In the June Energy Overview, I shared that now is a great opportunity to open yourself up to your creative expression, but it’s important that you not just talk about it but take action.  Here is the extract of what I shared

Creative Expression

June is a great opportunity to create a new vision and use your creativity to envision your new future. Take some time to imagine the life you truly want and jot down your aspirations.

If you ask for something, it will manifest in your life. Whenever you make a request, be sure to express gratitude as it will plant a seed of positivity in the universe. This is how we can expand our consciousness and make things happen quickly.

Imagination is always the first step in any creative manifestation

Embrace and nourish the creative aspect of the mind; by its very nature, the body is limited by three dimensions, but your mind is free to travel without boundaries. Emerge with the cosmic consciousness; your mind is a great creator and your imagination is its toolbox. 

Everything in life begins with the energy of imagination — thoughts are real and they can manifest themselves into the physical world. Learn to train your mind to have only positive thoughts and that you will attract positivity into your life; if you can see it, you can be it. Visualise the components that you want in your life; personify those thoughts with love, and they will become your reality.

On the other hand, if your mind stays with negative thoughts, you will only bring that energy. Changes in your thoughts do become your reality, and this month is another example of us being ‘awakened’ to the awareness of these patterns.

Allow yourself to be creative and express your innermost thoughts through your imagination.


With hard work and effort, you can achieve your aspirations and desires. Trying our best during difficult times is how we learn. Any individual can master the art of focus and discipline through consistent practice.

This month, we awaken to the fact that our souls have returned to this planet for a reason. There is a great opportunity to reevaluate our priorities and go about our lives as leaders instead of being passive recipients of whatever comes our way. This is the time to become the Go-Getter in your life and this month we definitely have opportunities for this to happen.

Take this time to take charge of your life and be the master of your destiny. Remember, you are a great creator and by having the creativity and imagination, discipline and focus in your actions, nothing can stop you from achieving quantum leaps.”

You can read the full June Energy overview. 

Why is creativity important?

Creativity is important because it allows us to express ourselves, come up with new ideas and solutions for problems, and explore our uniqueness. Creativity can also help us to think more deeply about the world around us, and develop a greater understanding of ourselves and others. It also allows us to be curious.

Creative pursuits can be a great source of joy and fulfilment, as well as provide an outlet for healing and transformation. By unlocking our creative potential and engaging with our inner wisdom, we can nurture self-expression, cultivate meaningful relationships, connect with our higher purpose, and create positive change in the world.

When we tap into this powerful energy, we can find clarity, confidence, and courage to pursue our dreams. 

Engaging in creative activities is a great way to enhance our abilities, push our boundaries, and pursue excellence. Moreover, it allows us to brainstorm innovative approaches to increase our wealth, such as generating a passive income, writing books, designing programs, refurbishing furniture, or selling our unique handmade crafts or art pieces.

Ultimately creativity is an essential part of being human—and it’s what allows us to bring beauty and meaning to the world.

In this article, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to open up your creative energy and tap into your sacral chakra. I will discuss what are the best oils, meditation practices, journaling, and also how changing your surroundings can bring an abundance of creativity. So let’s dive right into the juicy goodness, are you ready?

It is believed by some that the human body has energy centres called chakras, with 7 of the main ones running along the spine. These energy points, which are wheel-like in appearance, are thought to be linked with different physical and emotional functions in the body, ultimately influencing one’s overall well-being. The second main chakra, the sacral chakra is associated with creative expression.

When the sacral chakra is out of alignment or blocked, this can stifle your creativity, a deficiency of energy shows up as rigidity in the body. A lot of emotions such as anger and fear stem from a closed-off second chakra. This can be manifested as excessive boundaries, poor social skills, and attitudes towards loved ones.

To open up this energy, an exercise practice like yoga will help open the hips. A really good yoga practice is Kundalini Yoga Swadhisthana or Sacral Chakra.

Starting from the Mooladhara Chakra, the Kundalini energy moves to the Svadhishtana Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is located behind the genitals and plays a crucial role in creation and procreation, as well as being responsible for creativity and sex drive.


What mantra unblocks the sacral chakra? 

VAM is a cleansing mantra for the sacral chakra, which is related to sexuality, sensuality, and desire for pleasure. Chant ‘VAM’ to open up this chakra.


What trauma blocks the sacral chakra?

When we experience trauma, our bodies store it, along with our memories, our psyche, and our soul. When we experience sexual trauma, our second chakra (the energetic centre around the sacral area of the sex organs) can be thrown off balance.


What are positive affirmations for the sacral chakra?

Affirmations For Sacral Chakra Activation

  • It is safe for me to express my emotions.
  • I am creative and passionate.
  • My body is sacred.
  • I embrace and celebrate my sexuality.
  • I accept that change is the only constant.
  • I am playful.
  • I accept the natural flow of life.
  • I am passionate and creative.
  • I take pleasure in life.
  • My body and soul are connected.


Essential Oils

Now, let’s talk about what energy you can use to open up your sacral chakra and start tapping into creative wisdom!

One of the best ways to do this is by using essential oils.

  • Ylang Ylang
  • Rose
  • Sweet orange
  • Tangerine
  • Patchouli
  • Helichrysum

In addition, practice mindfulness activities such as journaling and meditation to connect with your inner voice and call upon your creative wisdom. Visualise your sacral chakra as a vibrant orange light, and imagine it growing brighter and bolder with each breath or movement. This can help you to access the creative power within you.



Using a pendulum can help detect energy blockages in the body and aid in various treatments. Here are some examples.

  •  Chakra balancing
  •  Aura cleansing
  •  Clear stagnant energy held within the body
  •  Grounding

Using pendulums can aid in promoting spiritual and physical healing by identifying any blocks in a person’s energy. This process is straightforward and can assist in redistributing the invisible energy surrounding us. Pendulums can aid in balancing the Chakras of the body. To use a pendulum for this purpose, you hold it over the Chakra. By holding the pendulum a few inches above the blocked Chakra, it will show if there is an imbalance. I use a pendulum to determine if the chakra is blocked, which will show a yes or no response. If the chakra is blocked, I will request that it be cleansed in the most loving and highest way possible. I will then conclude by saying, “Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done.” The pendulum will move counterclockwise and come to a stop. I know it has been cleared, so I will ask for it to be realigned most lovingly for the highest and best for that person or myself. Then it will move clockwise and stop when it is done.

For those who would like to explore more about the Pendulum, look at Eric Hunter’s Chakra Clearing Mini Program here

My final piece of advice is to change your environment.

If you want to shift away from a mindset that is dominated by masculine energy, consider making changes to your physical or mental environment.

Take some time out of your office and go somewhere else; either a café, library, or even a space surrounded by nature. Go to an art gallery, a beautiful garden, or a historical house to get inspired and surround yourself with creation. Personally, when I need to be creative in the blogging and writing mood I go to a bookstore or library. If I’m working on producing meditations, I will go and be in nature or head to the beach to be around water to create. When I need inspiration I head to a lookout point where there is an amazing view of the landscape; this helps to give me a higher viewpoint.

If you are a messy person, decluttering your workspace can greatly improve your ability to channel your creativity. Make sure your workspace is free from distractions and is conducive to creative thinking.

It is crucial to surround yourself with inspiring objects like artwork or crafts to tap into the unlimited knowledge of your sacral chakra. I plan to dedicate a specific time each week to cleanse my workspace by burning sage, lighting oils, and keeping crystals nearby. Additionally, I meditate quickly to bring clarity and invite my guides. Finally, I set a deadline to avoid procrastination.

During the weekend, I felt a surge of creativity due to the full moon and spent my time updating some new programs that I believe you will enjoy. I managed my day by dividing it into power sessions and taking breaks for tea, during which I decluttered the upstairs of my home. As I tidied up, I experienced a significant energy boost that led to even more creative output.

If you would like more resources to enable you to unleash your creativity, check out my new mini program ‘Creativity Unleashed’.