With this month’s focus, we aim to empower women everywhere by awakening the divine feminine within them. This can be done through the strength of heart and self-love!

This is the time when we feel everything coming together after a year of focusing on relationships, deeper respect for ourselves, and others, unlocking wisdom and knowledge, and being fully led by the heart center. This has been a continuous theme throughout the year that I have discussed in my monthly overviews.

“November is the month of yet another transformation and here’s what we have planned to empower us all.”

The next few weeks are a time for you to embody your divine light and connect more deeply to your heart. 

During this time, embody the opportunity to gather the highest form of enlightenment codes entering our energetic field, helping to expand us. ( In non-woo woo chat, get the up-grading that is available to us.)

Each day we may feel a heightened expansion, and therefore more opportunities arise, but take the action and don’t miss the target, it is fast-paced till the end of the year.

By allowing and surrendering, (allowing the human self or ego/personality to develop into the soul) you can access the hidden treasures within–the divine, mysterious frequency of your powerful divine feminine archetype.


“The divine feminine has many potential and limitless possibilities, but they are only available to us if we awaken them.”


A deeper trust in our voice, intuition and intuitive gifts is called upon at this time, and it may be time for a rest to search for balance and harmony and a good dose of self-care. After all, this is a month of connecting and awakening with this energy force, and some of us will need the extra energy and space to find it while others will need to evolve it to another level.

While this happens for us all, we give the universe the time to orchestrate our following divine timings as we are all on new pathways. By tapping into the source of a feminine archetype, you can realise that abundance comes in all forms and is everywhere. There is always enough to go around.

“Embrace heightened energies of love and joy that are open for us to explore.”

This month, we have an opportunity to awaken our sacral chakra. By tapping into the energy force available to us, we can awaken this chakra for love, joy, and abundance. This supports us in making the shift to a new way of thinking (5D) which is based on our own personal responsibility and creation. As life leaders, we can create the lives we desire. It is time to put everything we have learned into practice.

Time to be driven by heart and soul. 

Changes are coming out of the blue, and our life can have shifts and change course at any time.

New experiences are being created as you take steps forward and voice your desires, remember it is important to be constantly aligned with your heart and soul truths.

Imagination, Creativity & Intuition

The feminine energy of creation begins with imagination, leading to our reality. Our thoughts become our manifestations. All are available for you if you can see it in the mind’s eye. Allow the soul and heart to guide your intuition. Everything now occurs for a larger purpose, even if we may not understand it at the time.

During this Mars retrograde, it is a time when the planet’s masculine energy comes into force and happens to be around for about six weeks. Mars energy is action energy so it will force you forward. So, this is an important time to focus on balancing the energies within your body. By doing so, you create a balanced team of intuition and action that can help guide you through the next stages of your life.

Be patient, enjoy the journey, and let go of any overcontrol or constantly giving masculine energy. This will help make space for happy experiences that will allow your soul to grow and expand. When you follow the natural rhythms of the universe, good things will come your way. Like attracts like, and by awakening your feminine energy, you’ll attract all sorts of magic into your life.

Awarness & Action 

Look at what disconnects you from your femininity. Awareness is key. Take a look at where you are attached to low-vibe energy frequencies. 

Is it other people, environment or situations, food, or alcohol?

Do you need to uplevel your self-care with the physical, mental and spiritual?

Where are you staying connected to the masculine energy force?

What do you get from staying in the masculine?

Safety, results, powerful, acknowledged, respected, admired, commanding authority, paid more, equality?

Why are you afraid to fully step into the deeper connection of the feminine?

Action- Who inspires you when you look to a positive feminine archetype? How do they inspire you? What are their qualities? After carefully examining your chosen person, in what ways do you see yourself emulating them? It’s okay to think highly of yourself for this exercise – we all have unique qualities that make us special. Instead of focusing on physical appearance, try to explore the same energy field or wavelengths. Are they kind? Creative? Intuitive? Nurturing? Energetic? Passionate? Think of as many qualities as you can, and write them down. Then, consider how to bring more of those qualities into your energy and vibrancy.

Alchemy and creation 

The current eclipse doorways of opportunities-

This is a great time to release any karmic patterns you may have, as well as take a look at your belief system and see if there are any aspects that could be causing illness within the body. This is also a good time to set strong foundations for next year, as the energies will take us on a journey of exploration regarding our health and well-being.

Take some time for yourself this month to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Listen to your intuition and let it guide you. Trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and that everything is happening for your highest good. Relax into the flow of life and let go of any need to control or force anything. Everything will happen in perfect timing. Just trust, relax and enjoy the ride.

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