In our previous blog post, we explored the Causal Chakra in Part 1, discussing its importance, nature, and the signs of imbalance. In Part 2, we will delve into the transformative journey of activating and balancing the Causal Chakra, which can help you attain spiritual fulfilment and embrace personal growth.

When the Causal Chakra is balanced, individuals can emanate a divine feminine light. This energy represents deep feminine wisdom and creates a sacred space for spiritual exploration and personal growth. The soft glow of this energy can bring a sense of nurturing and tranquillity to one’s energy field.

The Causal Chakra establishes a profound connection between the divine feminine and masculine energies in harmony. This connection is symbolised by a silver light pouring from the moon, uniting the two energies. As this connection deepens, individuals open themselves to spiritual insights, guidance, and higher wisdom from enlightened masters and divine sources.

A balanced Causal Chakra enables energy flow between individuals and higher spiritual realms in both directions. This connection encourages individuals to explore their spirituality, unlocking hidden facets of their existence and offering insights into the mysteries of higher consciousness. With clarity and purpose, individuals can navigate their spiritual journey.

Activation of the Causal Chakra initiates a powerful energy that helps facilitate transformative shifts. Deep feminine wisdom surfaces, releasing karmic patterns and past life imprints. Harmonising the unbalanced forces supports healing across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions, fostering profound personal growth.

Ways a balanced causal chakra will improve your personal and spiritual development.

Enhancement of Psychic Gifts:

A balanced Causal Chakra amplifies your psychic gifts and conscious awareness. Connecting with the angelic realms can unlock higher aspects of your divine soul purpose. This activation unleashes your innate psychic potential, enhancing your intuitive faculties and unlocking unique spiritual abilities.

Spiritual Enlightenment:

A balanced Causal Chakra projects an ascended divine feminine light, contributing to humanity’s enlightenment. This radiant light inspires others to awaken, fostering collective growth and transformation. The balanced Chakra plays a crucial role in the broader spiritual evolution.

Harmonising the Energy Field:

Balancing the Causal Chakra harmonises and aligns your energy field with the divine feminine and lunar light frequencies. This alignment facilitates cleansing, healing, and balancing across the etheric, emotional, mental, and karmic bodies, promoting healing and integration on all levels.


Activating and Strengthening the Thymus Gland:

The balanced Causal Chakra stimulates the thymus gland, which is responsible for strengthening your immune system. Activation of the thymus gland enhances physical well-being and contributes to mental clarity and energetic vitality.

The Causal Chakra is one of the primary chakras in the human body. Interestingly, it is not discussed as often as in other chakras. This Chakra is situated between the third eye, crown and soul star chakras at the back of the head. It is responsible for our ability to connect with the divine and access higher states of consciousness. Think of it as another portal, similar to the third eye, but located at the back of the head. The third eye is often associated with the divine masculine portal. At the same time, the causal Chakra is linked to the divine feminine portal. Balancing this Chakra is essential for achieving harmony and balance in our lives.

There are different techniques that you can use to balance the Causal Chakra. One of the most effective techniques is through Causal Chakra-focused meditation and visualisation practices. These practices involve focusing on the Causal Chakra, visualising a bright light at the crown of the head, and channelling energy towards this energy centre. This helps to activate and balance the Causal Chakra, promoting a sense of inner peace and clarity. Sometimes, more profound healing may be required depending on what is blocking it; in my experience, healing the past lives is very effective.

Another technique is to use crystals such as moonstone, selenite, and amethyst during meditation or wear them as jewellery. These crystals are known for balancing and harmonising the Causal Chakra. They absorb negative energy and promote positive energy flow through the chakra system. Incorporating these crystals into your meditation practice or wearing them as jewellery can enhance balance and promote overall well-being.

In addition to meditation and crystal healing, you can incorporate aromatherapy with essential oils like lavender, jasmine, and rosemary to enhance the balancing process. These essential oils have a calming effect on the mind and body, creating a sensory experience that resonates with the Causal Chakra. You can promote relaxation and balance by inhaling these essential oils during meditation or using them in a diffuser.

I hope you have enjoyed reading Part 2 of our exploration into the Causal Chakra! This section has uncovered the vast benefits of balancing this essential energy centre. You can activate and harmonise your Causal Chakra with different techniques, opening a path to personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and fulfilment. Embrace the wisdom of the Causal Chakra and unlock its potential to lead a harmonious and purposeful life.