Today I will discuss the energy overview and channeled messages for September.

So firstly, let’s recap August’s overview and see how it has been for you.

August was about finding your next level of courage, opening up for more flow, healing with forgiveness, a deeper trust in the universe, and our life lessons around awareness of the ego mindset compared to the soul’s truth and inner wisdom.

It was an excellent time to let go of deeper past regrets and move forward with forgiveness and understanding. It’s been a tough few years for all of us. We’ve faced challenges and obstacles we could never have imagined, but we’re still here and forging ahead, and I’m pleased to say that things are changing and evolving to a higher energy frequency.

Doors of opportunity are open to us, but we must be confident in our choice of which door to advance through. When we reach a fork in the road, it is common to feel torn between choosing the easy way or going after something new. The former keeps us comfortable and within our comfort zone, while the latter offers growth and enrichment. Often, these contrasting choices stir up self-doubt, leading to indecisiveness and paralysis.

I also invite you to look at ways in which you do things. I will give you an example of a life lesson that happened to me recently: teaching me ego and soul truth which I spoke about last month, releasing a good dose of the lower level of unworthiness, and putting in strong abundance boundaries!

I had been offered an opportunity to talk at a live event. The old me would have accepted the invitation without hesitation; It also was a similar experience that happened to me at the start of this year! But it had returned to challenge me and see if I had learned, and now what was I to do? Unlike before, I wanted to think before taking action and get all the information and details before making my decision. I needed to see if it was right for my business and brand, or was I just people-pleasing at the cost of my value?

It turns out it wasn’t the right decision for me and would have been a one-sided agreement. However, I could make a confident decision that felt good because I took the time to clarify what I valued about myself and not what my ego wanted. It is so important that we do not allow our ego to make decisions for us that do not serve our highest good. This path differs from my decision last year, so we are always learning and evolving.

Now, let’s move on to September’s energy overview.

September is a month of finally good endings and fresh new beginnings. It’s a time to release the old and embrace the new. There will be a lot of change happening this month, so staying grounded and centred is important.

We will focus on both personal and professional relationships. Based on what you need to let go of, there is an opportunity to cleanse yourself of unhealthy relationships, lessons, or situations that no longer serve you. This could manifest as ending a toxic friendship or finally ending a toxic work environment, The stress may come to a peak as you’ve been seeing signs, but you’ve been ignoring them. Maybe you’re a person that needs it to get to an energy that you’ll take notice of and action; it could be rock bottom, a big blow-up or argument, or illness. It depends on how you let the signs show up!

It’s also a time to let go of any attachments to material possessions that no longer serve you, leading to a more simplistic healthy lifestyle. It could be something as simple as decluttering your home or removing clothes you no longer wear. On a different scale, a complete lifestyle change could be in order – this is the year of 2’s, so duality can be the year of two extremes. But allow the shifts to take place and trust that what comes is right for you to grow and evolve.

It does feel like I’ve been writing about clearing for the last 3-4 months, but that’s because we need to make way for fresh opportunities that are coming into place from October.

Conversely, September is also a month of fresh new beginnings. There are numerous methods to begin new projects, partnerships, and businesses in all areas of life; things are coming into play fast, but the key is not to get caught up. Look at one area at a time and make gradual strides forward. Consider looking at a wheel of life and beginning by up-levelling one area at a time. Things are moving faster for us as we do the inner work and now, approaching the end of September, is the time to take empowered personal action. This energy is starting to teach you to get ready to become a strong leader in your life!

Healing on the throat chakra.

Look for ways to improve your leadership skills as we get new leadership responsibilities in life. We need to be precise with our messaging! Tell others what you truly believe and how you want things to turn out. Express yourself freely and unapologetically, both inside and out!

In business, do you need a rebrand? Change your message platform. Start to tell your message with aligned values. I have been thinking about changing my business name back to Claire Gorman for a few months, and I have finally decided that the time is right, so watch this space!

Energy healing releases deep energy linked to stress and worry from the few years passed. This is showing up as stress, anger, worry, fatigue, illness, and anxiety if you are feeling this, you need to release this it’s important. Otherwise, it will come back to bite us early next year. As I am channeling this energy, I am being told to let you know that if this is you, this is a wake-up call for you to take action and be prepared! Book in with your go-to energy health healer or me.

For my healers in my community, this could be shadow energy work that needs to be cleared in you or your clients. By releasing this heavy energy, you will instantly feel lighter and back to being connected to the right frequency.

Finally, come up with a grandiose vision for your life. Now is the time to begin constructing your long-term goals! Start to make preparations for the bigger picture. Begin by reviewing how far you’ve progressed over the last ten years; do you need a reminder of your accomplishments?

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