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Claire has a very personal and profound message to share with

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The power of Combining Energy Healing and Spiritual Intuition

to elevate your life to unimaginable heights.

If you’re looking for someone to be a guest on your podcast, regarding talking about the power of intuitive healing and medical intuition, I’m your girl!


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Join me in spreading awareness about the powerful benefits of intuitive healing. Together, we can positively impact the world and elevate consciousness through holistic healing. Let’s connect and make a difference!

Hi, I’m Claire, a spiritual intuitive junkie, who helps people heal on all levels: physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual.

As an empath with super physic clairvoyant abilities, I read energy fields and can instantly tell what’s going on for them. I belive that by understanding each person’s unique blueprint from a holistic perspective, we can work together to bring about positive change so that everyone can live their best lives possible.

After my interesting spiritual Re-awakening, I had to step away from a successful business that didn’t bring me any joy, to really follow my true passion and purpose, and I have never looked back.

I am passionate about spreading the knowledge and power of spiritual energy healing, quantum jumping, medical intuition, and empowerment activations to a wider audience. I love to share my story of change and transformation that can happen in such a short space of time by using healing to quantum jump success.

I am eager to be a guest on compelling podcasts that provide an engaging platform for these topics. My mission is to ensure everyone has access to this incredible information and has the self-belief that they can also live a full life on their terms and to give your audience more than just inspiration!

Are you looking for a new approach to life and business? Are you ready to feel inspired on many levels? If so, I am excited to join you on a mission to encourage as many people as possible. I enjoy speaking with those who are open to alternative approaches in life and business and those who think outside the box. I can help your listeners explore new ideas about spirituality, health, success, relationships, wealth creation, personal growth, and more.

Listeners can expect an engaging experience filled with thought-provoking conversations from various perspectives.

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