifesting is all about making your dreams a reality through the power of positive thinking, visualisation, and emotional vibration. If you’re new to manifesting, here are the three main pillars to help you get started:

“Manifesting doesn’t happen overnight – it takes skill, understanding,

energetics, time, patience, perseverance, magic, and alchemy!

– Claire Gorman.


1. Get clear on what you want.

The first step in manifesting is getting clear on what you want. Sit down and take some time to write out what you want in every area of your life – from health and happiness to love and success. Be as specific as possible, and don’t be afraid to dream big!

2. Visualise and feel the feelings of what you desire.

Once you have a clear idea of what you want, start visualising it as if it’s already happened. See yourself living the life of your dreams and feel the emotions that come with it. The more vividly you can imagine your goals, the more likely you are to be able to manifest them.

3. Take action.

Next, take inspired action on the ideas and synchronicities. Take steps toward your goals every day, and keep going until they manifest in reality.


We create our everyday reality through manifesting.

“To change your reality, start by changing your thoughts and intentions. This will change your actions and help you align with your goals.

Try looking in the mirror every morning to see yourself from a new perspective. It might help you appreciate yourself even more! If there’s something about your body that you don’t like, or if you feel insecure about it, try repeating affirmations like ‘I deserve happiness’ until it becomes a natural part of your thinking. It may take time, but with practice, you’ll find it easier to see yourself as beautiful and deserving of all the good things in life, including true love!

Manifesting your desires can take time if done correctly, but it can be rewarding. It can boost your self-confidence and give you a more positive outlook on life. Remember to take actions that align with your goals, visualize your success, and use positive language when thinking about your dreams. Good luck with manifesting your desires!”


1. Believe it is possible.

Imagine what you are trying to manifest in detail. Believe that it is possible. Look at examples of things that others have manifested, and think about how you can do this by tapping into the infinite power around you through your higher awareness. Open up to receiving guidance from within. Trust the universe has your back even when you cannot see all of its workings. Do not doubt yourself or your desires.


2. Be specific.

Write down exactly what your desired outcome is and how it will manifest for you (i.e., who the person may bring this opportunity to you).


3. Give thanks daily.

When you wake up each morning, express gratitude for the new opportunities that are coming your way and all of the tools at your disposal now to make them manifest in your life. This puts out the good into the universe and reinforces that which you desire as it comes back to you with more oomph!


4 You have an infinite self inside of a finite “shell.”

The real YOU is not a body but soul consciousness—infinite intelligence living through one human being—that can tap into endless possibilities outside of time and space. That is what manifesting really means—drawing from the unmanifest or invisible world of infinite possibilities to make something happen in our visible, physical reality. When you access your real self and open up to the power of this universal force of creation (by focusing on positive commands), you can bring anything into being for yourself and others.


5 Be Open-Minded to Receive Manifestation Gifts.

You may need to make some changes before the manifestation is complete: your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. It’s normal for there to be obstacles along the way, but trust that those things will work out in the end — and know this too shall pass.


6 Understand that manifesting takes time.

Things take time; don’t expect immediate results from manifestation; it generally builds over time and shows up when you least expect it.


7 Focus

When we focus on what we DON’T want, we often get more of whatever we don’t want! So focus on what you do! I know this sounds simple, but this is one of many people’s light bulb moments around this statement.


8 Pay attention to signs

that manifest at unlikely times. Sometimes, when looking for guidance, the universe sends us signals that help point us in the right direction. When we receive signs, we shouldn’t ignore them. If you see a friend you haven’t heard from in a while and later that day you get a call from the person asking to borrow money, then it is a divine manifestation that things are going that way for a reason.


9 Trust yourself!

You must trust yourself when manifesting your desires, or they won’t come true! Don’t give up when things aren’t happening as quickly as you would like them to, even if there is evidence of progress all around you. Your job is not to try harder but rather stay focused on what’s important and believe that all will work out well for everyone involved.


10 Practice feeling good every day.

During your practice manifesting session each day, put your attention on how it feels throughout your body and make a note of all the “good” feelings you felt manifesting your desire. Don’t think about what will happen when you get what you want—notice what is happening in your life.


11 Use positive words to manifest.

Stay away from negative comments that aren’t supportive such as ‘no,’ don’t,’ ‘can’t,’ or ‘won’t.’ Instead, say things like, “I am so happy that I have my partner’s support in this one aspect of my life.” Feel free to replace the word ‘partner’ with whatever term makes you feel best! Remember, never demean another person to make yourself feel better—that doesn’t promote tangible manifestations!


12 Remember the simple rules of the Law of Attraction.

If you stay focused, practice feeling good, and stay positive, all will work out well for everyone involved! Be patient with yourself if things are not happening as quickly as you would like them to—that doesn’t mean your desires won’t manifest. Remember that everything is constantly changing from one moment to the next—what manifests today may be gone tomorrow. Don’t forget that anything is possible when you focus on what’s important to you. Have fun with your wishes—you never know how they will manifest because the universe has a sense of humour too!


13 Cut back on negative influences in your life.

People who constantly complain about their problems or say things like “life sucks” repel positive manifestations. Remember, like attracts like—if you want to manifest good things in your life, surround yourself with the people you would naturally be attracted to anyway!


14 Enjoy manifesting your desires!

You should enjoy making your dreams come true because you deserve them! Every difficultly that presents itself along the way is simply a stepping stone to greater understanding and manifestation of power. Remember that anything is possible when you focus on what’s important to you and stay positive about every aspect of your life. If you give up even for just one moment, that dream could slip away forever—so don’t give up on yourself or your dreams!


15 Know that you can not manifest for others.

You can’t make someone else do what you want them to do—that would be controlling them, which doesn’t promote positive manifestation. All you can do is hope that your desires will work out well for everyone involved! Other people have their own free will, and you cannot and must not play around with that.

16 Be grateful when others get their desires, too.

Remember, like attracts like, so if someone else’s wishes come true, think of all the great things that will happen for everyone involved—including yourself! If you see something good happening to another person or group of people, wish them well and notice what happens next in your life.


17 Trust that everything happens as it should.

Remember, everything is constantly changing from one moment to the next, so if things aren’t working out as quickly as you would like them to, do not give up! That doesn’t mean that your desires won’t manifest eventually—it just means that what’s meant for you will be what is best for you! what is aligned to you, and nothing can change that!


18 Know that life isn’t always going to go how you want it to be.

There will always be challenges along the way but those challenges help make us stronger and more adept at manifesting our desires successfully. Nothing happens overnight, and sometimes we need a few false starts before we get things right—so trust the manifestation process even though it may take longer than expected!


19 Let go of fear when something is manifesting.

If you are nervous about something that may be coming in the future, remember that everything is constantly changing from one moment to the next, and it’s not going to happen unless it’s aligned with your desires! Be thankful when things work out well—if they didn’t or, if you don’t think it worked out well, learn from what happened so you’ll do better next time!


20 Trust in yourself and have faith when your desires come true.

If something doesn’t go the way you wanted it to, don’t worry—it must have been meant for someone else because what was aligning for you turned out wonderfully! Remember that life sometimes gets a little crazy, but everything happens for a reason, and all will follow along nicely if we keep the faith and stay positive!


21 Know that you’re a magnet for good things.

When you believe it, it will come. Stay positive and focus on what’s important to you because negative thoughts only attract more negativity into your life. Be thankful for everything—even the challenges because they make us stronger and help manifest our desires successfully! Learn from them so you’ll know better next time but mostly, be happy with how great your life is turning out to be!


22 Trust that you can manifest anything!

If there is something that you want in life, reread this article and practice it diligently, and don’t ever give up, no matter what happens along the way! Those”what if” thoughts and fears may try to creep into your mind, but remember that you’re a magnet for good things, and everything will manifest just as it should!

No rules on what you can manifest.

You can manifest love, joy, happiness, peace, abundance—anything at all! All you have to do is change your mindset, keep your faith strong and follow my 20 simple steps to manifestation. After all, like attracts like, so the more positive energy you put out there through your feelings and words and thoughts, the more positive situations will come into place in your life!