This is a month that brings both some firm endings and fresh new beginnings. You might still be in this transition period and feel anxious and even emotional about letting go of the old and embracing the new. The past few months have brought us a lot of change, so it’s critical not to get caught up in any drama that may be attached to the release of old ways.

Based on what you need to let go of, there are opportunities to cleanse yourself of unhealthy relationships, lessons, places or situations that are no longer serving you; please see this as right and aligned, even if It does not feel that way at this time.

Now, Are you a person that needs it to get to the point of anxious drama energy so that you’ll let go or take notice and pay attention? It could be feeling like you’re hitting rock bottom, even a big blow-up or argument, or manifesting an illness. It depends on how you need the signs to show up for you to pay attention and make the changes. It is most important to stay grounded during these times; even the most balanced, grounded people can feel these shifts too.

This is all about trusting in;
  • Letting go of any attachments to material possessions are you feeling the need to declutter your life?
  • Leading to a more simplistic, low-stress & healthy lifestyle.
  • On a different scale, a complete lifestyle change could come in for you!
  • New projects, partnerships, and business changes impact all areas of your life.
  • Changing the way we do things in our life, looking at our wealth, relationships, and health, including mental health and well-being, we are being given the signs.
  • Up- levelling.

We are learning life leadership, my friend!

The theme and overall message this month are “Let Go”, and it’s perfect for what’s been happening energetically over the last few months, and it’s still building.

“This is all about claiming your liberation and life independence, taking back your power and thriving in your desires for a better way of life.”

So, How can this overview help you?

Let’s chat about energetic resistance. This can show up when you feel a painful emotion around something happening to you, and you refuse to release the old patterns and ways of doing things.

I know it feels safer to stay in this place as our mind and body think the unknown is often much scarier, but it is essential to remember that energetic resistance is another form of staying stuck. It could be called hitting your upper limits or breaking through the glass ceiling. A great book to read is The Big Leap.

If you are feeling any resistance around anything in your life right now, please know that it is crucial to let go and surrender to the flow of what is happening. Even if you don’t have all the answers or know what the future holds, you can trust that everything is unfolding perfectly. I have learned over the years not to resist and go with where I am being called, and it is happening again for me, hence the interstate move! I don’t quite know what’s planned for me yet, as part of the excitement is allowing the journey to unfold.

You may resist this change, but that’s only because you know deep down that it’s time and a lot of the world is feeling the same. It can be scary letting go of the known and jumping into the unknown, but trust that you do have all the answers within you. The more you resist, the harder it will be, so please just flow with it.

If you’re feeling lost, uninspired, or just need some clarity on your next steps, don’t be afraid to reach out to me for help, intuitive advice or energy support.

This month is deep learning around the virtue of trust and learning to release fear. It’s a big lesson for us all to go through at once. Some of us are holding space to support others while they experience this changing energetic flow. So make sure you have the energy and capacity to hold them. I have been through it earlier this year, and I have found that I go through the energies a good number of months earlier so that I can recognise when it happens to others and be of deep support to you all.

Quick Overview

  • We are being asked to trust and let go of fear.
  • Let go, free yourself.
  • There is nothing you need to be or do.
  • Be where you are and accept where you are at this time; release and let go.
  • The more energy you give to a fear story, the more you give it importance, the more you stay stuck in a low-energy vibe, and the harder it is to change.
  • The aspects of ourselves or others not serving us well become apparent and set them free, making positive changes.
  • Connect with your higher self and do a soul meditation, deep meditation, and journaling to obtain more answers from the soul.

Journaling work.

Write down all the things you need to let go of. Writing it down helps to release the need to store feelings and emotions. Write down where the emotions are stored within your body. Don’t analyse it; observe and record it. As you are doing this process, imagine you are sending it all to the white light on the seventh plane of existence.- The divine, ask for the divine to take it and heal it for you.

I’d like to leave you with one final thought for the month: what are your core values? When you identify your values, it becomes easier to let go of anything that doesn’t align with them. If you’re unsure what your values are, I invite you to meditate on this and see what comes up for you, you may find that your values or priorities may have changed, and you need to re-align.


Cards for October.

Detach from Drama

Let go of attempts to make everyone happy. Allow others to make their choices in life. Don’t delay your next step because of the fear of what others will say or do. Avoid gossiping about or judging others, as it always comes back. Drama is the ego’s way of getting you to self-sabotage, recognise it and move on.

Take charge of this situation.

You have the strength and power to change the situation or what you don’t want in your life anymore. But it is up to you to take control and regain your power! It’s about you claiming the leadership role in your life! When stepping into this role on what you will or won’t tolerate. – Talk openly, even to yourself, about what you want and desire. Permit yourself to do what feels right for you! Be your authority figure.


It’s time to let go and walk away from restrictions. You have the power and the right to change your life to experience more freedom! – What does Freedom look like for you?

This card asks you to connect to your soul and give yourself more freedom, especially if it connects to your passion and purpose. Maybe you need to create some space to be able to think and just breathe. If you consider soul growth expansion, wisdom and knowledge, the universe and your soul always support this. It’s time to leave a place, situation, or lifestyle you’ve outgrown. Question any rules you may have put on yourself that no longer serve you. Allow support to help you while you transform. Say no to people that overstep the boundaries with you.


The part of the lesson coming into play this month is a test of courage, finding the inner strength to face fear with confidence. It’s funny how my October Masterclass is about Confidence; I love how everything is placed to support us all.

Part of soul growth is to honour your power, Fear is just an emotion and a low energy frequency, but it teaches us about soul power to overcome that feeling to rise and grow.

It may be time for you to make tough choices, hence the fear factor, but with soul wisdom, you can overcome this. Only you can make the correct decision. You stay two steps back by not acting on that decision, only to face the same test further down the line.

The initiation – The rite of passage. Crossing the threshold.

Timeline shifts and changes can feel so scary as we start to encounter them. We resist self-sabotage, but when we look back, it’s the most amazing experience we can have. This card comes to us this month to support us in showing us not to fear the soul growth we will experience over the coming months. Some of us are being tested right now, and others have it to come, but the strong message is the test comes because we are headed for better! (As I type this, my 10.11 am timer goes off!)


Empowered Healing

A message for the healers in my community:

Last month it was healing on the throat chakra. This month we are being asked to open your heart chakra;

A good time to do the Theta Healing Heart Song Meditation.

Another option is to journal, which allows your heart’s sadness to release. Clear the fear and resistance to gain heart freedom. We are moving into an energetic time wherein what we say and behave always comes from a heart centre. We are learning to crack open our hearts more and what we are experiencing is doing that for us. Heart energy is our future.



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