One of the most frequent questions I receive in a session is about karma. “Does it always work?” people ask. “When can I expect it to come around?” If you’re holding onto anger, waiting for someone who hurt you to get their comeuppance, I want to shift your perspective. Karma is far more intricate and ultimately more empowering than you might think.

Karma: A Mirror for the Soul

Remember, the universe operates on the law of vibration. Energy attracts like energy. Karma is simply that law in action, ensuring balance and opportunities for soul growth. If you put love, kindness, and good intentions into the world, you’ll attract more of the same. But, if fear, doubt, and resentment are your offerings, prepare for life to reflect that back to you. Karma isn’t a vengeful force; it’s a mirror.

The Timing Isn’t Up to Us

It’s tempting to want the karmic scales to balance quickly. But the universe doesn’t operate on our timetable. Someone may seem to be getting away with hurtful actions, but rest assured, their soul lessons will arrive in due time. Whether it’s in this lifetime or the next, the universe never forgets a debt. However, that’s not where your focus should be.

Karma is a Call to Heal Yourself

The true beauty of karma is that it reveals where we’re lacking love – especially love for ourselves. Why did that betrayal sting so deeply? Perhaps it echoes an old wound of not feeling worthy. That job rejection? It might highlight a fear of not being good enough. Karma is your soul’s brilliant way of pinpointing the areas where healing is needed the most.

Karma, Forgiveness, and Freedom

Holding onto resentment, hoping karma will dish out punishment, will only poison you. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you excuse the other person’s actions; it means you free yourself from the anger that binds you to them. Forgiveness is your superpower in navigating karmic lessons.

So, Does Karma Always Come Back Around?

Yes, The law of cause and effect is absolute. However, remember these key points:

1. Karma is about your growth, not punishment for others.

2. The timing is orchestrated by a higher wisdom beyond our own.

3. Focus on raising your vibration, not fixating on others.

4. Forgiveness is the path to true freedom, even when justice seems slow.

Affirmation for You

Repeat this with me: The universe is always working in my favour. I trust in the process of growth. I release resentment and choose love.

Beautiful Soul, let karma be your guiding light, urging you ever closer to becoming the fullest expression of your loving, powerful self.

With endless love, Claire


Quiz: What’s Your Karmic Situation?

1. When facing a challenge, your first response is to:
A) Blame yourself completely.
B) Blame others for what happened.
C) Seek insight into your role but don’t feel entirely at fault.

2. Recurring themes in your life make you feel:
A) Hopelessness and a sense of victimhood.
B) Anger and a desire for revenge.
C) Curious and determined to learn the deeper lesson.

3. Forgiveness is:
A) Impossible for you when hurt badly.
B) Something you do to keep the peace, but you still hold resentment.
C) Essential, even if the other person doesn’t deserve it.

4. You view difficult people in your life as:
A) Reminders of your own flaws you need to work on.
B) Annoying obstacles to your happiness.
C) Karmic teachers, even if their methods are harsh.

5. When things go wrong, you tend to:
A) Ruminate for weeks, focusing on what went wrong.
B) Take action to fix it immediately, regardless of the emotional cost.
C) Reflect, seek solutions, and also prioritize self-care.

6. The idea of past lives:
A) Fascinates you and feels intuitively true.
B) Sounds ridiculous and impossible.
C) Is something you’re open to but unsure about.

7. Do you believe your thoughts and intentions have a direct impact on your reality?
A) Absolutely, your mindset creates your world.
B) Not really, action is what matters most.
C) Sometimes, but you feel external factors play a bigger role.

8. When you think about karmic lessons, you mostly feel a sense of:
A) Fear and dread about what else might be coming.
B) Indifference, like it’s just how life works and out of your control.
C) Empowerment to make positive changes that shift your path.

9. If you could change one thing about your past, would you?
A) Yes, any mistake is a source of deep regret.
B) No, everything happens for a reason, even if it’s only to learn from.
C) Only if it involved hurting someone else and caused them pain.

10. Your belief about soul growth is that:
A) Life is inherently painful, and growth is only in response to that pain.
B) True growth requires stepping outside of your comfort zone.
C) Life offers both joyous and difficult experiences for the soul to evolve.

    Mostly As: You may need to work on self-love and taking accountability.

    Mostly Bs: Watch for anger-fueled actions that create more negative karma.

    Mostly Cs: You’re on the right track to transform karmic challenges!