On the night of September 29th, 2023, we were treated to a dazzling super full moon. This celestial display marked the beginning of a cosmic dance, inviting us to let go of our burdens, untangle ourselves from negative relationships, and set course for uncharted territories in our journey of destiny. We have been really feeling this energy for a few weeks now. As we step into the vibrant month of October, it’s essential to understand the powerful energies at play during this time and how they can propel us toward significant transformation.

Think of the super full moon as a radiant guiding light showing us the way forward. It encourages us to release the things that hold us back, break free from toxic relationships, and say goodbye to old patterns that no longer serve us. In essence, the universe offers us a chance to clear out the clutter of the past and make room for new beginnings—a fresh chapter in our life story.

The saying, “When one door closes, another opens,” holds true during this cosmic phase. We often find ourselves stuck, yearning for past opportunities to return. However, it’s in embracing new possibilities that we truly grow and evolve. Closed doors are not barriers; they are signposts, urging us to explore new paths that lie ahead.

In October, the Law of Compensation works alongside these cosmic energies. It’s a reminder that the effort we’ve put into our personal growth throughout the year hasn’t gone unnoticed. The challenges we face are often followed by big rewards. In this journey, trust becomes an essential quality, walking hand in hand with bravery, compassion, worthiness, grace, and mercy.

As we enter the last eclipse season of 2023, a collective exploration of our inner selves unfolds. Old deep wounds resurface, seeking healing and release. This transformative period offers a unique opportunity for personal growth. Armed with awareness, we can navigate this season of profound change, emerging with newfound clarity and strength.

Consider the alignment of planets—sun (masculine), moon (feminine), and earth—a cosmic symphony shaping our lives. This alignment brings hidden aspects of our lives into focus for evaluation and change. Whether it’s our finances, home life, health, relationships, spirituality, or career, one definite area undergoes a cosmic makeover.

Back in early 2023, I anticipated the potency of October’s energies and was made aware to offer a retreat and healing programs such as Sacred Odyssey available to support this transformative journey. The planets and energies are collaborating to bring everything to the surface for balance, clearing, and healing. It’s a time of new beginnings and heightened awareness, with old doors closing to make way for the next chapter in our cosmic journey.

As we prepare for the upcoming eclipse, in the USA you will be feeling this energy shift the most, remember that everyone will feel its intensity differently. The eclipse, revisiting us after 18 years, echoes our past experiences. What were you going through 18 years ago?

For me personally, I was just pregnant with my second child Millie. Reflecting on these time periods can help you understand the recurring themes in our lives and how we’ve grown and transformed. The energy of the super full moon and the approaching eclipse season are catalysts for significant change. Embrace the transformation, as it’s through these cosmic forces that we navigate our soul’s journey, evolving, transcending, and rewriting the story of our lives. Get ready for a shift—the cosmos beckons, and the adventure awaits.