10 month ‘aligned’ VIP Experience

Aligned for Entrepreneurs

Do You Aspire To Become a Greater Success Story?


As a visionary soul-led woman entrepreneur, you’re already making an impact! Yet, deep down, you sense that there’s more untapped potential within you, waiting to be fully unleashed.

I know you have experienced success, but you still desire more.

Perhaps you find yourself at a crossroads, second-guessing every decision, feeling stuck on a plateau regarding income, and hesitant to step into a more prominent role to grow and scale.

If you’re anything like me, you regret neglecting your well-being. It’s easy to get caught up in the demands of work and the needs of those around us, but we often forget that we are just as important as the people we are trying to help.

I’ll never forget when I realised I had missed some of my children’s most important milestones because I was too busy working. The pain and regret I felt were overwhelming, and I knew I needed to make a change. It wasn’t easy, but I promised to find an easier way.

Are you trapped in repetitive cycles, overwhelmed by decisions, or tired of the constant struggle? You know there’s a better way. Let me help you dream bigger and achieve success faster.

You don’t need to sacrifice anything. A new paradigm awaits you, and the solutions are not in flashy business strategies, coaches, or marketing gimmicks.

The answers are within the Akashic Records!

It’s time to unleash your inner power and find the peace you deserve. 

Ignite your soul’s evolution with my flagship program, an exclusive VIP ten-month package for high-performing, ambitious women driven by purpose.

Experience the transformative power of private 1:1 high-level healing and intuitive business healing & mentoring as you embark on a journey of unparalleled growth and harmony.

 This immersive program is tailor-made for soul-led women who aspire to strike a perfect balance between their personal lives and scaling their businesses. Together, we will delve deep into the realms of healing, unlocking your true potential while cultivating a life of freedom and passion.

With my unwavering support, guidance, and intuitive insights, you will navigate the path of growth and expansion, aligning your purpose with your business ambitions. Discover the secrets to achieving lasting balance and harmony as you embark on this extraordinary journey.

Throughout the ten-month journey, we will uncover and dissolve limiting beliefs, clearing old energy to pave the way for your unlimited potential to grow, scale your business and shine a light on new success. We will address areas such as visibility, transcending money blocks, nurturing your inner child, boosting confidence, and quantum leaping into new levels of success. Together, we will cultivate the mindset of an empowered leader, unlocking your innate abilities to manifest abundance and create the life you truly desire. Imagine a life where you are deeply passionate about your work while enjoying the freedom and balance that fuels your soul. This exclusive package is your invitation to manifest this reality.

Are you ready to embrace the soulful journey of healing, mentoring, and growth? Step into the realm of possibility and unlock the extraordinary life that awaits you. The time is now to embark on this transformative ten-month adventure.



Why Should I Work With An Intuitive Energy Healer for Business? 

  • To bring awareness around the blindspots that are currently holding you back
  • Guidance on launching services and programs that are aligned for ultimate success.
  • Establishing your aligned prices for your services.
  • Dates when to launch and run your programs and workshops.
  • What platforms should you be showing up on.
  • Unlocking the resistance and self-sabotaging patterns that occur just before an uplevel.
  • Healing past wounds that hold us in fear of success.
  • Activate wisdom and knowledge to quantum leap you to your next level professionally and personally.
  • Increase your vibration to work with more clients and manifest more abundance.

Included in this 10-month program

10 Private High-Level Healing Sessions with Claire

8 Intuitive Channelled Business Sessions With Claire 

One half-day VIP Business Quantum Mastery Accelerator Session

One Exclusive 3-Hour Quantum Leap VIP Session

Access to the Unleashing Prosperity Money Mastery Program 

Unlimited access to Claire via video messenger during business hours For Intuitive Guidance.

When you sign up as a private VIP client, you can access any previous pre-recorded group and digital programs at no further cost. 

The current investment in your Aligned journey is $10,000. Payment Plans are available on request.

Many clients experience a rapid Return On Investment within the first few weeks, and the emotional, spiritual, and lifelong business ROI is immeasurable. We understand this is a substantial investment, and we offer payment plan options to make it accessible.

Please note that our program prices may increase regularly, so seize this opportunity to invest in yourself today.

Option to include the Aligned and Empowered Empress Retreats- POA 

Please feel free to book your Clarity Call to discuss this program.