Are you feeling an energetic shift in the Universe taking place? March is an amazing time to begin or further your spiritual journey by balancing connection, finding aligned abundance, and working with inner child healing to help us. You will discover that healing these blocks can open up a new awareness of possibility in your life! This is an exciting time for manifesting our desires into reality with a trinity of energy encouraging balance, connection, and abundance. March also brings with it renewed inspiration as we nurture our inner child on this journey toward creative self-expression and a recommended healing that has the potential to open us up to live life with more confidence and joy.

Take some time now to pause and reflect as you prepare yourself to explore the high vibrations anticipated throughout this month ahead. I personally love writing this blog and feel it is well-received by my community and helps them stay connected with what is going on energetically so you can ride the wave of this powerful influx of energy gracefully!

To ensure that each of us can experience our highest potential, let’s delve deeper into the energies available to us in March and work together towards making positive progress.

Finding your own way

As we are now into the third month of 2023, we can feel the buzz of the new year starting to go flat; this is where a lot of people start to disconnect and get back onto that fast-paced merry-go-round of a busy life! This is where overwhelm and frustrations kick in – and also, that ego can play the old game of kicking you while you’re down! If this resonates with you, then it’s time to regain your balance. Stillness is so essential for your mental health this year. In March, it is set to be another fast-paced month where no retrogrades are holding us back. So, I always like to use the fast-paced months for making progress, but I still always advise my clients to find balance, rest, and have fun! I have a massive month in March with a three-week deep, intensive course, but I have set aside time to have fun and rest, this is also the message that is coming through to us all.

When things are feeling fast I say this opening intention – “I bring a state of perfect harmony into my world, and I do so without judgment. I wish to bring in a sense of stability and wholeness into every area of my life.” Then I find the peaceful energy that washes over me and I become one with it; I imagine pulling it into my body, deep into every cell.

Finding Balance in relationships

We have been challenged over the last few years and months to assess our relationships where balance is lacking, it can be helpful to take an objective viewpoint on this. Don’t judge one type of relationship as better or worse than the other; instead, simply acknowledge and accept that there are always different perspectives present.

The true nature of the scales of balancing relationships is to give both sides an objective and perspective. It can be difficult to understand the reasons why you don’t relate to them anymore, but that is a lesson or healing session in itself. I would say to take a nonjudgmental assessment of this relationship or person that has been placed in your path. Are they to teach you that everyone has a unique, authentic life story? You must sometimes look to put yourself in that person’s shoes to understand their motivation. Balancing relationships is good. And if it is achieved, you will reap the benefits of inner peace, insight, and compassion.

At this time, be careful of the words you speak, as manifestations are coming in thick and fast. Be courageous, but also enjoy the present moment; allow anxiety to drop away. When you’re in an anxious state, you are trapped in fear energy; this is not a balanced state to be in. We have to take you back to joy and bliss. Stop thinking that the future will bring you better; you have to be thinking this now. Miracles are made in the now.

“You are now entering a time when your intuition will become stronger.”

Soul Journey -You are ready

A new chapter is beginning for you now, especially after the February Super New Moon. If you have been lost, you are on your way to feeling better. Begin to focus on a sense of well-being. You are developing that internal compass, and you may feel inspired to strengthen that connection; how does that work? Tune in and ask “how you develop that next level of consciousness to deepen that connection. How can this help me with my ‘well-being’  journey?

Take time to enhance your energy and vibration while engaging in a few self-care activities that make you feel connected and alive. Developing your intuition is like being in an enlightened state- place yourself in the power of love, joy, and bliss so try to aim for this high vibrational state.

Alignment is concentrated in March and a strong and expanded influence with positive opportunities is coming in for us to grow that deeper connection.

Shake off the fear and apprehension that we have become collectively accustomed to

When we worry, it intensifies our negative emotions and holds us back from achieving success. Nonetheless, this month serves as a gentle reminder of the incredible power that intuitive connection has over fear and struggling circumstances. We invite you to utilise this insight in your current life; although difficulty may be present now, know that each hardship is an opportunity for growth.

Remember to turn worries into love by saying, “Help me with XYZ.” If you feel overwhelmed, confused, powerless, or in pain; surrender these feelings to the heavens and ask for divine intervention. Connecting with your guides and intuition will help you bring about real solutions. You’ll notice an emotional release immediately upon connecting and asking, as you shift from fear to faith in an energy of love. Carefully listen to the messages of the angels who guide you through feelings, signs, ideas, visions, and dreams. We have a strong angelic force around us at the moment; I have been seeing numbers, butterflies, bats, birds, feathers, and dragonflies every day for several weeks. They are reminding us to ask for their help. They won’t ever interfere; they must be invited to help.


Hear the whispers

We are all expanding to hear our soul whisperers on a subconscious and collective consciousness level. You are, or soon will be, finding it easier to interpret and understand the vibes of your soul through how you feel. Guidance messages are always there, even if you are not receiving them. Strengthen your intuition and sharpen your senses by listening to the soul’s messages. This will help you communicate more effectively with yourself as well as elevate both physical and emotional experiences. The practice of feeling appreciative opens the door. Being judgemental; however, closes the doorways. Meditation is key to releasing the judgmental ego of the mind.

Take notice of your dreams at this time, when you sleep you cease conscious thought and resistance, making it easier for you to receive soul transmissions. Embrace the messages that come through your dreams; you will invite more of the same results. If you don’t like the dream, you need to see it as a sign to heal the underlying message.



Ideas and inspired action

  • Listen to brainwave meditation music as an addition to your regular meditation practice to help you expand your inner world and soul connection.
  • Before sleeping, place a small amethyst crystal in the middle of your forehead for two minutes and ask for insight to come through. Then, place it on your bedside table next to you.
  • Time to step away from the shadows of the past; the message coming through from my guides is to work with inner child healing, this will support you best at this time to help you release that hold and get you moving forward.

My fellow healers in my community, you may feel this will be of help to your clients during these trying times, keep an eye on all the inner children, this is where you could also be shown to help you move forward in your own life or business.

Inner child healing is all about connecting with our past and allowing that to be the guiding light on our healing path. When we heal the inner child we start to make new conscious choices, we create a more joyous and fulfilling life experience. We can start off with small changes that lead us to bigger ones; sometimes it starts with just listening to the inner child and allowing the child to have a voice. 

This month is a reminder to show our inner child some much-needed love and care. If we are constantly working, this part of us starts feeling overlooked and unhappy. If you’ve only been overly critical of yourself lately, he or she may feel shame or depression. 

Forgive yourself for what you think you’ve done or not done. Learn from any mistakes instead of holding on to self-destructive guilt. Right this moment, please, reassure your inner child that you love them and go on a journey with peace.
To reverse that, let’s take the time for activities that bring pure joy; it will be just what your inner child needs! Permit yourself to play, laugh out loud and enjoy life – these simple things can make all the difference!

So, my question to you is: Are you spending time in this frequency of joy, love, and bliss? This is where, as children, we were constantly being in this vibration through fun, laughter, play, and creativity. How can you nurture yourself? Bringing you back to that child energy of fun and bliss.

Improving your abundance flow

“Let go of self-doubt; it will be your lack of mindset that needs to be cleared or addressed.”

Cultivate self-respect, regard yourself highly, and identify your authentic essence. This month, unlock your potential for creativity and gracefulness to express yourself authentically. Unfold the power of your feminine receptive energy that lies within you! Let go of the challenges; they can be overwhelming. We are calling in and working with the Ascended Masters Lakshmi- helping us unlock potential, and prosperity, which is linked to finding our authentic expression, creativity, and feminine flow.

This Master indicates that your prayers about finances have been heard and answered. Tap into your manifestation powers by focusing on abundance instead of worrying about money. You have nothing to fear a new flow of prosperity is supporting you and your loved ones. Stop worrying about money worries you keep attracting more money problems. We are reminded that everything is going to be okay, especially concerning finances. You have the support to make a desired life change right now visualise and affirm prosperity.

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of prosperity who helps us overcome financial fears and tap into the river of abundance that’s available to everyone. It’s helpful to put a picture, structure, or painting of Lakshmi in the financial corner according to feng shui principles. This is the left rear corner of your home or office as you stand looking inward from the doorway or front door. Call upon Lakshmi to help transmute money worries into abundance and financial flow.



Final Words

  • Come to your inner centre and create a strong foundation for inner balance and bring you into flow for April and May.
  • April and May are major growth months; you must face it and not hide from it.
  • Find your expression, creativity, and feminine flow.
  • A strong sense of who you are and what you are growing into is being made aware to you now.
  • Nurture your strength, for it is a time to thrive.
  • What triggers you?
  • What do you need to release?
  • Are you prepared to discover and hone in on your unique talents? If so, it’s time to embrace being yourself and begin focusing on your strengths.

Don’t let the same old patterns hold you back anymore – break through the barriers so that you can take a giant step forward and make progress. Now is your time to get moving and overcome any obstacles in your way we are being supported. It’s happening for us, not to us!

And remember to tune in for inner guidance.

Reach out to me if you have any questions or need further guidance! I’m here to help support your journey toward balance, peace, and abundance!

Happy March.
With love

Koshi Chimes