Are you ready to explore the mystical realm of pendulums and delve into the captivating world of energetics? Join us for an immersive, in-person Pendulum Workshop led by Claire, an esteemed master of this ancient art. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate seeker, this workshop is your gateway to a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Claire, a remarkable practitioner, discovered her innate connection with pendulum magic several years ago, and it swiftly became the cornerstone of her spiritual journey.

When she first embraced this mystical tool, Claire exhibited a natural affinity that bordered on the extraordinary. With its delicate sway guided by unseen forces, the pendulum became an extension of her intuition and a conduit to the spiritual realm.

Over the years, Claire seamlessly integrated pendulum magic into her daily practices, utilising its subtle yet powerful energy in personal and professional realms. In her business, she skillfully employs the pendulum to navigate energetic landscapes, addressing challenges and unlocking new avenues for growth.

Claire’s profound connection with the pendulum showcases her intuitive prowess and underscores its transformative impact on her spiritual and entrepreneurial ventures.


Sunday 3rd March 2024.
9:30am til 12:30pm

The Nook Gallery, 18 Progress Street,
Mornington, Victoria

Option to stay for lunch afterwards at Commonfolk Cafe, 16 Progress Stress, Mornington.

Investment $333.00


Saturday 17th March 2024.
9:30am til 12:30pm (Brisbane time)


Investment $197.00

Why Choose to Learn Pendulum Magic with Claire?

🌟 Claire possesses an innate connection to pendulums and alchemy, a connection that sparked her spiritual journey several years ago. She received her first pendulum in a spiritual class, and its enchanting magic set her on her path. Now, she’s eager to share her expertise and experiences with you, whether you’re just starting or seeking to deepen your connection.

🌟 Bring your pendulum if you have one, or let Claire know if you need assistance in acquiring one; she’s even organising a bulk order from her own pendulum master in the USA for your convenience.

🌟 You’ll receive pendulum charts, a book of pendulum commands and personalised guidance from Claire to ensure you leave with the confidence to use your pendulum as a trusted guide.

🌟 Gain the skills to attune to energies, connect with your guides, and receive profound insights, clarity, and focus through the power of the pendulum. Expect an atmosphere filled with fun, laughter, and genuine connections with like-minded individuals.

Why Attend This Workshop?

🌟 This workshop is in high demand, and Claire is answering the call to teach her own body of work and methodology with over half a decade of healing her private clients’ karmic blocks in sessions using pendulums.

🌟 Still, she feels it needs to be an in-person experience to embody the sacred art. There’s something magical about creating a transformational vortex that only an in-person class can provide.

🌟 Enjoy an exclusive VIP experience with Claire, a seasoned spiritual healer and teacher with years of experience and certifications dedicated to teaching you the art of intuition, magic, energetics, and advanced spiritual practices.

🌟 Don’t miss this unique opportunity! This may be the only pendulum workshop offered in Melbourne this year, and we have limited spots available, ensuring an intimate and personalised experience.



What to Expect on This Enchanting Day

🌟 Immerse yourself in a sacred journey of creation in magic and energetics, unlocking your intuition and expanding your connection to boundless knowledge and wisdom.

🌟 Open yourself to new insights and higher vibrations, leaving behind old beliefs and embracing new perspectives.

🌟 The day will be filled with diverse, fun exercises tailored to the group dynamics, so come prepared with your adventurous spirit to open up doorways of prosperity.

🌟Understand who you are connecting to and where the answers come from.

Walk Away With 

🌟 Confidently master your pendulum; know your Yes and No, how to clear the dense stagnant energy, and learn a simple way to activate positive energy.

🌟 How to test for your own unconscious limiting beliefs. How do you clear them confidently and reinstate positive ones that are empowering.

🌟 How to set up a sacred space for working with your pendulum.

🌟 Clearing multiple negative beliefs around money, wealth and prosperity on the day. 

🌟  Pendulum charts for you to use at home centred around wealth, money, prosperity, and business success. 

🌟 Learn how to energise your bank account, open up money flow, clear karmic debt and much more!

We will also be doing an energy clearing before we start the learning to set you up for success and clear any unconscious blocks towards using this sacred art. 



Amazing Pendulum Magic workshop yesterday! Thank you, Claire. It was so nice to be in person for this event. I would highly recommend to everybody to learn this skill. So simple yet incredibly powerful

Vikki Pearce

Thank you, Claire, for making today such a potent, magical learning experience, you chose a beautiful venue and set the room perfect, ready for magic .

You shared your gifts and knowledge to help us make massive shifts in our everyday lives.

Meeting you in person was a highlight, I’m not going to lie,  your online courses are epic but in person was super special.

You made it possible for us to connect with beautiful like-minded souls who care and support each other, the energy in the room was fun, safe, and nurturing. I encourage everyone here, when you can, to go to Claires’ live workshops.

If you are in Melbourne book your ticket for March it will be Magic in so many ways.

Kara Gillart

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is perfect for both newcomers and experienced pendulum users. If you seek to master essential skills efficiently, connect with your pendulum, identify your guides, and enhance your dowsing abilities, clear the old energy blocks and limiting beliefs this is the ideal opportunity.

Don’t miss your chance to embark on this enchanting journey of self-discovery and transformation with Claire. Secure your spot now and experience the profound magic of Pendulum Alchemy.

Investment in learning this life-changing skill.


Melbourne in person $333.00

Online Workshop $197.00



Sunday 3rd March 2024.
9:30am til 12:30pm


Saturday 17th March 2024.
9:30am til 12:30pm (Brisbane time)