Get to know me

I use my intuition and channelling abilities as powerful tools in business, contributing to my rapid success. Today, my aim is to help you achieve your goals too. I offer various programs and private healing sessions that are online and specifically designed for each client’s individual needs. The privilege of being able to reach people from anywhere in the world is immense, so let’s work together soon!


With my combined practices, I have been able to use quantum physics, intuitive psychology and energy healing to gain insight into our inner world while also helping clients become aware of the external influences that can be holding us back from achieving our goals.

It is my belief that by using these combined healing modalities, along with mindfulness and self-care practices, we can begin to see the blueprint of our life in a new light and discover what we need to do to achieve our highest potential.



I have combined various modalities into a rapid success formula for personal and business use. With this, my clients experience innovative energy healings that aid in removing their subconscious blocks, which help them awaken into their authentic and powerful selves. By doing so, they can begin to fulfil their legacy.” – Claire Gorman.

My favourite thing about being an energy-intuitive coach is seeing the look on the client’s faces after our session is complete!

I am very discreet when working with my clients, creating a safe space for them. With so many healing modalities available, knowing which one to choose can be difficult. That’s where I come in! I take the guesswork out and help you find the best option for your needs. I have experienced being in your shoes as a client, and I have realised that sometimes we wish to heal but do not discuss the difficulties that we may have gone through. With my intuitive practices for healing, this can be achieved. My vision is to help touch and change the lives of each client who works with me. I pride myself on giving the best individual personalised experience. My mission is to help you live more abundantly and feel worthy each day.

When I’m not working with clients, you can find me being a wife to my supportive husband, Andrew, with whom I couldn’t have the courage to authentically live my life’s vision and purpose. I have been blessed with two wonderful children. My son is in college on a college golf scholarship in America, following his dreams. My daughter brings me so much happiness and love – she’s my emotional support who encourages me through thick and thin with a wicked sense of humour to keep me grounded.

I love reading a good spiritual book or listening to an inspiring podcast, and I love to have a good laugh with my girlfriends. When time permits, I love to binge-watch a period drama on Netflix.

I’m also looking forward to helping you with your transformation needs.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.