The last year has been a whirlwind for us all. Some people, like myself, have had the gift of having extra time on their hands.

I wanted to use this time for positive action by working on my personal development and future expansion, plus utilising some of the time to work on my business. The result is that I’ve made key decisions about how I want to develop the Holistic Image Coaching brand. Inspiration was gleaned from looking at what other similar industries and businesses did well, and combined that with my extensive knowledge and experience of working in hairdressing, with global beauty companies, practicing image consulting and personal styling, and providing educational coaching and training. I’m so pleased with what is shaping up for the vision I have for my unique business.

Some of you reading this blog, personally know me either as a client or friend. You probably know that I have been on a holistic self-discovery journey over the last six years. I’m excited to tell you I how I use a different approach in my personal life with an alternative modality called Theta Healing. Working with Theta has been life changing for my inner-self in my personal development journey, and as a tool for my business.


I’m incredibly proud to tell you I have completed five Theta healing training, education, and development courses to use as an extra service in my business. Theta helps by clearing the old stories and beliefs that you sub-consciously hold on to, the ones that can hold you back. I realised that I used to allow my old stories and actions from keeping me from achieving my goals.

I love using this fantastic tool in my image business to help my clients gain confidence, helping them clear those negative stories and self-sabotaging patterns. Theta might not be for everyone and that’s ok, but it is an option for those that may wish to ‘have a go’.

I firmly believe that having the ability to help people transform inside and out with a holistic Theta approach to coaching, is a compelling combination to be able to offer you.

As we grow older, do we gain style and image wisdom?

Sometimes we find this ageing process hard to accept, especially as a woman.

We tend to fight the good fight with ageing. I have come to realise in the last six years that it is so much easier to live life by going with the flow, and having balance and harmony with oneself rather than conflict. Ageing is a blessing which we can embrace and should receive it with love. Once accepted it’s like the weight of the world coming off our shoulders. Taking on the new stages of our lives with love is so incredibly liberating for us, and incredibly joyous for our younger generations to see us embracing it. Our image should not be a fight against time; time is just an illusion. Live in the moment of happiness, look forward to a happy life and being at peace with yourself, rather than being stuck in a painful past.

Have you ever felt nasty and negative about yourself at a particular stage or time in your life? Did you ever think you were twice or three times the size that you really were? Have you been invited to an occasion and thought, ‘but I’ve not got anything to wear,’ so you don’t go? Or, you do go then feel uncomfortable all evening with yourself. Did you become angry with yourself for feeling this way? Maybe you avoided being in the photos that were taken, or you hid behind someone else or placed a child in front of you to conceal yourself.

Our mobile phone cameras are now an extension of our arms, and the plethora of photos that are taken and uploaded to social media can create a negative image about yourself if you allow it. You’re overly conscious about how you look on social media, thinking that the world will be making a judgement, so negative thoughts transpire which is just you being cruel to yourself and can really spoil your day.

How about years later Facebook brings up a memory of that photo, or you find it while clearing out an old photo album. You look at that photo of yourself and realise you don’t look at all how you felt on that day, in fact you think you look great!

I’ve had many days and events when I’ve felt exactly like this. I realised what if I could only think like this back then, how much happier would I have been. What a better time I would have allowed myself to enjoy. With the best mindset and inner confidence, I could be talking to new people, dancing, laughing, mixing, and mingling. Maybe even chatting to a new potential client, perhaps meeting your soul mate – you know that handsome single guy by the bar you kept looking at.

What I’m trying to say is that we can come across in a way that gives the wrong impression to others. Most people see the outside you, especially when meeting you for the first time. “A false first impression takes eleven sequential meetings to correct what they have made of you.”

Let’s say they thought you were standoffish or up yourself, whereas deep down your negative self wanted to keep you small and safe; it didn’t want you to flourish and grow. The mindset of the inner you needs to change, before you become genuinely free of the negative self-talk that you listen to and always holds you back!


“When we have a negative state of mind about ourselves and our image, we hold back on doing all these things that can make us happy.” – Claire Gorman

When I hit my 40’s I knew it all had to change to a more positive direction. Also, with having a young daughter who was reaching a very impressionable age, I promised myself that I would do whatever it took to show her how a positive inner self would help her flourish and grow. I educate her so she doesn’t listen to the negative self-talk that could hold her back from doing what she is destined to do.

So, I’ve had my ‘light bulb moment’, but not without the journey I’ve been on for over 30 years in my career in the hair and beauty industry. Over the last five years, I transformed myself personally, and professionally into a more holistic natural therapy image coach. It has been a stepping stone approach with great life experiences along the way. And, there are more to come that I’m ready and excited to embrace.

Are you looking to switch on your light to shine more brightly from within you, then let me help. When your light is on, you can see clearly how to achieve your wishes, dreams and goals. You can give Negative Nancy the push and welcome in and listen to Positive Polly! (my nick-names for them).

I’m going to ask you to do a little exercise now, have a good think about your answers.

I spent a little bit of time coming up with this exercise, which significantly impacted me when I did it.

Sit down and have a chat with your past self in your teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s etc. Or, at any significant milestone in your life like your first job, marriage, having children. I think you get the idea.

Look back and ask yourself these questions. What advice would you give your past self? Journal or write down your answers.

  • What was hard for you at this time in your life?
  • How do you feel about yourself and your image at this time?
  • How would you have liked to feel about yourself at this time?
  • What were your dreams and aspirations at this point in your life?
  • Did you fulfill them?
  • No, What held you back?
  • What advise would you give yourself back then?


Now, depending on where you are in your life do this exercise for a future reading.

For example, I’m now 45, and I want to establish my life goals when I’m 50, 60 and 70 years old. I ask these questions to my future self.

  • What will make things easy and obtainable in my future?
  • How am I going to feel about myself in the future?
  • How do I want to feel and look, and think about my image and inner self?
  • What are the new goals I will achieve in my future?
  • Tell me your best advice that got you there?
  • What did you do to propel you forward to achieving the results you wanted for your image and inner positive self?


Theta helps by clearing certain thoughts, like the old stories and beliefs that sit within you, by the age of three 90% of your beliefs have been formed, even the ones that can hold you back.

Create a new story

Stop struggling and start manifesting the life and career you deserve by transforming from the inside out, change your beliefs with ThetaHealing® including Sacred Star™ Coaching for female awakening, embodiment and empowerment. Because here’s your opportunity to start creating your new story, become clear in your intentions in living the abundant life you so truly deserve.
You don’t have to continue with the struggle.
You don’t have to be lonely or attract the wrong people into your life.
You don’t have to put up with feast or famine with money.
You don’t have to stay in a job that no longer serves your soul.
It’s time to put yourself first.
The internal self transformation sessions guide you to shift your mindset.
You will have everything you need to take yourself to the next level.
Grow, evolve and become your true authentic self.
Claim a new sense of beauty, attraction and magnetism.

Radiate with self confidence everyday.

“EVERY woman is worthy of self love and abundance. Let me help you achieve your dreams.”

If you keen to understand how I can help you.

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Hello, I’m Claire, my passion is helping you transform by finding your best inner and outer YOU!  

I truly believe that together we can enhance your natural beauty.

In a sea of information, offers, colours and lights, how can the real YOU stand out from all the noise?

If you want to become more organised and intentional in your image or you’ve realised

that you need to shine out  in life and you don’t know where to start, it’s all ok.

I’ve got your back.

Whether you’re ready to embrace the next stage in life and you want a new enhanced self

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I’ve got you covered.

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