Being a woman entrepreneur goes beyond strategic planning and market analysis—it’s about tapping into your innate intuition. In this article, we’ll explore the remarkable power of intuition and how unlocking this superpower can enhance decision-making, foster genuine connections, and drive personal and professional growth.


Understanding Intuition in Entrepreneurship:

Intuition is often seen as an inner guiding force that provides insights beyond logical reasoning. For women entrepreneurs, mastering this skill can be a game-changer in your business. Trusting your instincts can lead to better decision-making. Intuition serves as a compass, helping navigate uncertainties and seize opportunities aligned with your goals.


Harnessing Intuitive Decision-Making:

Cultivating Self-Awareness:

Before diving into intuitive decision-making, it’s crucial to build self-awareness. Understanding your values, strengths, and aspirations forms the basis for intuitive insights that align with your personal and business goals. Through reflective practices like meditation or journaling, women entrepreneurs that are cultivating a new way to do business are having remarkable results in such a short space of time.

Listening to Inner Wisdom:

Intuition often communicates through subtle feelings, gut instincts, or a sense of knowing, I encourage women entrepreneurs to actively listen to their inner wisdom when making decisions. This might involve taking a moment of stillness before meetings, trusting initial reactions, and acknowledging intuitive nudges that can guide them toward optimal choices.

Balancing Logic and Intuition:

Effective decision-making requires a harmonious blend of logic and intuition. Recognising when to rely on strategies and tactics, and when to trust intuitive insights empowers women entrepreneurs to make well-rounded decisions that resonate with their authentic selves and serve their businesses’ greater purpose.


A Personal Journey:

In my own entrepreneurial journey, integrating healing practices and using my Intuition was a pivotal moment. Embracing self-discovery and harnessing my intuitive abilities allowed me to align my business ventures with my true passions and purpose. This not only brought increased income, freedom, satisfaction and fulfilment but also propelled my business to success as it aligned more authentically with my target audience. I have used healing and intuition in my 3 businesses over the last several years and it has been a game changer for me, to be honest, I approach everything I do in life from an intuitive space, and if I have big goals I will do the healing and energy clearings to quantum leap the outcome.


Testimonials and Case Studies:

Testimonial from Rebecca Kartel, CEO of Kartel Solutions:

 “Her intuition and guidance are outstanding.”

“Claire provided me with massive shifts and growth, both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone seeking self-improvement, self-awareness, general healing and genuine progress in both a personal and professional setting.”

“Claire is an amazing healer!”

I had heard great things about Claire Gorman’s healing work, so I decided to give her a try, I am so glad I did! I felt a huge change in my energy and outlook on life, I was fed up with life and had lost my passion for business. After only a few sessions with Claire, I felt a huge change in my energy and outlook on life.


RS, CEO Large retail company

“But what if I can’t access my intuition or trust it?”
No fear Claire is here!


Why You Need an Intuitive Guide on Your Team:

In the fast-paced business world, having an intuitive guide on your team can be a game-changing asset. Beyond traditional coaching and consulting, an intuitive guide offers a unique perspective that goes beyond surface-level advice. By incorporating intuitive insights, entrepreneurs can unlock untapped potential, make value-aligned decisions, and cultivate a resilient mindset to overcome challenges.


Unleashing Intuition as a Superpower to grow and scale your business:


Aligned for Entrepreneurs – Ignite Your Soul’s Evolution:

Aligned for Entrepreneurs is my exclusive flagship 10-month program meticulously crafted for high-performing, purpose-driven women who are ready to elevate their lives and businesses to new heights. It’s designed for those who seek not only financial success but also deep personal fulfilment and spiritual growth.

In this immersive journey, you’ll experience private 1:1 high-level healing sessions intertwined with intuitive business healing and mentoring. No, this is not teaching strategies and tactics, this is pure guidance, future physic readings, energetics and aligned focus to propel you forward. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Together, we’ll embark on a profound exploration of healing, unlocking your innate potential, and creating a life filled with freedom and passion.


Transformative 10-Month Journey:

Over the ten months, we’ll address various facets of your personal and business growth. We’ll delve into dissolving limiting beliefs, clearing old energy patterns, and paving the way for your unlimited potential to flourish. We’ll tackle crucial areas like enhancing visibility, transcending money blocks, nurturing your inner child, boosting your confidence, and making quantum leaps into new levels of success.

Together, we’ll cultivate the mindset of an empowered leader, unlocking your innate abilities to manifest abundance and create the life you genuinely desire. Imagine a life where you are deeply passionate about your work, while also enjoying the freedom and balance that nourish your soul. Aligned for Entrepreneurs is your invitation to manifest this reality.


Are You Ready for the Journey?

The time has come to embrace a soulful journey of healing, mentoring, and profound growth. Step into the realm of infinite possibilities and unlock the extraordinary life that awaits you.

If you’re ready to embark on this transformative 10-month adventure, seize this moment. The path to aligning your soul’s purpose with your entrepreneurial dreams begins now. It’s time to ignite your soul’s evolution and write a new chapter of success, balance, and fulfilment.


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