Have you ever felt exhausted, frustrated, or negative without any apparent reason? If yes, then you’re not alone. I have also experienced such situations. Our emotional well-being is often connected to invisible energy cords that attach us to others. These cords can be visualized as draining tubes of light which absorb our positive energy.

It’s a shared experience to feel emotionally drained after interacting with certain people. These draining encounters are usually the result of what is known as energy leeches or etheric cords. Our ego and fear-based thoughts form these cords and significantly impact our daily energy exchanges with others.

By doing so, you take control of your energy and open the door to a more fulfilling life.

Think of cord-cutting as a daily ritual similar to your morning shower. Regularly cutting these cords cleanses and detoxifies your energy field, allowing you to regain control. There are various cords, such as psychic hooks and psychic cords, each with its origin story.

Psychic hooks are like energetic tentacles we extend to others, often to help them. However, this fear-based behaviour can be unsustainable in the long run and can deplete our life force. Cutting these hooks is not a betrayal but a way to preserve our energy and avoid sacrificing ourselves while assisting others.

On the other hand, psychic cords are connections that others create to access our energy field and drain us of vitality. These individuals act like energetic vampires and often attract drama and trauma. While some intentionally make these cords, most are unaware of their negative impact. 

Three steps to rid yourself of energy-draining people?

Step 1: Start by identifying those people or situations causing you to feel drained of energy.

Step 2: Seek the help of an experienced energy healer or try guided meditation to cut the energetic cords that bind you. You can also call upon Archangel Michael and his sword of light to assist you. Remember, cutting cords doesn’t mean ending all connections; you can maintain positive relationships.

Use my cord-cutting meditation, which you will find in my complimentary meditation portal HERE. 

Step 3: Say goodbye to any self-limiting beliefs that may be causing these cords to reappear. By changing these beliefs, you can establish healthy boundaries that prevent new webs of energy drain.

Our interactions with people, events, and places create energy cords throughout life. They can be positive or negative and impact our energy levels. Negative energy cords can drain our energy, leaving us tired and depleted, while positive energy cords can uplift us and make us feel more alive.

Letting go of negative energy cords is essential to reclaiming lost energy and bringing more positivity into our lives. It may involve identifying and consciously releasing the people, events, or places draining our energy. This process can be simple, but the transformation that occurs when we let go of these connections is profound. We may feel lighter, more energised, and more able to focus on the positive aspects of life.