Obstacles are basically anything, whether physical or energetically, that block, hinder or stop you from progressing forward.

If you have found yourself wanting to do something in your life, but seem to constantly come up against issues causing it not to progress or be achieved, you need to step back and take stock of what is happening around you. What is causing or creating this obstacle and preventing you from moving forward?

When it comes to the spiritual and energetic world, some elements that can cause blocks are self belief, self love, old wounds, intuitive warnings, unseen physical and emotional blocks.

Many people perceive obstacles to be a bad thing, but they are in fact gifts for us. These obstacles or challenges are gifts to enable us to grow as individuals and to become a better version of ourselves.

You may feel when you are in the centre of the challenge that you can’t see a way out, that your energy levels feel depleted, that you are suffocating, or even that everything is outside of your control.

It’s important through these moments that you step back, breathe, connect with nature and clear your energy to enable the messages to come to you and the path you need to take present itself.

You need to be able to see what you need to learn from the obstacle, what you need to change, clear, uplevel or open to in order to move forward. Sometimes these can be simple steps towards a breakthrough and other times these can be even bigger challenges, where you need support from people like me.

Part of my support to clients is helping them identify the obstacles/blocks and removing them through identifying them, clearing and healing them. Some can be done in a single session; others may need a couple of sessions.

When you move through your obstacles, you will find progress and results are achieved, even your vibrational levels become heightened to new levels.

Some ways in which you can clear your obstacle blocks;

  1. Get into nature. Put your feet in the earth, or go to the beach and put your feet in sea water.  For more information, read my grounding blog here
  2. Have a sauna or go to a steam room
  3. Epsom salt bath or float tank. 
  4. Lympathic Deep Tissue massage. 
  5. Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment. 
  6. Parasite cleanse. 
  7. Meditation.
  8. Vitamin and mineral supplements. Vitamins are about nurturing and self love and minerals are about organisation and stability. 
  9. Detox.
  10. Vacation. Go and have some fun, change your energy. 

If you feel you need to get more support, then I invite you to book one of my free 30-minute complimentary sessions, which will give you a taste of what it’s like to work with me and comes with a body scan to see what is showing or not showing up in your world.

Remember, next time you are facing an obstacle, ask why it’s here and what gift do you need to learn from it.

Client win today! (Names have been change for privacy)

I was helping my client to embrace her natural feminine energy with more ease; she had been pouring all of her energy into taking the role of caregiver and financial provider for those around her. In doing so, however, she was constantly burning herself out in this unsustainable cycle. Her resentment and frustration were growing, and becoming out of control as she was shouldering the entire burden without any help. She longed to feel joyous again, liberated from this overwhelming responsibility and lack of energy, while also changing the energy from having to be the only caregiver to being supported by those around her.

In her session, I did a body scan and read the energy around her, it was a very vulnerable emotion. This is where we started the work; we went into the akashic records to find an old wound that needed to be healed. Now with healing in your records, It will 100 % have a positive knock-on effect in this lifetime and when I connected to her energy, my intuition told me it was blocking a job promotion and more money from her accessing in this current lifetime. Her face dropped and she said, “How did you know I was recently overlooked for a promotion?” so she was very happy to heal this block, and this was the healing that needed to happen!

We addressed her fears of money and strength, remedied old beliefs that were hindering her, and exchanged these for positive thoughts about having wealth and safety as well as feeling supported and fulfilled in life. Afterwards, my client looked fresh and light, feeling like she could breathe again, so relaxed and peaceful. Her skin glowed as she radiated like the sun. No joke, healing will change your energy and the way you look.

Transformation and healing can be achieved even in just one akashic session. That’s the power of my healing techniques.


Then there was Vanessa.


Vanessa wanted to work on her exhaustion and fatigue issues. When she came to me, her energy was so flat; all she could do was get through a very stressful day at work, and the week had taken its toll on her. She was stressed out and very overwhelmed. 

After talking and energy scanning her, the information that came through was to work on a core wound. Now, Venessa struggled with booking doctor’s appointments and when she did attend, her doctor told her, “Oh, it’s just this and that; basically, the mid-life changes.” After chatting with her, I asked permission to look into her records to see what was going on for her. I could see that there was an issue that needed to be healed on a genetic line running through her DNA . Additionally, there was another negative program blocking her to achieve support in areas of her life, in the medical intuitive technique; we call it a neglected wound. (I have had this program in my records too! It is very common.)

This wound can be reflected in real life through an inability to

  • ask for help with home and work tasks,
  • Felt compelled to do everything by yourself, and then showed feelings of resentment
  • Skipping meals
  • overlooking the importance of eating nutritious foods and taking supplements, not considering their benefits.
  • Iignoring medical appointments, health is not a top priority for you, But if a family member was ever in need of help, you would make sure that others are taken care of first.
  • Putting yourself self at the bottom of a priority list.
  • an unwillingness to take breaks from work and never receiving the appreciation you deserve for doing so.
  • Not allowing others to step in with their help
  • Not voicing your own needs- can have thyroid issues – everything is connected.

Furthermore, if left untreated, such an issue might lead to disregarding financials as well as love and personal health care.

This type of wound can find you going with the changes for a short time, focusing on yourself; but if you fall off the treadmill, you will be forever battling with a feeling of guilt for putting yourself first. Until something serious show up for you!

In this reading and healing, we addressed the core issues in Vanessa’s life. After the session, she felt a huge shift. She was able to feel confident in asking for help without feeling guilty and opened up to the idea that taking care of herself was not selfish. After the healing, she started doing research, making doctor appointments, and ensuring nothing will stand in her way.

I’m looking forward to her next session and excited about what will come up for us to help her clear and heal. By using the Akashic Healing techniques I use, Vanessa was able to unlock her past life experiences that were creating a negative anchor in this life. This enabled her to shift into feeling more secure in terms of wealth and safety as well as feeling supported and fulfilled in life. She left the session feeling positive about making the changes to help her live with the energy of well-being.

If this story resonates with you and you feel you have blocks that you would like to clear, I have worked with many clients in different situations. All of my readings and healings are tailored to the individual, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel called. Together we can work on unlocking your past life akashic experiences and create a bright future for you.