With January, the universe was letting us find our feet and now that we are fast approaching February, we are setting strong foundations in this seven-energy focus year, where the soul meets our human self.

So let’s dive straight in…….


February 2023

With the deeper connection of trust and confidence that this year teaches us, fear-based thoughts will no longer be an energetic barrier.

In the past few months, there has been a big paradigm shift in many aspects of life, particularly clearing a lot of old trauma held in our voice and throat chakra. By clearing and discovering both our inner and outer voices again. Recently, I have had the privilege of witnessing my one-on-one clients take breakthroughs ownership and demonstrate their divine power like never before. They are creating podcasts, participating in social media lives, hosting webinars and group workshops, and launching programs—they even seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves through it all! It is a blessing for me to watch them step into their unique light with such enthusiasm.

You will soon realise that whatever has been holding you back is due to an energetic attachment to fear. Even just this realization and awareness of the patterns and outcomes can be a breakthrough in itself. Once you realize that you can release and transcend it by whatever healing action works best independently for you, a whole new vista becomes visible and another level upgrade happens for us in the best way.

Soon, the momentum will start to accelerate. Last week was a perfect time to start the wheels in motion with the retrograde finishing and us being clear for the next three months, plus the benefit of the super New Moon to start taking divine action. Some of us reading this overview has been waiting for the wheels to turn and gain traction for over a year, and yes, we have been putting in the work, sometimes with little effect, but now I can feel the harvest is starting to come home. I want to congratulate you on your efforts and your strength and determination in your inner work.


Blessings – today I count my blessings, small and large, and I notice the new gifts that come my way.

Remember the power of gratitude; have you felt sorry for yourself lately? Or do you feel like you have been overlooked? Everything seems to be working out for others; they seem to have the Midas touch. We all go through periods of feeling like this, and sometimes our biggest breakthroughs happen when we acknowledge these feelings and start to realize that we don’t have to feel this way–we have a choice.

How can I empower you to make the switch in frequency, so that you stop focusing on what you don’t have in your life and start to focus on what is right? When you focus on the positive, you make the switch; this is the law of magnetism and attraction. Or, as a simple rhyme puts it: “What you focus on grows; where your attention goes, energy flows.”


Self-respect- I honour and love myself through my healthful actions.

As I will be talking about during each month’s overview around this seven-number year our soul connects to us on a human level, the last weeks we have been experiencing universal tests to see where our connections are as a set point. This week and over this month we will be looking at embodying our soul and our internal compass.

One way to feel the connection on a deeper level is through certain questions we can ask ourselves when making choices. “What choice would make me feel most respectful of myself and make me feel the best for myself?”

A deep sense of self-respect increases when your actions are aligned with your true beliefs. This month it asks you to stop doing anything that makes you feel ashamed or guilty and switch the focus to things that make you feel good about yourself.


Find your healthy happy!

Revisiting joyous reminiscences can quickly bring us to a lighter, more blissful space. As we traverse through the year, we must learn how to rapidly switch from low vibes to high vibes; just like going to the gym requires dedication and endurance training. Refocusing on uplifting memories or places is an effortless way of heightening our energy levels.

If your persistent sadness is becoming too much to bear, it’s a sign that you need additional assistance. Consulting with someone who can help unpack any hidden emotions and hurt from the past in an emotionally safe environment could make all the difference for your mental health and personal development. Take this as a sign that now is the time.


Windfall – New abundance.

Allow your prayers to be answered and let the unexpected come in as it serves a purpose. You may need to find the inner strength to say no to distracting influences, as opportunities do come knocking but you may need to look at getting finances to create structure in your life to help create balance and harmony; get organized.

You may also need to look at triggers around receiving and where you struggle with over-giving and not allowing the flow to come back. Look at the patterns. Always remember that the feeling of heartfelt generosity when you give is different from the sensation of resentment when you feel someone does not have your best interest at heart. This same experience may repeat itself in future months, allowing a deeper understanding and appreciation for giving with love instead of obligation. and this leads me to my final message about relationships.


I spoke a lot last year in this area and was surprised for it to come up again.

Relationship dynamics have or will change; this could be with family, friends, mentors, or romantic partners. I’m sorry if this is triggering you, as I can feel that happening. But if that is the case it brings you awareness of where love needs to enter and change the dynamic or heal the wound. As a collective, we are all experiencing a conscious upgrade and not everyone wants to have certain deep conversations. The important thing to remember is to have those deep conversations with yourself. The most important relationships to have is with yourself your higher self soul self and the divine. And this will be a big transition for a lot of souls this year. You’ll be looking at taking relationships and connections to another level. No, going it alone anymore when it comes to business, a healed relationship with yourself, awareness, and understanding at another level of self. Changing the dynamics, new people entering your life, be open and ready; it may not be what you expect.