“So if we look back at the energy overview for the last month. April was all about creating a soul connection and allowing the soul to guide us, and not resisting it. April is the month about really starting to let go of our old stories, programs, energetics, limiting beliefs, and karmic patterns. The eclipse season is really setting us up for an impact in May. It was all up for release in April. I spent a good month with my private clients; healing and clearing karmic patterns. If you want to know more about this, you can refer back to the blog that I wrote a couple of weeks ago. You can read it here.

April was really about starting to lift yourself, lift your energy or vibration from clearing the past stories and starting to release those old programs. Reflecting and being aware of yourself from a different perspective and April 21st was a day where we were probably asked to start a deep reflecting process: Am I in the right place? Am I doing the right thing? Does this feel aligned? And if it was a yes, you know we’re moving forward and making quantum leaps and jumps. And, if it was a “no,” then we started to look at, “OK, what do I want from my life?” So, those types of questions were coming up. Then, of course, we have the retrogrades which make us pause to reflect and reset. If you want to know more about Mercury Retrograde, you can read the blog here.”


Let your light shine and come out of the dark!

In the last few months, we have undergone significant transformations. Currently, we are experiencing the eclipse season, a six-week process of total transformation. Over the next six weeks, you are going to evolve, transform, and embrace the parts of you that may feel a little strange. These feelings come from resisting the experience of the truthfulness of who you are and what you are capable of. We can all feel a little odd at particular times and sometimes we resist who we are and what we are becoming. We long to be like everyone else and just fit in, but one thing I do know is that compromising breeds resentment.

Putting yourself down and placing yourself into the pretence of what others want will strangle your soul and split you in two. Accept yourself; set yourself free from self-judgement and what you perceive others think about you. Let your soul shine outward and inspire others to connect, embrace, and shine their truth. It’s time to step up and be the luminary leader you are meant to be. These past six months have shown us big gateways and opened opportunities for you to step up and be the beautiful soul you are meant to be in this lifetime, whatever that looks like for you.

You may be experiencing a complete turn-around in your life, or you could be experiencing a quantum leap forward on the same path that you have been working towards for the last two years. Just remember that what comes easily to you is aligned for you; what is a struggle may be time to let go.

When we are aligned with our souls, we feel loved and satisfied. We no longer need others to lean on or fill our perceived voids or to be different from who they are. Instead, we want to be with others for the pure joy of it. Create new ways towards anything that is of interest to you; what leaves your heart, what gets you excited and motivated? Where is your passion? It is time to shine your light from the inside out.

Reflection and action

Take time each day to get to know the new view of your daily self-reflection. When any difficult situations arise during this eclipse time, take that difficult moment and try to understand why it has come up.

Take full credit for all the things you love about the life you’ve created. 


Journaling work

Think about all the things you like and love about yourself, and all the things that you do extremely well during your daily meditation practice. Remember these key areas of your life from a foundation of love; this will bring more manifestations and opportunities. Vibrate at the same energy, or even higher, for it to be easier for you to align with your soul.

  • What triggers you?
  • How can you transform your response in this area?

Life happens for you, not to you. This is a follow-on to last month’s statement. The thoughts, ideas, and topics your mind creates – always craft your life, so focus on one that makes your heart smile. Are you ready to receive answers from your soul about any topics, thoughts, or ideas that you have the desire to change? Be wise in your crafting and take the path of least resistance, soul vibrations will be inspiring you to take alternative actions. If you are feeling tired and uninspired, you may need to rest, heal, and sleep. If you are feeling love, you will be inspired to do things that emulate love in your day. We are here to connect with soul and this is the big lesson for us all to embody this year; however, often we override it with the rational mind.


Find your alignment sign

Trust that your soul is bringing you the most up-to-date information. If you feel the need to have guidance through this month, look out for the 777 number. This number indicates that we are being guided by our soul; we are in alignment and ask. Whenever I see this number, and last week I saw it 3 times on a car’s licence plate in one day. I also have 555 as my alignment sign along with an orange butterfly and a fox. Whenever I see this, I can be comforted knowing that I am in alignment and what is meant for me is right. 

This really can give you a sense of inner peace, balance, and harmony, so there is nothing wrong with setting up and creating an intention of wanting a sign. I know another client of mine the other day wanted to see a tiger as her aligned, inspired action for going a certain way, and yes she saw tigers and even when she told me this, a day later, I was out shopping and saw a toy tiger in a bookshop and one on a garage sign, so I messaged her with, “It’s a big yes! I’ve seen them for you,” so we had a giggle at that one!



Wisdom emerges through everyday experiences. You are about to experience an “Aha” moment; this will come as a feeling of deep truth that seems to have slipped your mind. You have often thought there must be another way to experience life and you are about to discover it. You are opening your heart and mind to the full, authentic year. Time-honoured ways that have worked in the past are no longer bringing the results you desire, and may have become obstacles to your dreams.

  • Use your skills to empower someone else today.
  • Explore a path to mentoring, particularly in a space or subject where you have a special skill.

It can be difficult to let go of our everyday processes and identities, which become intertwined. However, if we awaken from conformity and view the world through the eyes of love, we can see the countless creative possibilities beyond our fears.

Relax and enjoy this time of new awakening; this is your natural evolution during the eclipse season. Your soul is being connected to a higher vibration. Think of it as you are in an elevator heading to a new level and when the doors open, you will be ready to experience a whole new department store floor. It’s time for you to trust your soul’s guidance; it is important to remember to feel calm and empowered and remember that your heart is the key to the soul that will always take you to the doorway of your sacred soul space.

This eclipse season is going to help you unlock the door. This time is about allowing your soul to move through your body and mind and accepting and trusting its messages without resistance. Every part of you, open up to your soul and relax in its presence. You have that feeling of just feeling like you’ve come home to the absolute fullness and beauty of you. These next six weeks might feel difficult, but I can promise you what’s on the other side; everything will feel amazing and perfect. This is a great time for healing, meditation, and focusing on yourself without getting caught up in trauma drama.


Key Dates

5th May 2023 – Just Trust in the timing

12th May 2023- Optimism – I expect good things to happen, and they do 

17th May 2023 – Let Go!

23rd May 2023- Faith In the Universe

26th May 2023 -Worry- I am learning that worry doesn’t change an outcome

30th  May 2023- Be aware of karmic patterns holding you back!



I am in charge of how I feel.

Today I choose happiness, and everything I need comes to me at the perfect time. I relax and enjoy life. I know that whatever I need to know is revealed to me in the perfect time and space sequence.