How To Change Your Energy With Daily Meditations

You can do this by setting and achieving small goals, surrounding yourself with confident people, using positive self-talk, affirmations, and meditation.

“The more you feed your brain positive thoughts and emotions, the more they will manifest into your life.”

You quickly access your subconscious through my meditations and imprint your new positive beliefs speedily and effectively. The more you practice your new way of thinking, the easier it will become for your brain to follow the habits we have created for you, until finally, it is your brand new identity.

By shutting out the monkey mind & distractions and start focusing on your deepest desires, you can dig through unhelpful thoughts and train your mind to seek a more positive self-perception.

“Your current self is a product of your past mental habits.”

It would help if you started listening to the meditations below daily for at least 30 days or more, you will create new mental patterns, and everything will change.

Transform from the inside out!

At Claire Gorman, one of my top priorities is to support my clients throughout their journey in transformation.

Please feel free to listen to this meditation track to immerse yourself in 101 Empowering Downloads for better health, wellbeing, beauty and self-love. 

With this meditation, you can extend the value of your sessions and programs, creating more impact around transformation in your life.

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