Last month’s energy overview focused on the theme of embracing positivity, awakening, shining your light and leaving the negativity behind. The main focus was to encourage us to move towards new ideas, behaviours, and self-expression that align with this positive new energy. 

Maybe, you have been exploring different aspects of your personality that were previously unknown. We have all been working hard on resolving past issues and shedding old thought patterns and beliefs, to change the way we now desire to live a life on our terms. To respond in a more elevated way, revisiting past experiences to identify triggers may be necessary. These tests have been occurring in the past few weeks to see how we approach life situations more positively.


Remember that life is giving us chances, not making things hard. This year is a chance to learn and grow. Awakening means raising your energy and being aware of the world around you and that you are creating and manifesting everything.

Awakening is also the opportunity to make the desired changes in your life. It could mean living somewhere new or moving to another country. You might also change how you want to live or what job you do. Awakening happens to everyone but in different ways. Are you open to trying new things?

This month, I will be writing blog articles and sharing information in the Holistic Spiritual Community group aimed at helping members of my community improve their intuition, increase positive energy, remove negative energy, and gain a deeper understanding.

We have done so much work over the last few months to keep our vibration high and work with good energies to support us in this transformation. One way to help create positive change is by connecting with nature, doing meditation and mindfulness practices, yoga, and any other spiritual activities that bring more peace into your life.

Are you currently prioritising the things that matter to you? Do you know your values, and are you being true to yourself? Have you been exploring different aspects of your personality that were previously unknown? It could be that you’ve been working on resolving past issues and shedding old thought patterns and beliefs to change how you feel and live life in a way that suits you. Sometimes it’s necessary to revisit past experiences to figure out what triggers us and find ways to respond in a more elevated way. 

Let’s focus our attention on June and listen to the guidance that is meant for all of us.

June is a great month for energy management and personal maintenance, as we continue to adjust our thinking to higher vibrations. This month brings new and different energies that will be beneficial in reinforcing the shifts that have already been made. Take some time to focus on yourself this month and be mindful of how you are responding to these changes.

Creative Expression

June is a great opportunity to create a new vision and use your creativity to envision your new future. Take some time to imagine the life you truly want and jot down your aspirations.

If you ask for something, it will manifest in your life. Whenever you make a request, be sure to express gratitude as it will plant a seed of positivity in the universe. This is how we can expand our consciousness and make things happen quickly.

Imagination is always the first step in any creative manifestation

Embrace and nourish the creative aspect of the mind; by its very nature, the body is limited by three dimensions, but your mind is free to travel without boundaries. Emerge with the cosmic consciousness; your mind is a great creator and your imagination is its toolbox. 

Everything in life begins with the energy of imagination — thoughts are real and they can manifest themselves into the physical world. Learn to train your mind to have only positive thoughts and that you will attract positivity into your life; if you can see it, you can be it. Visualise the components that you want in your life; personify those thoughts with love, and they will become your reality.

On the other hand, if your mind stays with negative thoughts, you will only bring that energy. Changes in your thoughts do become your reality, and this month is another example of us being ‘awakened’ to the awareness of these patterns.

Allow yourself to be creative and express your innermost thoughts through your imagination.


With hard work and effort, you can achieve your aspirations and desires. Trying our best during difficult times is how we learn. Any individual can master the art of focus and discipline through consistent practice.

This month, we awaken to the fact that our souls have returned to this planet for a reason. There is a great opportunity to reevaluate our priorities and go about our lives as leaders instead of being passive recipients of whatever comes our way. This is the time to become the Go-Getter in your life and this month we definitely have opportunities for this to happen.

Take this time to take charge of your life and be the master of your destiny. Remember, you are a great creator and by having the creativity and imagination, discipline and focus in your actions, nothing can stop you from achieving quantum leaps.

I will be kind and thoughtful towards myself and others

Last year was a massive learning experience when it comes to relationships, be it your relationship with yourself or with other people. This year, we are still decluttering and tidying relationships up. In my opinion, June is a good time to evaluate the people around us who offer us support.  When creating big dreams and manifestations, it is important to determine if you are regularly surrounded by people who encourage your aspirations and goals.

Do you have people in your life who share your goals and ambitions for the future? My mentor advised me not to confide in those who may discourage or undermine my dreams. This month, it could be helpful to evaluate your support system. Are there individuals in your close circle who tend to be negative or unsupportive? Perhaps it’s worthwhile to reevaluate who you consider to be on your team of supporters.

What you put out, you receive back

Energy is always working through the law of cause and effect; what you put out, you receive back. This Universal Law cannot be broken or changed, but I use this law in a loving way that produces the most rewarding experiences.

Firstly, try to avoid gossip and criticism, and avoid the dream Stealers. Always speak in a loving and empowering way to yourself and towards others; the higher energy generated by positive words will always protect you from negativity coming back. This month I invite you to be kind and thoughtful towards yourself and others. Concentrate on self-love, self-respect, and positive affirmations throughout the day. Allow yourself to receive wonderful messages from the universe in return.

Connect to love and light

“When you awaken to love and light it is a feeling of pure enlightenment allowing unconditional love to re-enter our lives.”

This month is allowing us to remember that the light is part of you; you are born of that light. When I had that realisation, I always constantly felt the same energy supporting me in my decisions. If you’re not sure what I’m writing about in this section of the energy overview, I’m inviting you to go and download my complimentary meditations. You can click the link here and take a journey into the meditation portal and listen to the ‘Roadmap to the Divine’, in which I will take you through that beautiful energy of pure source white light. Maybe this is the support that could help you this month.

As certified Theta Healers, we always work with the energy of the 7th Plane. During a healing guided meditation, which bypasses the monkey mind and connects you directly to the soul’s loving wisdom and tapping into the bright source of light and allowing yourself to be illuminated. Personally for me it is the best feeling ever. When I began my healing journey many years ago, I started with guided meditations. I used to take a guided roadmap meditation up to the seventh plane of pure energy source, where you’ll reach a divine state of mind. It’s a wonderful feeling, and I never wanted to leave that place. I felt free, at home, and full of love. Many of my clients have also experienced the same amazing healing energy during our sessions and always want more of it.

This year, with our strong interconnectivity and being guided by our soul, our manifestations will more quickly and effortlessly come to fruition.

Free yourself from the belief that struggle is always required

Sometimes we think that if we go through tough times, people will like us more and we improve our self-worth. This month, I suggest you reflect on what could be hindering your success. Try meditating and asking yourself this question. You may be surprised at what comes up. Remember, solutions don’t always have to be complicated. Sometimes clearing the belief ‘I must struggle and work hard to feel worthy’ can trigger us. Have a deep reflection on why you must keep this belief; when you understand how this belief is serving you, the awareness kicks in and you have the opportunity to free yourself. This is a good opportunity to examine our old belief patterns and ways of doing things the hard way. 

June is the month when we are starting to make progress in awakening and understanding we are conscious creators, so if you believe that ‘I must struggle’, I invite you to let go of that thought by using positive affirmations to help reimprint a new belief. If you want to learn more about affirmations, you can read the blog post I wrote last week.

Click the link here.

If you’re interested in my support, feel free to book a complimentary 30-minute chat. During this chat, we’ll figure out what’s holding you back and how I can help you overcome it.