I know there comes a time in most of our lives when we face that choice – do we let the pain turn us bitter, or do we rise above it? When someone wrongs us deeply, a part of us may crave revenge. We want to see them hurt the way they hurt us. Yet, is that the path to true healing?

The Seduction of Revenge

I understand that pull towards getting even, I have done it myself. It is the ego saying it would make things right and that it would finally bring us a sense of peace. But the truth is, revenge keeps you tethered to that negative energy. It’s like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. You both suffer and ultimately, nothing changes.

Karma as Your Compass

Karma, that universal law of cause and effect, operates much deeper. It’s your soul’s way of ensuring balance and growth. While it may not look like the instant justice we crave, trust that the energy put into the universe will return to its source. Your job isn’t to orchestrate their comeuppance; it’s to focus on your own journey.

Choosing Your Path

You have a choice, You can let the hurt harden you, dragging you into darkness, or you can choose the more challenging but ultimately liberating path of rising above. Revenge often feels like a powerful choice, but refusing to play that game – that’s where the true power lies.

How Do We Find Healing Then?

  1. Allow Yourself to Feel: Don’t bottle up the anger and pain. Find healthy outlets to express and release those emotions.
  2. Learn the Lesson: Is this situation reflecting something you need to address within yourself? Where can you grow stronger?
  3. Choose Forgiveness: It’s not about saying what they did was okay, but about freeing yourself from the weight of resentment.
  4. Spread Your Own Light: The best counter to negativity is cultivating positivity. Do good, be kind, and fill your life with love.
  5. Trust: Believe that the universe works in your favour, even when the timing doesn’t seem fair. Your growth is what matters.

Your Greatest Victory

True healing isn’t about seeing someone else fall; it’s about refusing to let their actions break you. It’s about becoming a beacon of light, showing that you chose love and growth despite everything. That’s the most beautiful victory of all.