Abundance is about balance and harmony in the main areas:

  • Love including self-love
  • Wealth (money)
  • Health and happiness
  • And finally, time.

Let me get things straight with you first.  Image is who you are on the inside and who you are on the outside, both equally important. That’s why, in my holistic image business, I work on both your inside and outside areas.

Self-image is also connected to self-worth. For example, I hear many women say, “Oh, I can’t spend that on myself.”

I too was that woman! That’s just telling the universe, “I’m not worthy of X Y Z …..”

Your self-image is the core from which you do everything, and have everything.

“When you hold a negative image of yourself, you are most likely to have negative beliefs about your ability to reach your goals.”

Inner confidence is one of the most significant assets you can have. What you believe about yourself is how you will interact with the world.

But, when you’re asking the universe for X Y Z, you may go full throttle into driving forward to achieve those goals. It can be easy to ignore yourself and what matters to you on the inside. So, therefore, a weakness in one of your self-love abundance corners starts to show up.

You ignore you, and then the universe ignores you!  The outside world shows us what is happening inside, a mirror effect.

When you’re on full throttle for the external things in your life, you tend to place yourself at the bottom of the list—another weak link.

Self-image Your Welf-worth When Manifesting

But it is essential to understand why your self-image self-worth is key to manifesting abundance.

Your worth and image are everything. It is how you view yourself and your ability to interact with the world.

If you have positive, healthy self-worth, self-love beliefs, then it will show up in the real world.

If you have negative self-worth beliefs, you will not ask for the things you want because you assume you are unworthy on some level.

The abundance you can manifest, and the thoughts you have about yourself are in direct correlation.

Without proper self-confidence, you will not believe that you are worthy of any blessing or abundance. However, when you start to think better about yourself, and you raise your vibration and energy levels through some of my top tips below, better things begin to come to you.

A Negative Image is a Major Block.

Experiences and inherited beliefs come from your family and friends. 90% of our views have been instilled by the age of 7.  You may not realize it but these beliefs learned early in life have shaped your self-image and self-worth.

Sometimes subconscious blocks can hold us back causing low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence.

Everybody has these blocks in one sense or another. But they differ from person to person.

Removing the Blocks

You must address your self-confidence blocks and change them into empowering ones. It will help you to create a new self-perception, enabling you to get to where you want to go.

Let’s create a new personal brand for yourself. Chances are, your current self-image self-worth is not correctly working for you.

Luckily, the process of changing your self-image is empowering and fun.

Understand  About Theta Healing®

How To Change your Energy

If you’re currently struggling with self-confidence, there are many ways you can manifest self-love and more confidence.

It begins with acknowledging your current state and setting a goal for where you want to be.

It will help if you start feeding your mind with confidence-building thoughts and actions.

You can do this by achieving small goals, surrounding yourself with confident people, using positive self-talk, affirmations, and meditation.


A new life for you is just around the corner. So, create that new self-image and self-worth so it will allow you to manifest everything you desire.

Take the time to build your self-confidence every day. Otherwise, you will stay exactly where you are.

If you don’t change, then nothing in your life changes.

Isn’t it time you finally claimed the Image of your Dreams?

Create a new story

Stop struggling and start manifesting the life and career you deserve by transforming from the inside out, change your beliefs with ThetaHealing® including Sacred Star™ Coaching for female awakening, embodiment and empowerment. Because here’s your opportunity to start creating your new story, become clear in your intentions in living the abundant life you so truly deserve.
You don’t have to continue with the struggle.
You don’t have to be lonely or attract the wrong people into your life.
You don’t have to put up with feast or famine with money.
You don’t have to stay in a job that no longer serves your soul.
It’s time to put yourself first.
The internal self transformation sessions guide you to shift your mindset. You will have everything you need to take yourself to the next level. Grow, evolve and become your true authentic self. Claim a new sense of beauty, attraction and magnetism. Radiate with self confidence everyday.

“EVERY woman is worthy of self love and abundance. Let me help you achieve your dreams.”

– Claire Gorman


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Hi I’m Claire, I created this company in Australia in 2013, and it has significantly evolved since then. I began my career as a hairdresser over 30 years ago; I have also gone through my own transformation and personal growth during that time.
I developed my company to offer services that combine personal styling, emotional healing, spiritual awakening, and holistic natural beauty products.
Many of my clients have amazing stories to tell of their transformations. Creating change in their lives, feeling safe by letting go of the past, forgiving and genuinely learning to love themselves. Now I welcome you to look forward to a better future without fear, obstacles, and self-sabotaging your happiness.
Let’s start you on this beautiful journey.






Feel free to reach out to Claire for more information https://holisticimage.com.au/contact/

Holistic Image is a business created for women who wish to flourish. Claire helps assist them with their dreams and desires for better health, improved life balance, loving relationships, successful careers, and discovering their life’s purpose.

Claire can empower many more people using her intuitive talents and various tools and resources. This combined knowledge and skills offer you the unique advantage of choice in your transformational process, along with an exceptionally high standard of service.


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