Discovering your team of spirit guides is like tapping into a hidden wellspring of support, tailor-made just for you. The key is realizing that they eagerly await your call for assistance. These devoted beings are committed to your growth, aligning perfectly with your highest calling. Whether you seek profound guidance or just a gentle nudge, your spirit guides are ready. Here are six simple and powerful ways to foster and deepen your connection with them:


1. Ask for a Sign:

Choose a specific object—a symbol, an animal, or a number—that will serve as a medium for communication with your guides. Personally, I connect with a fox, an orange butterfly, and the number 555. The first time I tried this, I selected a fox, and within 60 minutes, I witnessed one crossing my front garden.


2. Spirit Guides Evocation:

When engaging with your spirit guides, maintaining clarity and impeccable energy is crucial. Utilize an evocation to connect and receive messages. For example:

“I call upon my personal guides of 100% love and light. Anything not of 100% love and light, please leave the room. Guides present, I invite your guidance for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


3. Guided Spirit Guides Meditation or Attunement:

Initiate your connection with spirit guides through meditation. It’s an approach I employed to initially connect with my guides and one that I continue to use to deepen the bond. One of the most popular meditations in my shop is “Letting in the Light,” featuring the activation, “Connecting with Your Spiritual Boardroom.”


4. Channel Your Guides through Intuitive Writing:

Engage in deep communication with your guides through intuitive writing. All my courses and group programs were crafted after connecting with various guides, the akshic records, and the soul of my business.


5. Create a Spirit Guides Guidance Box:

Establish a personalised communication hub with your spirit guides. Write down a specific question or request on a small piece of paper, fold it, and place it in a special box. Trust that guidance will manifest in due course.


6. Create a Spirit Guides Altar:

Devote a sacred space to nurture your relationship with your guides daily. Just like any earthly relationship, investing quality time is vital to growth. A physical space embodying this connection can significantly aid in its cultivation.


If you’re eager to deepen your connection with your guides and channel messages from them, consider exploring my program, “Letting in the Light.” You can instantly download it here to enhance your connection with your spirit guides.


Letting In The Light