Are You Ready to Embrace the Radiant, Empowered Woman within You?

Welcome to an extraordinary journey designed to empower you to lead a life overflowing with vitality, joy, and unwavering deep soul connection.

This transformational retreat is a carefully crafted experience to guide you through a profound healing and self-discovery voyage, allowing you to liberate yourself from past wounds that have held you back and embrace the divine essence within.

About The Sanctuary Retreat

We recognise that genuine self-love stems from a holistic approach that interweaves self-care and nourishment. Claire’s uniquely tailored program focuses on cultivating a positive mindset while dissolving the energetic barriers that may have been obstructing your path to realising your full potential.

Healing the Past, Embracing the Future

Our journey commences with the identification and healing of past wounds that may have stifled your growth. Through gentle practices and transformative exercises, you will liberate yourself from the weight of the past, making space for new possibilities and personal growth.

Cultivating Self-Love and Wholeness

Throughout the retreat, we will delve deep into the essence of self-love, enabling you to mend old wounds and nurture yourself unconditionally. As we recode your energy field, you will embrace the wise woman within, unapologetically prioritising self-care, ultimate health, and vibrant well-being.

Manifesting Your Best Self

Envision embodies the most vibrant, confident version of yourself. Over our time together, Claire will guide you in envisioning this empowered woman, allowing you to create a clear vision of your best self and set intentions to bring this vision to life.

Nourishment for Body and Soul

At the Divine Rejuvenation Retreat, we believe in nourishing your body with healthy, delectable food that is vital for vitality and vibrancy. Savour every bite of our specially curated meals that fuel your energy and awaken your spirit.

Setting Aligned Standards

Learn to set new, healthy, and aligned standards for your life. Bid farewell to old patterns that no longer serve you and welcome a life in which you feel present, grounded, and connected with your true essence.

What to Expect

During the Rejuvenation Retreat, you’ll experience:

  • Guided healing sessions to release past hurts.
  • Heartwarming practices for cultivating self-love and acceptance.
  • Energy field recording and chakra balancing for holistic rejuvenation.
  • Powerful visualisation techniques to manifest your best self.
  • Daily meditation to ground and centre your being.
  • Nutrient-rich meals to nourish your body and enhance vitality.
  • Body Movement to release stuck energy.
  • Sound healing.
  • Grounding in nature.
  • Workshops with Claire.
  • Access to Claire’s Signature Health and Healing Group Program – Sacred Odyssey 2.0, an embodiment of holistic well-being.

Join Us for an Empowering Retreat

Gift yourself the love, inner peace, balance, and harmony you deserve, leading to transformation, growth, and self-discovery. At the Divine Rejuvenation Retreat, you will find the support and guidance to lovingly embrace your body, your inner self, and step into the radiant, wise woman you truly are.


November 2024

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POA single occupancy only, twin share only available if sharing attending with a friend.

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Additional Retreat Highlights

  • Creating new loving boundaries that truly serve your soul.
  • Healing the overgiving wound, neglect wound, and support wound, which will cultivate the embodiment of putting self first.
  • Meditations, yoga, downloading new codes for rejuvenation.


Testimonial for Claire’s 2023 Awakening Retreat:

“I have just had the privilege of being part of the Awakening Retreat 2023. Wow!
The thought and detail that went into ensuring it was truly awakening was terrific. I didn’t know what it would be like having never attended anything like this before. Let alone take time away from family to focus on me!
Claire thought of everything, choosing the perfect location in the Summer House. The chef, oh my god! Izzy from Brassica Catering was truly amazing (I now have a new appreciation for vegan meals), with a relaxing Hammam spa experience, massages, Reiki, and mindfully thought-out tools to use on my journey.
Claire has a unique gift that shines through. The healing sessions within the group were charged with so much love and energy. As a group, we held space for each other as we moved through the healings, creating friendships with other strong, beautiful women.

Participating in Claire’s Awakening Retreat was an experience that transcended my wildest expectations. It was not merely a weekend away; it was a transformative vortex of total up-levelling, releasing, and change. Being a part of Claire’s inner circle for those few precious days was nothing short of extraordinary.

From the very beginning, Claire set the tone for the weekend with the opening circle and intention setting. Her energy and intention were palpable, and you could feel the powerful transformation unfolding. Claire’s ability to recode your energy field throughout the weekend is truly remarkable. You don’t just attend her retreat; you become a part of a profound and lasting change.

The retreat shaped me in deep and permanent ways. It was like entering a whole other realm of connection, one where self-love and personal growth take centre stage. The energy and wisdom shared among the remarkable women present were awe-inspiring. I left the weekend with a completely different outlook on life, filled with renewed purpose and a profound connection to my inner self.”

Karen Baxter