Welcome to the Empowered Empress Retreat

An Exclusive High-End Retreat for Ambitious and Visionary Women

at the Emporium Hotel Southbank Brisbane 

Emporium Hotel Southbank Brisbane, Queensland
Emporium Hotel Southbank Brisbane, Queensland
Emporium Hotel Southbank Brisbane, Queensland
Emporium Hotel Southbank Brisbane, Queensland

Are you a high-performance woman ready to soar to extraordinary heights in life and business? Do you seek unwavering support, potent mentoring, and cutting-edge energy healing to elevate your success? Welcome to the Empowered Empress Retreat, a transformational weekend dedicated to empowering you as the ruler of your own life.

About the Retreat

The Empowered Empress Retreat is an intimate and private gathering thoughtfully curated for eight exceptional women who epitomise ambition, determination, and a commitment to profoundly impacting their businesses and lives. It’s the ultimate blend of luxurious self-care, high-performance empowerment, and state-of-the-art quantum energy healing workshops designed to propel you toward your goals like never before.

Embark on a journey to unparalleled experiences and open the door to transformative moments at our exquisite retreat. From the moment you step through the entrance of this Hotel, each thoughtfully curated detail and meticulously crafted touch orchestrate a sensory masterpiece, leaving an indelible mark on your memory. Unwind in the luxury of your lavishly appointed suite, savouring its luxurious comfort. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace the infinite possibilities at our exceptional retreat.

What to Expect

High-Level Energy Codes for Empowerment: Immerse yourself in sessions that combine energy healing with personalised empowerment re-coding, unlocking your fullest potential. Experience a transformation in your energy and mindset that paves the way for success and abundance.

Visionary Sessions: Gain clarity on your goals and create a roadmap to turn your vision into reality. Connect with the future version of yourself that holds all the answers and let her guide you to success.

Embodiment to Empowerment: Embrace your authentic power and embody the confidence of a true empress. Step into your role as a leader in both your personal and professional life.

Presence and Power: Learn to command any room with unwavering presence and charisma. Master the art of powerful energy communication and lead with impact.

Coding the Body for Greatness: Reprogram your subconscious mind and align your body with greatness. Release self-doubt and limiting beliefs, replacing them with a mindset and vibrancy that attracts boundless success and confidence.

A Weekend of Luxury and Transformation

Indulge in opulent and nurturing accommodations, gourmet meals, and a luxurious setting that allows you to embrace a lifestyle of growth and empowerment.

We kick off this Intimate Luxury High-performing healing weekend on Friday, 31st May, @ 10 am and conclude when you check out on Monday, 3rd June, at 10 am. If you are travelling interstate, you can stay the night before Thursday, 30th May; we can arrange an additional night for you. 

Event Details

Doors Closed.

Prices start from $4,620

Upgraded rooms start from $4,950

Extra Night Accommodation from $509

Payment Plans By Request

Who Should Attend?

This retreat is for women who:

  • Are high achievers and unapologetically ambitious in both life and business.
  • Value mentorship, coaching, and support as crucial pillars of their success.
  • Desire to scale and grow their businesses, making a significant impact in their industries.
  • Cherish the freedom to live life on their terms and prioritize family and personal well-being.
  • Seek a life of luxury, freedom, harmony, and abundance without compromising on their ambitions.
  • Appreciate fine dining, luxury hotels, and weekend city experiences.
  • Ideally, women who have been working privately with Claire to understand her methods.

    Embrace Your Inner Empress

    At the Empowered Empress Retreat, you’ll be guided to tap into your inner ruler, embracing your power, radiance, and potential for greatness. This experience is for women determined to live with a new normal—where embodied success is not just a destination, but a way of life.

    Limited Availability

    With only four spots available and four already sold out, this intimate VIP retreat is your opportunity to join an extraordinary group of women shaping their destinies. Please schedule a call with Claire to see if this VIP experience aligns with your big-picture vision. 


    What We Will Cover in the VIP Retreat

    • Principles of Success
    • Working with the Law of Pure Potential
    • Operating in Your Gold Zone
    • Quantum Leap Strategies
    • Pre-Retreat Business Astrology Session
    • Activating Your Soul’s Divine Blueprint Codes, including Authority and Leadership
    • Guided Visualisations for Quantum Leaps and Time Compression
    • Elevating your energetic minimum and maximum financial wealth consciousness

    Be prepared to collapse time and quantum leap, and you are in for a full-throttle ride!


    What is covered in the cost of the VIP Retreat

    • 3 Nights Vista King Suite Private Room – Option to upgrade your room to a River King City Suite at an additional cost
    • Dinner Friday and Saturday Night.
    • Morning Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday
    • High Tea at Belle Époque
    • Spa Treatment 90-minute indulgent massage
    • Theatre Opera ticket
    • Two days of Workshops with Claire
    • Morning & afternoon tea, including a working lunch, for both days of the workshops
    • Pre-Retreat Business Astrology Session

    What is not covered in the cost of the VIP Retreat

    • Additional Thursday Night Stay
    • Dinner on Sunday night
    • Morning breakfast on the Monday check-out day
    • Any alcohol or personal choice with beverages
    • Flights and Airport Transfers
    • Travel Insurance

    Join us at the Empowered Empress Retreat and step into your true power. Your extraordinary journey begins here.

    To reserve your place, a deposit must be paid. A payment plan is available depending on the timeframe. 

    Doors Closed to this Retreat.

    Feedback from other Attendees

    “Participating in Claire’s Retreat was an experience that transcended my wildest expectations. It was not merely a weekend away but a transformative vortex of total up-levelling, releasing, and change. Being a part of Claire’s inner circle for those few precious days was nothing short of extraordinary.

    From the very beginning, Claire set the tone for the weekend with the opening circle and intention setting. Her energy and intention were palpable, and you could feel the powerful transformation unfolding. Claire’s ability to recode your energy field throughout the weekend is truly remarkable. You don’t just attend her retreat; you become a part of a profound and lasting change.

    The retreat shaped me in deep and permanent ways. It was like entering a whole other realm of connection, one where self-love and personal growth take centre stage. The energy and wisdom shared among the remarkable women present were awe-inspiring. I left the weekend with a completely different outlook on life, filled with renewed purpose and a profound connection to my inner self.


    Claire, your creation of this nurturing space is beyond words. Your guidance, support, and energy were a beacon of light throughout the entire retreat. I’m overflowing with gratitude for the incredible experience you’ve curated. I can hardly wait for next year’s retreat, eager to dive even deeper into this journey of self-discovery, transformation, and connection with such an amazing group of women. Thank you for being the catalyst for this life-altering experience.”


    Leigh Matthews- Senior Executive Assistant

    “My retreat experience with Claire was absolutely incredible. To be able to spend 3 days immersed in a beautiful house with our own private chef and 6 amazing women and have Claire supporting us through the whole process was something I will never forget.

    The work I did on myself and my business was life-changing and was enhanced because I was able to do the work consistently over the 3 days without interruptions from normal life.

    I would highly recommend a retreat with Claire, you will not be disappointed.”

    Megan North