I always like to start with a brief recap of the past month, the theme of which was “Awakening & Creative Expression“, coupled with the importance of self-discipline. We also spoke about the idea that “what you put out, you receive back” and we were encouraged to connect more into love and light. Lastly, it suggested freeing oneself from the belief that struggle is always necessary. I would like to say that we have all done so much work over the past few months to keep raising our vibration and to work with the good energies that support us in this transformational period, so well done. The work you do can be highly rewarding and truly life-changing when you partake in a spiritual path.

Over June, I have written a lot about intuition, which I believe is a powerful tool that can help us make decisions based on our inner guidance system rather than from external forces or opinions. June was also a great month for re-assessment of our energy management and personal maintenance, as we continue to adjust our thinking to higher vibrations, we may have needed some extra rest and downtime. During June, it brought new and different energies that were beneficial in reinforcing the shifts that had already started back in April. It is always important to take some time to focus on oneself from this past month and be mindful of how we are responding to these changes.


Solstice brings change.

I’ve included this in the overview because this year’s solstice has significantly affected the collective consciousness. The Earth’s increased heartbeat is elevating everyone’s frequency, calibration, and consciousness, and it is happening every day and as I type this overview, I am experiencing more heart chakra activations. There will be some intense awakenings or reawakenings happening over the next four months that will encourage us to keep working on our spiritual growth and strengthen the heart soul connection.

On June 21st, Australia (located in the Southern Hemisphere) celebrated the Yule Winter Solstice, which is the shortest day of the year. This event is significant to Pagans and dates back to ancient times as a winter celebration. Yule is a celebration of midwinter and honours the rebirth of the sun. Litha is a pagan solstice celebrated during the summer in the northern hemisphere. It signifies new beginnings, inner strength, and light. Even if one does not observe this holiday, the extended daylight and revitalising energy of the sun can provide motivation. Acknowledging the sun’s crucial role in maintaining nature can help us harness its power and seek spiritual direction.

In July, there are two key messages to consider. The first is that there is an opportunity for alignment, and the second is that the embodiment of divine masculine energy can help bring about desired changes.

As we enter the start of July, I invite you to take time for personal reflection and to focus on what needs to be done in order to make changes in your life that will support you in achieving your goals. The July overview coincides with the energy changes from the solstice, creating the space for a meaningful period to reflect on the significance of new beginnings and renewal.

Only two main messages are coming through this month, but please don’t mistake the importance of these messages. The first message is to be in alignment with yourself, as the energy shifts continue over the next few months. It’s a good time to acknowledge that change can bring about discomfort and even fear, but also an opportunity for growth and expansion—so go ahead and embrace it, don’t get caught up in it.



“It’s not for the soul to push you into alignment; it is for you to align yourself and call in the soul to work together collectively with you.”

Remember, your soul is your biggest cheerleader; it knows the truth about who you are and what you are capable of, and it loves you unconditionally. Are you tuning in and aligning your body and mind with your soul, which is constantly sending you information? Are you allowing the flow to work together in harmony?

Sometimes, life experiences will push you out of alignment so that you can understand or learn these life lessons from a different angle. When you are pushed out of alignment, it can feel like hard work or even like you’re in the hustle and grind of life. Therefore, when it all gets too much, you might be ready to switch things up and make changes.

We all have different pain thresholds. Some of us only make changes when we experience significant events like health scares, job loss, illness, or death. We often fail to notice messages for change that come early, as we are too busy with other things. An example would be ignoring signs of a sore back or not sparing 20 minutes for meditation. We may not prioritise going to the doctor or having a healing session, and tend to put ourselves last.

This month, my guides have conveyed a message that stresses on building healthy habits to help us establish authentic self-connection. We can attain alignment by connecting within and tuning in to our intuition. It’s essential to take some time every day to connect with our personal alignment messages. This practice would help us gain clarity about the right direction to follow, identify the things that need to be let go of, and take action where necessary.

The second message for July is very important—the Divine Masculine. Sometimes, we forget about our Divine Masculine energy, and this month is a key time to call in this frequency to help support us in taking action on our creations and working with healing the Solar Plexus to create a strong sense of strength and empowerment. Last month focused heavily on creative expression on the Sacral Chakra, and, as I always talk about balance, it seems right that this month we would bring in Divine Masculine to rebalance the flow of life.


Divine masculine – the light that supports desire and inspired action.

This message encourages us to embody the divine masculine energy by taking charge of our ideas and becoming the master of our own destiny. Let’s recognize your inner strength and motivation to lead your thoughts and emotions instead of letting them control you. Respectfully acknowledging that emotions do have a purpose and place, even if we don’t fully comprehend them.

This month, let’s not let the unpleasant emotional triggers of life bring us down. Rather, let’s use them as a driving force to build something that better fits our needs. Use this month to evaluate every part of your life and make changes to enhance anything that isn’t working properly. Be strong, restore your confidence, pull yourself together, and move forward. Instead of attempting to resist or manage outside factors, concentrate on your thoughts and mindset to manifest your goals.


Ritual for July.

One suggestion for a soothing ritual or meditation practice in July is to connect with your inner sunlight. Begin by lighting a candle and setting an intention of lighting up your inner fire, now placing your hands near your solar plexus, located close to your belly button, to bring the fire and light to that area.

After that, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. This will guide you towards your inner self and help you let go of any external distractions. Use your imagination to transport yourself to a serene natural setting where the air is clear and refreshing. Imagine being on a mountaintop where you have a clear view of the world. Slowly relax each part of your body. Take a moment to tap into your creativity and feel empowered. Imagine yourself as the ruler of your own kingdom and focus on creating the desires and goals you have set for yourself. Appreciate yourself for dreaming big and setting your sights high. As you visualise your dreams, see how they interact with everything around you, including yourself and others. Embrace your role as the champion of your own dreams.

Take a moment to remember your loved ones and imagine their presence with you. Allow yourself to feel their presence in your heart for at least seven minutes. Once done, shift your focus back to your breathing while radiating inner peace. Finally, blow out the candle as you have now activated your own inner fire.

It is recommended that you spend some time outdoors, under the sun, to enhance your creativity. Stay open to receiving solutions and actions. This month, focus on finding balance and empowerment by exploring different options. Avoid thinking that you are responsible for saving everyone, as it may create unnecessary pressure. Instead, focus on aligning yourself with the soul and allowing it to guide you through the journey. The soul knows what is best for you; don’t get caught up in things that can take away from its guidance. Enjoy this month’s journey and allow the energy of alignment to support you wherever possible.


Happy July! 💛✨🌞

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