This month is about finding our next level of courage, opening up for more flow, healing with forgiveness, trust in the universe, and our life lessons around awareness of the ego mindset compared to the soul’s truth and inner wisdom. It’s an excellent time to let go of the past and move forward with forgiveness and understanding. It’s been a tough few years for all of us. We’ve faced challenges and obstacles we could never have imagined, but we’re still here and forging ahead.
So firstly, let’s do a recap on July’s overview and see how it has been for you.

The key takeaway was to stay flexible and go with the flow. July was about making changes, embracing them, and making a start to open up and be available for exciting new adventures.

” During July, it was to release old patterns and work with a new perspective, project, and new opportunities. Your mind can be fertile during this time with many wonderful ideas and also using the feminine energy to bring us our divine abundance and put us on the right path.”

July was also about gaining inspiration and finding our new pathway, creating your wishes and desires for a new way of living. It was also a great time to start a new vision board, manifesting with the universe but still remembering your authentic integrity. But remember the wise words of ‘what comes easy is what is aligned with us.’ If you are hustling and pushing to make things happen, we need to stop and change the flow; this is something I spoke about back in June’s overview, and this theme still flows through till late August. The Universe is guiding us and showing us that hustle and hard work at the expense of something else = not for us! There have been some excellent lessons coming from this advice, and the quicker we take that on board, the quicker we move forward in the right direction.

  • Keeping Balance with work, rest, and play
  • Balance giving and receiving because both are essential. If the balance is out of alignment, it is harder for you to receive.
  • There could be signs of some relationship conflict, especially if you’re rebalancing yourself.
  • Staying true to your Integrity.
  • We get the nod from the universe to start the new project.


Now, we move into August. We are creating a new pathway and manifesting our desires.

Firstly, are you still dissatisfied with how your life is unfolding this year? Be truthful with yourself, and then I want to ask you something. Do you know which type of guidance are you linked to-Ego or Soul? Sometimes our ego and soul look at the same thing but see it differently.

With the Ego, you may have anxiety, anger, sadness, or other negative emotions due to unmet needs, and the ego is triggered. All your efforts are out of alignment when life or business is hard work. You can feel drained, tense, or even furious. You will be manifesting from stress, fear, anger, or resentment.

When connected to Soul, everything feels right when you’re in sync and flow; your life seems to cruise down the highway with every green light sending you on your way. Taking time to maintain your inner balance is a way to connect to the truth of your soul’s guidance; we have all heard the saying “slow down to achieve more”? When something doesn’t feel right, or it’s hard work, it’s time to come back to our center and hear the messages from the soul!

Take note: don’t believe everything you hear or think. Be mindful of the thoughts you choose to connect with. Are they a help or hindrance in creating the life of your dreams? By understanding Ego and Soul and how we are connected, we can manifest and create our vision through the proper guidance, which will make a shift for us.

To help shift you into a higher vibration and frequency-shifting you out of negative ego into joy and happiness, connecting you to the soul-

  • Put on your favorite inspired songs and dance.
  • Chant “OM” several times to align you to your soul wifi!
  • Try a sound crystal bowl healing session or Tibetan healing gong mediation. You can even find one on Spotify or google one to listen to, but there is something magical about attending a live session.


Business Career Up-Level & Transformation

I’ve previously written about how what has worked for us in terms of personal or business growth may not apply to us now, which is both maddening and disheartening. However, it’s critical to trust the universe when attempting new possibilities and connections and to know that it’s happening for us, rather than us, because it is time to advance and take us to the next level. This can show up in the areas of up-leveling our support, relationships, personal growth, spiritual wisdom, and knowledge accumulation, which are all prominent themes for our lessons, development, and learning this year. Please don’t hold back because it is divine timing to uplevel our knowledge. As knowledge is wisdom and inner power, this removes fear.

Look to utilise the energy frequency of August to focus on a higher level of development. It’s time to free yourself from the self-doubt hanging around; I wrote about it in my recent blog about criticism and judgment. If you’re still feeling resistance, self-doubt, or doubting your abilities and the impact you may have on the world around you, you may have held back from moving to the next level of exposure because you’re unsure of your gifts and talents are required, I understand. I had to remind myself that my message and skills are just as valuable as the next person’s. If you don’t value your talents, no one else will. It took me a long time to realise this, and I still have to remind myself at each level.

Important personal inner work & channeled message for my healers, coaches, guides, and teachers in my community.

Right now, your gifts and talents are needed. Start changing how you think about the world around you, removing the collective thoughts and beliefs that keep us stuck in a lower 3D vibration, and look to lift into a 5D abundance mindset, also being the creator of our life. If you don’t choose what you want in life, life will choose for you!

When things feel blocked, ask yourself, ” How is this happening FOR me? Rather than thinking, how is this happening TO me?” You are creating a more positive mindset and healing shifts by asking this, and you are open and willing to see beyond your 3D point of view.

I’ll give you an example where I asked this question myself: A few weeks ago, I had Covid. I asked the question, and the reply was, ” You need immunity to keep safe during your travels to the USA; we want you to feel safe and protected; this is the best way we can do this for you.” Ok, was my answer, and I thanked the universe, and a couple of days later, I was well again.

Forgiveness work will be essential during August. Journal on those who have hurt you and let go of the pain they’ve caused. I genuinely believe forgiveness is the key to receiving more abundance and creating quantum leaps in healing and life.

Reflection and journal to help you forgive and shift-

Where are you placing blame unnecessarily for something that happened in your life?

What is the thing you can’t let go of?

What needs to happen for you to either tolerate or can you release it forever?

Our External Transformation

We can’t change your environment around you overnight, but we can start by first healing our mindset. From there, we can make a difference in the world around us. The outside world is a mirror reflection of our inner world; we want to make the changes start with the inside first! This is where we can experience the elevation of our positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Have you heard about the law of karma, also known as the law of cause and effect? We can use the Laws to our positive advantage.

“Karma is often spoken of as destiny or fate, but it’s just the law of cause and effect operating in the spiritual realm.” Put love out into the universe, and love comes back in return.

There are many great ways to receive what you put out if you’re looking for ways to get involved in healing your life and environment. Start by researching and finding an organisation or cause that speaks to you. Then take action however you can, whether donating, volunteering, or simply spreading awareness. We all have the power to make a difference.


Trust and Support.

What would you do next if you knew the universe would support you?

Remember that the universe constantly moves energy around to bring us new lessons, learning opportunities, and situations. All it asks you in return is to face your TRUE north (soul) and follow the breadcrumbs along the path. Keep moving forward using your heart, fun, love, and joy as your compass. You may not always see the end goal, which can stop you from taking the first step. But please think about what if the end goal was more magnificent than you could ever dream about?

So let’s start healing ourselves, one step at a time. It’s time for a change, and it begins with us opening up to the frequency of more love, support, and receiving. August is to take what we have and expand by being led by Soul.