Welcome to the July Energy Overview. July is all about inspiration in creating a new pathway; what comes easy is what is aligned to us. If you are hustling and pushing to make it happen, we need to stop and change the flow; this is something I spoke about in June’s overview.

Recap on June

June was about making significant shifts in our energy and mindset and, therefore, being able to bring in the birth of new ideas and inspiration. June was another excellent time to clear any self-criticism and judgments, tidy any old beliefs and roadblocks, and give us room to embrace our infinite possibilities by tapping into the feminine energy of receiving. If you’re still feeling stuck or like something needs to change, this is the month to do it if you have not done it already. It may be time to start catching up, my friend!

“As we move into July, it is time to take what we have released and cleared and work with the new perspective and project opportunities. Your mind can be fertile with many wonderful ideas, and the feminine energy brings abundance.”

It’s time to introduce something new into your life; it might be looking at new ideas in your business, new projects in your house, new career opportunities, learning skill sets, or even changes in relationship dynamics.

We may find that our relationships with ourselves and possibly others are intensified during this month as we explore new depths within ourselves and those around us.

Keep the Balance: Keep checking your balance to ensure that you’re giving out the right amount of energy to receive the right amount back. I’ve spoken about this over the last few months, so make sure you don’t let it slip. Stay on top of it.

Your new affirmation is,

“I can balance giving and receiving because both are essential for me.”

If the balance is out of alignment, it is harder for you to receive.

Occasionally, people will be imbalanced in over-receptivity, where they’re taking (or expecting to receive) more than they’re willing to give. The signs are feeling stuck or stagnant, lack of opportunities, and financial difficulties. Reset the balance by daily giving and receiving.

There could be signs of some relationship conflict, especially if you’re rebalancing yourself. If you find yourself in a situation where someone is being pushy or taking advantage of your generosity, it’s time to establish some loving boundaries. Still, if we can stay open-minded and remember that everyone is on their journey, we can come to a resolution more efficiently.

(When I discuss relationships, I’m not referring to just partnerships. I’m talking about clients, customers, friends, family even acquaintances)

Integrity is a virtue we are here to master. This is where we have the opportunity to claim it this month. This lesson learning can be linked to the relationship component, so consider how we show up for others and our integrity to ourselves. You can also avoid those people in your life who aren’t acting with integrity; either way, trust your gut feelings to let go and let the energy steer you towards others who tell the truth and ‘who walk the talk.’

We get the nod from the universe to start the new project. If your ideas are in the infancy stage, be patient with the growth process and stay strong and optimistic, there is always a brilliant plan in store for you.

The more we embrace and start to make changes this month, the more rewarding it will be. The rewards might not come straight away, but the plans and wheels are in motion. I genuinely believe we will always be rewarded for our efforts in the long run. So my advice, let go of any fears or doubts and allow yourself to flow with the current of change. It’s time to jump in and enjoy the ride!

This month’s key takeaway is to stay flexible and go with the flow. Change is inevitable, so let’s embrace it! Who knows what exciting new adventures await us if we do.

Wishing you all a wonderful month ahead full of blessings and manifestation, my loves.

Until next time!