April is all about Soul Connection.

The soul is guiding us and teaching us don’t resist it.

We become the stories we tell ourselves. You are now the author of your story.

Write one that inspires you and doesn’t matter what anyone else tells you, you command the pen. Physical reality is only temporary, the pages are always turning and life is always forever changing. A chapter is ready for you this month, so find ways to write a new book. All the events and experiences in your life are multidimensional. As your experiences form and shift, your perception changes. This month is all about letting go of justifying or analysing the events that became your previous stories and now you’re lifting yourself into a new way of seeing your true, authentic self. It’s all about using the energies and the frequency that is rising to connect you to your soul light.

In March, we could see that we would be asked to look at things from an expanded point of view, which will help us in this coming month, and for the next five months. You are being asked to view your stories, people, events, and situations from a neutral position and a higher perspective.

wThe higher perspective one will unveil and reveal what was previously unknown to you. You may be surprised, shocked, or embarrassed that the stories, people, situations, relationships and energies that you have identified with are not what you thought they were. Please don’t stress, this basically means you may find yourself on a new path and letting go of old relationships, that were not serving you.  You are doing so well; remember you are so worthy and so loved. It’s not happening to you, it’s a blessing for you. Trust is the virtue we really need to be embodying this month. If it’s any help I’m also going through these changes too, we all are.

I had been putting off this overview for the last few days, I am aware of how crucial it is to do it for my community and send it out to you all. To make the task go more quickly and easily, and stay in sync with current energies that were feeling blocked up, I decided to listen to music while writing and channelling – what a difference!

Have you ever tried meditative writing?

This creative process of meditative writing can also be referred to as automatic or intuitive writing; it’s an outlet through which your soul communicates with you directly!

Allowing soft, meditative music to play helps the information come through and be downloaded, which is exactly what I am doing right now. This process allows words to flow directly through your hands, pen, paper, or keyboard. 

Practise this meditation.

Practise every day for a week. Try writing two or three pages each day. This will help you come into the flow of the process more before you start meditating. Have your pen and journal, or your device, ready. Take some deep breaths.

Take a moment to centre your mind and soul, allowing yourself to be graced with a white flow of light that is overflowing with love. Let this sensation strengthen the bond between your body and spirit as you move to connect. Doing so will send the intuition and downloads for you if you have a specific question in mind; ask that question and ask for the answers to flow through you. How do you know you are connected to the soul? You go through your heart—it is always the doorway to the soul.

A soul connection, an encounter of a deepening of an already existing union, this will profoundly change the way you perceive unconditional love. The chemistry between the soul and self this month is about the soul entering on a deeper level to awaken, expand and open your heart so wide that it may never close again. Opening the heart and experiencing high expansion can feel like heart palpitations, rushes of energy, feeling light-headedness, dizzy and it can even feel like absolute ecstasy. It can be a moment where you open up to euphoria.

This heart-expansion soul connection will bring your love and light away from all of the barriers that you have built around yourself. Anything reflected to you will become more intense; not only will feelings of peace and love increase, but also any fear or distress as per Duality’s law.

By recognizing any wounds that keep us from experiencing love, we can begin to heal and embrace our true selves. Refrain from returning to the past; instead, clear it away and concentrate on what you hope for in your future. Rediscover yourself—develop self-love by treating yourself like you would a cherished partner. Nourish your heart with tenderness, care for yourself as though you are the most important person in the world, and know how lovable you are.

Place a rose quartz crystal near your heart chakra, while you’re meditating or by the side of your bed. Rose quartz crystals are great for feeling unconditional love for yourself and for others. It will help you open that heart chakra, which is key component for this month. 

Key Affirmation Dates and what to say

April 2nd – “I let go of limitations and recognise the true beauty of my being. I visualise all my limitations falling away, one by one, until I am safe, healed, and whole.”

April 4th – Keepers of the Earth: “You are not alone; ancient ancestors stand by you.” 

April 7th – “I see myself healthy and living in a society where it is safe for me to be who I am and to love others.”

April 16th –  “I love myself, and I see myself in everyone.”

April 21st- “I am in the right place, at the right time, and doing the right thing.”

We also have a retrograde this month. Not sure what a Mercury retrograde is?  Read the blog here.

This month is full of letting go, up-levelling, grounding it in, and moving forward. Not sure what grounding is. Read the blog here

This year is already full of fast-paced energy, and this month will be no different. Retrograde energy can help us uncover what needs to be released from our lives or cleared away for us to move forward. We can use the light codes (Light codes are written in your DNA and are a remembrance of your power) available to us during this time as a chance to energise ourselves with new coding that will propel us into action. Soak up the sun’s rays each day and you’ll be reaping the benefits of the light codes much faster. Being in nature will balance you and help you detox. 

Journal seven things you want to experience in your new relationship with your soul; this can be key, as from May to September we are starting to build new, strong foundations for the way we wish to and desire to live our lives.

At the beginning of this month, we have a dynamic energy that’s going to help us step up and move forward. 

Your soul loves music. 

Use music to help you shift the stuck energy from your body. 

Tune in to the soundtrack of your life–your soul has a beautiful song and is a beautiful vibration. Think of it as a pulsating light, moving in rhythm with the universe. Your soul travels through the light and is always the background music of your life, even if you can’t hear your song with your physical ears; we know animals can hear it. Moreover, your song is always resonating through the universe along with the music of the spheres and the sound of the universe made when it was born. The greatest song of all is Om.

You can always tune in through your heart and through your throat chakras. Your throat could be clearing this month, as well as any heart palpitations or flutters that is a sign of your cells turning over in your whole body. Your whole body cells are recalibrating to this new frequency. This is about living your life to the highest, most aligned, most loving authentic soul.

This year is here to refocus on YOU, encouraging and enabling you to connect with your deep-knowing intuition. To be guided by your soul and heart, not ego. Throughout this year you will be given energies, frequencies, guidance, and direction to help you learn, grow, evolve, and connect into that all-deep knowing. Each month you will be asked to let go, recalibrate, and ground in new identity, new frequency, and new awareness. And then move up to the next step of your universal ladder and go again. When we get to the end of the year and look back… wow.

Finally, to wrap up, April is a great month to take all that knowledge, recalibration, and growth and apply them to practical uses of energy. April will be a month of making big changes in the energy you use and how you interact with the world.

April is also great for clearing and setting new intentions. Make sure you’re clear on what kind of vibrations and energies you want around you while manifesting your desires. Make sure you’re in a good place to manifest your dreams, and that means being mindful about how much energy is being used for projects or ideas. We don’t have to work harder for more rewards!

April will be an interesting month for finding a balance between pushing yourself forward and resting when needed. Being kind to yourself is key; it’s okay to take breaks and not always have everything figured out. Overworking yourself will only lead to burnout and exhaustion, so it’s important to find the balance between pushing yourself forward and resting when needed.

Remember that April is a month of energy awareness! Be mindful of where you are putting your attention and how much energy you are giving off in all directions. You can use this as a tool for creating a life full of positivity and love. Keep in mind that the energy you send out will come back to you, so make sure you are sending out only that which is good. Take some time this month to pay attention to how your energy affects those around you and use it as an opportunity to become more conscious in all areas.