2022 was a year of ups, and downs and saw many of us receiving life lessons to make rapid soul transformations ready for 2023. Many are still catching up during the last part of this year.

As we begin to close out, it’s a perfect time for reflection, expressions of gratitude and most importantly releasing. In this article you are going to be given the practices to help you do just that.


Take yourself to your happy quiet place, close your eyes and take 10 deep breathes. When you open your eyes, ask yourself these questions, and write down what comes to mind.

  • What moments immediately come to mind when you think of the year?
  • What brought you lessons to learn?
  • What made your heart feel heavy?
  • What made you feel sparks of joy?
  • What do you feel you didn’t do enough off?
  • What and who were you most grateful for?https://clairegorman.com.au/?p=7513

Now say the following;

I affirm that I am ready to let go of any past hurts, regrets, and bitterness. This year has been part of my own learning, and understanding the richness and fullness of life. Without my past, I would not be here today. I let go of all limitations and see myself strong. I no longer judge or criticise myself; I am free to love all of who I am.

Expressions of gratitude when Releasing

Whilst it can feel hard at times, the experiences we face are there for a reason, sometimes we can’t understand at those times why, but a great practice is to look for what you can take away from those experience.

One of the most important things I have learnt and do is to say- how is this happening for me rather than how and why is this happening to me. It shifts your perspective immediately and you can start to see the bigger picture.

Lessons you can learn to carry forward to hopefully lead to a better understanding.

When you come to a point where things no longer service say something along the lines of “With the deepest of gratitude, I thank you and release you”.

With the expression of gratitude, you release in a positive way what is no longer needed in your life. This then enables you to open your heart to new possibilities which in turn leads to more abundance.