Unleashing Prosperity:

The Ultimate Money Abundance Program

By Claire Gorman

Unleashing Prosperity
The Ultimate Money Abundance Mastermind

This is for spiritual individuals looking to cultivate abundance
in wealth and live life on their terms.

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Unleashing Prosperity online six-month group program.

I would be delighted to have you on board for this transformative journey designed to empower you with the tools and techniques to unlock your true potential.

I invite you to share a space with prominent thought leaders, high-performers and pioneers eager to change their mindset around wealth creation.

I aim to help you manifest the abundant life that you deserve. This program is remarkable and powerful!

It will serve as your portal and gateway to unlock Prosperity.

 As your guide, I am passionate about helping you harness the power of energetics and healing to embrace prosperity fully. Throughout this program, you can join live calls and access a library of resources, including teachings on rituals, powerful healings, and activations that will help you align with your next level in unlocking prosperity.

Every time I run the program, the magic money portal grows with more knowledge and wisdom. 

Program Outline

Preparation: Dive into the program’s digital content whenever you can. Access video lessons, guided meditations, and practical exercises that lay the foundation for your journey.

Mindset Recalibration: Utilize transformative meditations and re-imprinting hypnosis techniques to shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance, fostering a positive and prosperity-oriented outlook.

Energy Healing: Experience Energy Transformation Sessions designed to release stagnant energy, leaving you feeling lighter, brighter, and more energised to excel in all areas of life.

Self-Reflection: Engage in insightful journaling exercises that uncover and transform limiting beliefs, freeing you to pursue your dreams with renewed vigour.

Community Support: Join the Unleashing Prosperity Community, a space to connect with like-minded individuals on a similar journey. Share experiences, seek support, and celebrate each other’s progress.

Throughout the program, you’ll partake in various energy healing sessions, including Pendulum Healing, Theta Healing, Sacred Star Empowerment, Embodiment Coaching and Energy Healing, MIT, and Akashic Record Healing. I’m bringing you my best tools and advanced healing in this group program.

Unlock Prosperity, Embrace Abundance

Bid farewell to struggle and welcome the abundant life and career you deserve. Transform from within, shattering limiting beliefs, and embrace empowerment coaching for action and awakening— embodying an abundance mindset. I will also teach you so much about the energy of money and abundance!

I believe every soul is worthy of abundance, and I’m here to support your journey of real wealth.

My mission is to give you the spiritual tools and transformational experiences designed to unlock your potential personally and professionally. 

Program Benefits:

  • Deepened connection with your desires and financial goals
  • Enhanced self-awareness to identify and release limiting beliefs
  • Mastery of energy healing techniques to unlock your potential and manifest abundance
  • Empowerment to conquer financial setbacks and unleash prosperity
  • Knowledge and confidence to scale your income and achieve financial freedom
  • Fulfillment through making an impact on your life and the lives of others
  • The ability to manifest your dreams and aspirations, unshackling your lack mentality into an overflow of prosperity

Thank you so much, Claire for everything you put into the universe for all of us.

The Unleashing Prosperity 2.0 program has opened doors I only dreamed of. It has helped me identify and remove the obstacles holding me back and given me the tools to create a new, brighter path.

Claire has been a constant and unknowing companion throughout my challenging personal journey. Her healing meditations have led me to places of blissful relief while teaching me valuable lessons in compassion, gratitude, self-love, and forgiveness. My most significant realisation has been understanding how my thoughts shape my reality and how I can use this knowledge to build a future I can be proud of.

I have gone from working long hours in jobs that did not bring me joy. To be able to travel and work part-time while continuing my personal growth and sharing my skills in remote regions of Australia.

Thanks to Claire’s support and the Unleashing Prosperity program, I am now on a path of fulfilment and purpose.

Karen Baxter

Wow … wow … wow … thank you so much, Claire.
I am so excited about unleashing Prosperity 2.0 and can feel the effects coming through NOW … this past week, the abundance has been next level with a $1000 gift voucher, health insurance refunds, unexpected gifts, effortlessly selling clothes and attracting romantic relationships and mentors.
I cannot wait to be back with the unleashing prosperity community this week! It will be an incredible end to 2023 and a powerful start to 2024. Thank you, Claire, for creating such a powerful program.
Let the magic BEGIN …
Leigh Matthews

I was called to jump into Claire’s Unleashing Prosperity course!!
Words cannot express the value of this course that set me on a path of abundance in so many ways. It came to me at the perfect time when I was unwell and struggling with my health and needed something to shift my energy completely. I quickly learned that abundance wasn’t just about bringing in more money but how your health and home energy directly affect the flow of your abundance. Tuning into many limiting beliefs around health and money and clearing them and doing Claire’s home clearing practice has directly affected my health, home energy, and more.
I now feel that my mindset has completely changed and has risen to an abundance mindset, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!
Skye Sinclair

Celebrating the Triumphs of the of Unleashing Prosperity!

1. One participant achieved remarkable career milestones by securing two promotions within three months. Not only did they witness an increase in their salaries, but they also earned extra bonuses, a remarkable feat when others in their company faced redundancies.

2. A participant’s husband experienced a positive turn of events by securing a new job that matched his skills and doubled his income overnight, providing newfound financial stability for their household.

3. Another participant, burdened by the weight of substantial debt, witnessed a miraculous transformation as their debt, exceeding seven figures, was completely wiped clean, lifting an enormous financial burden.

4. Following the program, participants received well-deserved pay raises, reflecting Unleashing Prosperity’s tangible impact on their professional lives.

5. Notably, a participant engaged in both program rounds experienced a significant financial upswing, accumulating over six figures in increased shares. This financial boost empowered them to invest in and carry out long-awaited renovations and then add a quarter of a million dollars.

6. Business owners who participated in the program reported increased profits via new clients, illustrating the positive impact of Unleashing Prosperity on entrepreneurial ventures.

7. The program fueled immediate financial gains and sparked innovative new business ideas among participants, laying the foundation for a future marked by financial freedom and sustained prosperity.

These success stories are a testament to the transformative power of Unleashing Prosperity, and we’re excited to continue this journey with our incredible participants!

Doors Closed!

Dates for 2024 Live Calls:

Each call will last approximately 90 minutes and will be recorded for future playback.

1st Live Call – 8th May 7 AM AEST

2nd Live Call – 29th May 7 AM AEST

3rd Live Call – 19th June 7 AM AEST

4th Live Call – 10th July 7 AM AEST

5th Live Call – 31st July 7 AM AEST

6th Live Call – 21st August 7 AM AEST

7th Live Call  – 11th September 7 AM AEST

8th Live Call – 2nd October 7AM AEST

9th Live Call – 23rd October 7 AM AEST

What is available to you as soon as you sign up!

– An entire library of engaging video lessons and guided meditations is for each module.
– You can start to heal the past and rewrite your future.
– Various thought-provoking worksheets and exercises are provided for self-reflection and practical application.
– You will receive a comprehensive list of 200 limiting beliefs focused on money, wealth, and self-sabotaging patterns to watch out for and address.
– Claire’s methodology for clearing your deepest negative money beliefs will be shared and taught.
– The program covers a range of topics such as:
– How to work with a pendulum to clear your limiting beliefs
– Healing the fear of money connection with the soul of money
– Releasing vows of poverty and chastity
– You will get a Done-for-You Clearing Checklist of 200 limiting beliefs to help you transform your beliefs.
– You will gain insights into self-sabotaging behaviours in business.
– Watch Claire’s manifesting webinar to discover what’s blocking you!