Have you found yourself constantly experiencing the same ‘scenarios’ whether it be in a relationship with the wrong type of person, or repeating the same setbacks in life or business and you find yourself wondering why it keeps happening?  

This is because the Universe has a message for you and you haven’t understood or learnt what that message is.  The short version is basically that when something takes places that leaves you unsure, insecure, upset, basically wondering why you, you need to review the situation for what it is and take the emotion of out if to see what you need to learn from it, what is it to you can take forward with you to avoid it happening again or better still change your path forward. 

How many times have you found yourself wondering why you? Why does it keep happening to you?

No, life is not punishing you. We call these Karmic Patterns, which means a repetitious pattern of events, emotions, or realisations that occur in your life. It appears in your life as an opportunity to break negative cycles and subsequently reap great wisdom.

Reap the wisdom – take forward with you the valuable messages you need to listen to in order for you not to repeat it again.

Why would a healer be beneficial to help you break a karmic pattern? 

  1. Identify your karma.
  2. Severe ties to those who are toxic people.
  3. Learn from your mistakes, perhaps even take responsibility.
  4. Incorporate practices of self care that will help invoke your wellbeing and a self worth to a new level.
  5. Defy your weaknesses.
  6. Create a new course of action.
  7. Forgive those involved in the karmic pattern and forgive yourself.
  8. Beware of triggers that could cause you to step back into old ways.

As certified Theta Healers, we learn to clear our hearts, minds, and souls from restrictive beliefs so that we can achieve a genuine and direct connection with Source.

In healing sessions, visualising yourself rising above your body and entering a divine white light can help you connect with an energy force that promotes healing. This technique, used in the theta brainwave meditation, helps to reveal a sense of pure and unconditional love. By following this approach, you may experience a tingling sensation as you pass through the earth’s electromagnetic field.

When you start to travel beyond this field, you come to a place that is past the laws of karma. Passing onto the areas helps you become part of that energy force of unconditional love. It is key to always bring the essence of this unconditional love into every healing. It’s here in this energy that we can release the karmic patterns and start to move into a freer life of living.

When we work with past lives, we take a journey of the soul through existence. We tap into inner power, drawing upon this life and re-experiencing past life reincarnation, karmic patterns, soul contracts, oaths, and commitments.

The belief in past lives mainly originates from Hinduism. In Western culture, there has been a trend of spiritual awakening for more than a century.

The love affair I have with working with karma and past lives today is due largely to the Hindu concept of reincarnation. Reincarnation is a process defined by a belief in the immortal soul and the concept of karma. Karma is a teaching tool for the soul because certain lessons can only be resolved in the physical body; a cycle of reincarnation leads the soul on a path of learning from life to life. There are many instances of people having past-life experiences, particularly children.

Exactly where the experience comes from is a question always open for deep debate. What happens as we have DNA memories in our cells that retain the experiences of our life and are passed down from generation to generation? We know that DNA memories go back at least seven generations and retain everything that your grandmother and grandfather did before your birth. It is likely accountable for some of what we call past life memories. Maybe, it depends very much on your beliefs.

During my first encounter with the Akashic Records, Hall of Records, I saw a visual representation of a vast library, similar to the one from the Harry Potter movie. The Akashic Records are believed to have existed since the beginning of time and contain information about our souls, akin to a soul library.

I was in the Akashic Records when I received guidance that it was necessary to clear past karma. I have experience working with clearing curses and doing Light and Shadow work there. I find it fascinating to use Akashic Records. I have helped my clients achieve significant results in a short period by working with clearing karma and positively releasing old patterns in their soul records.

I found myself in amazement when I learnt that the energy of our eyes are linked to our soul and we always preserve the eyes energy across multiple lifetimes. By helping fellow healers access information and insight for their clients, I help them interpret energy more easily. I can also detect the energy held in their spine and spinal fluid, and interpret the Akashic Records within their bodies. Sometimes, I perceive the energy of a person beyond their physical body and am shown how to change beliefs when my awareness is either pulled to the 5th or 6th plane or if I need to change the energy and vibration, I’m pulled into their body or energy field. This energy can be felt and interpreted through their spinal fluid, eyes, and aura. As a healer, accessing this information can be easy with some practice.

Soul lessons

We are here to learn from all life experiences, including duality, cause, and effect, right and wrong, good and bad, as well as light and dark. What matters most is the current life we are living, as it is the one that truly counts. It is important to remain focused on the present life while healing our clients with past-life patterns who are dealing with difficult issues. One should look at past-life patterns but remember not to get entangled in the fairytale of that past life. Sometimes it can be difficult to leave behind the amazing and magical experiences that make life so fulfilling. I have personally experienced this feeling many times before.

But I’ve also seen lives where it has been hard: suffering, hustling, and grinding. I have had clients who have cried and felt all of the emotions associated with that lifetime, and they are usually quite surprised by that experience. That is because they are still carrying emotions linked to that lifetime, and those emotions keep us in fear, which prevents the pattern from releasing. When I explain to them this is a good sign because we are going to release all of these negative emotions and patterns.

I always inform my clients during a healing session about the influence of past life karmic blocks on their present life, and I also emphasise the need for other healers to work with the Akashic Records and understand the pattern. The focus is on letting go of the past and embracing the present and getting excited about the future while avoiding getting stuck in the past.