Kind Words

“It’s difficult to put into words the value I have received from working with Claire.”

It’s intangible, magical, and creating heaven on earth. It’s the merging of dark and light, masculine & feminine and becoming whole.

Everyone is different and everyone will receive a different blessing. For me, Claire held space for a hurt little girl to really realise how perfect I am. She empowered me to find clarity within, and confidence in ways I never thought I would or, in fact, thought I ‘needed’. Mostly, Claire empowered me to trust – Men and Women and to feel so safe in my own skin, enabling me to now have the self- confidence and trust to grow my business and relationships to where I dream them to be. 

These healings are priceless, and for anyone who has experienced any personal challenges and is considering this form of healing, it was the greatest stretch but the best decision I ever made. Claire created an incredibly safe space for me to trust and feel supported on this journey. The support provides comfort, understanding and ease along the way.

My advice to anyone looking to commit to this journey is not to set an expectation around your outcome, because what you will receive will be exactly what you need in that moment in time and it will be magical. The journey will blow your mind, it will be fun, light, playful and powerful and believe me, that is exactly what you need when doing the work. 

I am eternally grateful to Claire.  

Much love, MarcellaCreative Director Momenti  VIP Client

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“Her intuition and guidance are outstanding.”

“Claire provided me with massive shifts and growth, both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone seeking self-improvement, self-awareness, general healing and genuine progress in both a personal and professional setting.”

R. Kartel
CEO –  The Kartel Solution.  VIP Client

I was blown away by what shifted in just one session with Claire!

“I was blown away by what shifted in just one session with Claire! I felt more relaxed, happy, and at ease. The transformation has been incredible – not only do I look better, but I feel so much happier in myself. Thank you, Claire!”

Katie Kirsopp – CEO of Business Made Beautiful.  VIP Client

"Claire is an extraordinary coach. Her insight and care in each session creates massive shifts. I look forward to each session- I love that I never know where they will go. I could not do the work I do without the work she does.”

CV – NLP trainer and Coach for Coaches.

"The sessions allowed me to get clear and confident with my souls purpose and mission, really trust that it is the right thing for me in my business and feel even more empowered to make the decisions I desire."

Sirin Ortanca,

Wellbeing Life Coach, Theta Healer & Embodyment Coach

“Claire has changed the trajectory of my personal and professional development from my first encounter with her. Claire is truly gifted in guiding healing and growth both internally and externally. If you are looking to find lifelong empowerment for both personal and professional growth, I highly recommend Claire.”

S. McMillan, CEO- Lagom By Sarah – Interior Designer Melbourne

“Working with Claire has been a game-changer for me. I’m making quantum leaps in my business and personal life, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

With her commitment to empowering women shining through both in her individual and group sessions. Through her work, she skillfully weaves a tapestry of connection, community, and healing I’ve never experienced before.

Claire holds boundless space for those poised to rewrite their narratives and embrace their authentic power.”

L. Mayers. VIP Client 

Claire is amazing her healing skills will have a profound effect on your life.

Claire was there for me at a time in my life when I knew nothing else would work for me apart from deep transformational healing. Claire has a natural talent and psychic ability to identify deep, hidden issues blocking you from achieving happiness in all areas of your life. Theta Healing digs deep to find the bottom belief preventing you from moving forward, and Claire was incredible at finding mine and healing them so that I could move forward in my life.”
J. Torrance

Retreat Feedback


“I just wanted to thank you so much for curating such a wonderful retreat experience for us all on the weekend!
I think it was probably the best retreat I have ever attended!
The venue and the location were just superb
The personal chef was AMAZING!
And the pace of the program, and the activities included, were just perfect!
I’m already looking forward to your retreats in 2024!”

Megan Buntine – Governance Trainer, Facilitator & Speaker | Executive Coach

“Claire, your creation of this nurturing space is beyond words. Your guidance, support, and energy were a beacon of light throughout the entire retreat.

I’m overflowing with gratitude for the incredible experience you’ve curated. I can hardly wait for next year’s retreat, eager to dive even deeper into this journey of self-discovery, transformation, and connection with such a fantastic group of women.

Thank you for being the catalyst for this life-altering experience.”

Leigh Matthews

“I have just had the privilege of being part of the Awakening Retreat 2023. Wow!
The thought and detail that went into ensuring it was truly awakening was terrific. I didn’t know what it would be like having never attended anything like this before. Let alone take time away from family to focus on me!

Claire thought of everything, choosing the perfect location in the Summer House. The chef, oh my god! Izzy from Brassica Catering was truly amazing (I now have a new appreciation for vegan meals), with a relaxing Hammam spa experience, massages, Reiki, and mindfully thought-out tools to use on my journey.


Claire has a unique gift that shines through. The healing sessions within the group were charged with so much love and energy. As a group, we held space for each other as we moved through the healings, creating friendships with other strong, beautiful women.

Participating in Claire’s Awakening Retreat was an experience that transcended my wildest expectations. It was not merely a weekend away; it was a transformative vortex of total up-levelling, releasing, and change. Being a part of Claire’s inner circle for those few precious days was nothing short of extraordinary.

From the very beginning, Claire set the tone for the weekend with the opening circle and intention setting. Her energy and intention were palpable, and you could feel the powerful transformation unfolding. Claire’s ability to recode your energy field throughout the weekend is truly remarkable. You don’t just attend her retreat; you become a part of a profound and lasting change.

The retreat shaped me in deep and permanent ways. It was like entering a whole other realm of connection, one where self-love and personal growth take centre stage. The energy and wisdom shared among the remarkable women present were awe-inspiring. I left the weekend with a completely different outlook on life, filled with renewed purpose and a profound connection to my inner self.

Karen Baxter

Claire is an insightful guide who will help you access your inner wisdom and step into your power.

Claire is an insightful guide who will help you access your inner wisdom and step into your power. If you’re looking for a coach who will help you create energy and belief shifts and supports you wholeheartedly on your journey, Claire is definitely your girl!  

Belinda Colubriale – Leading High-performance Coach. VIP Client

“Claire is an amazing healer!”

I had heard great things about Claire Gorman’s healing work, so I decided to give her a try, I am so glad I did! I felt a huge change in my energy and outlook on life, I was fed up with life and had lost my passion for business. After only a few sessions with Claire, I felt a huge change in my energy and outlook on life.

R. S CEO Large retail company

If you are looking for guidance in your life, working with Claire is the right move.”

She has a way of helping you see things from a different perspective, and her sessions always leave you feeling lighter and with more clarity around whatever issue you bring to the table. The other night looking at pictures of my new dream home i have found, I had a flash back to the session I did with you wanting to manifest my new life.Making the session to move interstate was made so easy after that session thank you!”

T.W PA – global health wellbeing retreat company

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