In the pursuit of personal growth, self-improvement, and abundance, hidden obstacles often arise that significantly impact our capacity to receive, maintain, and manifest wealth. Two potent vows that can profoundly influence our connection with money and abundance are the vows of poverty and chastity. Traditionally embraced within religious and spiritual contexts, these vows can unconsciously shape our beliefs and behaviours concerning money. In this blog, we will explore into the transformative process of dissolving these vows, paving the way for greater wealth, self-worth, and abundance. 

Understanding the Vows of Poverty and Chastity

The vow of poverty entails relinquishing material possessions and wealth in favour of a simple and spiritually-centred life. Often adopted by individuals within religious orders who prioritise spiritual growth over worldly riches, this vow seeks detachment and purity to devote fully to a spiritual path. Conversely, the vow of chastity involves abstaining from intimate relationships to wholly dedicate oneself to spiritual pursuits.

Impact on Wealth and Abundance

While these vows may originate from noble intentions, their influence on our capacity to attract and retain wealth can be profound. The vow of poverty, for instance, can ingrain subconscious beliefs that spiritual growth and material abundance are incompatible. Similarly, the vow of chastity may cultivate guilt or shame regarding desires, including the yearning for financial success. These beliefs can manifest in ways that hinder our financial growth:

  1. Energetic Blockages: Unconsciously retaining these vows can create energetic blockages that repel money and abundance, causing us to self-sabotage when opportunities arise.
  2. Fear and Scarcity Mindset: The vow of poverty can breed a deep-rooted fear of wealth, leading to a scarcity mindset that hampers abundance manifestation.
  3. Self-Worth Issues: Both vows can affect self-worth, generating feelings of unworthiness towards financial success and blocking actions leading to wealth.
  4. Resistance to Holding Money: Even if wealth is attracted, residual energy from these vows may lead to discomfort in retaining it, causing impulsive spending and self-sabotage.

Dissolving the Vows for Wealth and Abundance

To materialise genuine wealth and abundance, addressing these subconscious vows and beliefs is pivotal. Here’s how:

  1. Awareness: Begin by recognizing if these vows affect your money relationship. Reflect on wealth beliefs, self-worth feelings, and financial discomfort.
  2. Intention: Clearly intend to release vows and associated beliefs no longer serving you. Affirm your worthiness of abundance aligned with spiritual growth.
  3. Healing Practices: Engage in practices like meditation, energy work, and therapy to unearth and release vow energy from the subconscious.
  4. Reframing Beliefs: Replace old beliefs with empowering ones, acknowledging the harmonious coexistence of spiritual growth and material abundance.
  5. Inspired Action: With new beliefs, take inspired steps toward financial goals, embracing wealth reception and retention without guilt or fear.

Personal Transformations

I’ve witnessed the transformative power of releasing these vows on one’s capacity to attract wealth and abundance. By dissolving energetic blockages, individuals experience:

  • Increased Self-Worth: Vow release nurtures self-worth recognition, enabling confident pursuit of opportunities.
  • Elevated Manifestation: As resistance clears, enhanced money and resource manifestation is reported.
  • Healthy Money Relationship: Fear and discomfort release fosters a healthier, positive relationship with money.
  • Freedom to Receive and Give: Liberation from vows permits guilt-free receiving and fearless giving, balancing abundance flow.

Remember, each journey is unique, and vow release unfolds individually. Hidden barriers, rooted in past lives and ancestral lineage, may surface. These vows may transcend lifetimes, shaping beliefs about wealth, worth, and deservingness.

Ancient Vows’ Persistence

Vows of poverty and chastity echo across time, carrying past-life energy. Subtle yet impactful, these imprints hold back money, affect your self-worth, and deservingness beliefs. Ancestral ties reinforce these vows through generations, shaping wealth perceptions.

Three years ago, I aided a client seeking over six-figure business income. Despite persistent efforts, success eluded her. Addressing self-worth, we unveiled ancient vows’ impact on her financial path.

Intuitively, I was sensing a past life in an English monastery with a poverty vow, I guided the vow to be released. Weeks later, an unexpected $100,000 inheritance was gifted to her, affirming vow release’s impact. I was so pleased for her that the barriers had dissolved, creating a brand new channel for abundance. Just to say that money will come in the quickest form, and hers was through an inheritance, but just to note she is a multi six figure business now. 

Ancient vows hinder abundance, and that is why I include it as part of my Unleashing Prosperity Program. Their impact is profound, spanning lifetimes and lineage. Dissolving these barriers involves addressing past and ancestral ties, transmuting energy into financial empowerment.

Embrace Abundance

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I really want to share with you how I’m finding Claires’ new Course Unleash Prosperity!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably done courses in the past and felt fantastic whilst doing it and for a short time after but when left to your own devices feel deflated, inadequate, and disappointed with yourself and go back to old habits and patterns in no time. It’s like creating a beautiful garden but not removing all the weeds properly before planting the flowers, in no time the weeds are back and you can hardly see the flowers.

Claire has really thought of everything in this course to prepare the soil, removing the weeds, ready to create!

I’m not an entrepreneur or a practising healer (yet), I’ve done courses and modalities and love all things Woo Woo but I still felt trapped in an invisible cage with old stories and patterns that keep me from getting to the version of me I know is there waiting for me.

In last week’s group healing, even though I didn’t make it live I watched the replay and WOW Claire knows where to find the weeds.

Claire took us on a journey to our Akashic Records room to be shown the past life or lives that were causing the biggest issue in this life. I’ve never experienced anything like it, I felt so safe and supported (even on the replay), it was next level! I was shown a life (a very confronting one) with all the Karma cords that followed me to this life. Claire guided us and we were able to heal, forgive and complete the contracts. Removing the weed roots and all.

Another reason I love this course is Claire has made how-to videos so I can watch and rewatch as many times as I need (I retain things better visually) and I’ll always have access to it!

I love being a part of this course and this community of beautiful like-minded souls. So, if you need any encouragement to do this course, I hope this is it because I wish for you what I wish for me.

So Grateful xx


I’m absolutely loving the course as well and resonate with feeling great until the course finishes

Claire definitely does things differently and gets into the deep stuff!!

Excited to see where the rest of the journey takes us 

Ready to Release Vows and Embrace Abundance?

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