I always like to start by recapping the last month, when our focus was on awakening the divine feminine energy and leading with the heart. How did you take the time to embody the divine light codes and reconnect more deeply to your heart? Or were you forced to slow down to gain what we could receive and learn?

During this time, the highest form of enlightenment codes entered our energetic field, coming from the divine source and helping to expand us. (In non-woo woo chat, upgrading us.) So did any upgrading happen for you? Any changes in your life, thoughts or behaviours?

If you want to read the November overview, I know a number of you like to back and review it. You can read it here.

Wow, can you believe it’s already the end of 2022? This year has been a roller coaster for many of us, but we’re finally nearing the finish line. Some significant life changes have happened this year, but we’re almost through it!

By taking a step back and looking at the big picture of this year, we can better plan for the end of 2022 and change our lifestyles accordingly. This is especially important when finding balance in our lives, purpose, and harmony, as this is being awakened in us, giving us awareness going into 2023.

This was the year of the divine feminine, with relationships, heart centre and uncovering or speaking your great wisdom and knowledge. Has this happened to you?

Have you had a shift in your friendship circles or close relationships?

Perhaps a deep respect for self, including new boundaries, how you wish to look after yourself, a deeper self-care routine and new non-negatables?

Wisdom and knowledge. Have you felt the need to change careers? Take a course, learn a new skill, or even start to voice your inner wisdom and bring new work and ideas to your community or on a bigger scale.

I thought it fantastic that we would receive, receive, receive, being with this feminine energy, our business would take off, and we would all be go-getters! But what we got was to receive what we needed to expel from our lives to move forward and learn essential life lessons like a rite of passage; this showed up very much in the form of relationships! This is a significant life lesson for us all, and it’s important for next year, as my guides keep telling me! We had to make way to be introduced to new souls ready to take the journey with us.

So let me channel the advice from my guides to empower you more in this final month of 2022.

The first message is to keep going!

We have started through the doorways of new opportunities, and some of you feel like changing your minds running back and wanting to go through another door! You can’t. You must believe you are on the right path. Some of you will be experiencing a testing time while others will be relishing in finalising the big-picture plans. Why can it be extreme spectrums, Claire? You may be asking this. This is because we are in the year of the two’s, which means duality.

Healing the duality, one way I have helped clients with this is to change beliefs around how to learn life lessons or virtues but not taking them on energetically but by witnessing them. I won’t go into detail in this blog, but if you want more information, please get in touch with me.

These last few months, we have picked up speed. Do you feel this year is going super quick, and this carries through for the next few months of 2023? We are gaining momentum on this new timeline, and to be honest, we need it as this timeline is bringing us into our soul’s authenticity truth and alignment. Remember don’t fight this!

Some of you may feel, worried and stressed, even unwell, but that resistance is coming from a place of fear! Yes, I get those feelings too, but I still have faith that I have this! If you know me and how much my life has rapidly changed and evolved over the last few years, I always tap into faith, trust, and the release of deep-rooted fear and release the cords.

Empower your own healing transformation this month by –

  • get something off your chest in a loving way – do the cord cutting meditation link below to access this free resource.
  • every day I give myself permission to become ____________ (fill in the blank)
  • I give myself space to learn and grow

Empower yourself and ask your soul and even journal on

  • What is it I’m fearing?
  • Are they my fears or other people’s fears?
  • Where is this self-doubt coming from?
  • What would go wrong if I could be, do, and have all my wishes?
  • What has come up in sessions over the last few weeks is the question, Who am I not to do this? – this keeps the ego from taking over.

If you feel you need meditation to help to release feel free to listen here to my cord-cutting meditation to help you.

We have always been told to look for answers and guidance externally, as the outside world feels more concrete than our internal world. However, we are learning that sometimes the best source of advice comes from within ourselves. As we progress, we may begin to realise that some questions can only be answered by connecting with our souls.

We always learn from others in the collective consciousness. One way is that we can naturally give our power and importance to material items, places, people, and situations in order to fit in. We are human after all, but now we are starting to see a change in the collective and even challenge the status quo; to be honest I’m quite excited to see this!

We are naturally allowing our souls to guide us to look inwards at how we really feel and what stays in our lives and what goes, what is authentic and real, and who we connect with. This learning and awakening will show up differently for each individual but this is the undercurrent of what we are here to learn this year and carry on into the next. This can show up, for example, as not resonating with others, even through social media, and friendships, and then you may find others you are aligned with. A few months ago I was given the message to reevaluate my values. I was not given any more to the message, but now it’s coming through some more alignment and values are going to be key over the next few months in deciding where we all fit as a collective.

The Oracle Card – Devotion from Mary Queen of Angels by Doreen Virtue

“When I’m clear about my values and relationships, I’m clear about what comes next. Stick to what you believe is your soul’s truth and do not waver from your values. If something or someone tries to temp you away from your basic core values or beliefs, pray for strength to say no. Don’t go chasing illusions of more money, love from an ego point of view, remember everything you have is inside of you. Recommit to heart and what is right for you. Pray for clarity around your true priorities, values and beliefs, and make your decisions on solid foundations. Everything will be taken care of itself.”

Developing a stronger understanding of how to make decisions from the heart, instead of reverting back to what we think is right which can sometimes be led by ego. Making choices based on our inner voice, along with help and action from our head, shows a balance between masculine and feminine energy- something that often provides alignment, ease and grace.

Our final topic for learning this year was to bring in the feminine energy to work alongside the masculine, having a combination of both energies, which teaches us true life satisfaction, and how to manifest our fulfillment without resistance. We plan to keep learning how to navigate decision-making more wisely, so that we can choose what we want to manifest with confidence and release the overwhelm and disappointment. This has given us a greater sense of gratitude for the decisions we have made in the past, as well as those we will make in the future.

Reflections & Actions

Journal or think about where in your life you would like to reboot or perhaps rebirth. For today, look at where you can enjoy every experience with joy and not judgement, and where you can help someone today without judgement or needing or wanting anything in return from them. Can you carry that on?

Oracle card Butterfly Doreen Virtue, for life changes –

Health Care Change.

Time to protect your health by acknowledging your body.

When we talk about health, this can cover mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. What area resonates with you? Then this is the area you need to explore.

Do you need to upgrade your health and wellbeing, self-care by finding some support?

This could be through a physician, naturopath, dentist, optometrist, or nutritionist so you can find help and support to maintain great health and wellbeing.

Do you need to start a self-care routine?

I have been guiding my clients to take charge of their health and well-being, including myself. I’m not doing this because I need to do it now, but because taking action now will positively change my health timeline in the future.


Thank you for all your help and support this year, I also hope you have enjoyed the energy overview each month and I look forward to writing in the new year.

If you need any additional support please feel free to reach out to me here

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