Do you find yourself struggling, being held back by emotions like anger, despair, hopelessness, and feelings of lack of self-worth? These emotions are what we associate with Theta Healing as the 3Rs – Resentment, Regret and Rejection. When you release them, you allow yourselves to heal and open up to new possibilities. In this article, I am going to explore how to let go of the 3 Rs.


Resentment is a type of anger that is held onto with bitterness, and directed towards others in a blaming manner. It stems from underlying hurt, which a person may be reluctant to acknowledge or work through. Although this anger may seem like a shield against feelings of unworthiness and further hurt, it ultimately prevents one from experiencing intimacy, happiness, and self-acceptance. It is possible to hold onto feelings of resentment towards not only individuals but also companies or governments, for perceived injustices. However, it is important to release this resentment to feel lighter and more positive. One effective way of doing this is through Theta Healing using Core Pattern Release, which can clear feelings of resentment in just seconds. 


Many people’s fear of rejection can stem from their past experiences of being excluded or teased, which can make them feel inadequate. This fear may cause us to suppress our anger, have difficulty expressing ourselves, or conform to other people’s beliefs. Perhaps we got messages that made us feel ashamed of ourselves and discouraged us from being who we truly are. To achieve greater self-awareness and reduce reliance on external approval, consider eliminating subconscious threats. By undergoing the core pattern release technique, you can quickly let go of the fear and feelings of rejection that stem from specific individuals. This can promote long-term self-acceptance and diminish self-judgement.


It’s normal to view past difficult decisions as mistakes. However, remember that you made those choices based on your experiences and abilities at the time. Though they may have been challenging, those decisions can provide insight into your desires and give you a better understanding of yourself. Despite any regrets you may have, recognise that you did what you thought was best with the knowledge available to you at the time. You keep holding onto your regrets, replaying them over and over again while scolding yourself. Sometimes, you might think that you need to carry the burden of regret to scare yourself into making better choices in the future. However, this is untrue. Regrets are often tied to limiting fears, such as the fear that you cannot make good decisions, that you cannot make mistakes, or that good things will always go bad.

Healing Resentment, Regret and Rejection

Attending a private session with a certified practitioner, you will be guided through a meditation process that utilises Theta Healing to assist in releasing the issues you are currently facing. To improve your health and overall well-being, it’s important to release limiting beliefs and old emotions that no longer serve you. This process, known as healing, involves letting go of the 3 Rs. It may be a quick process but can lead to life-changing results.

The 3 Fears that hold us back

It can be challenging to express true emotions when we bury resentment and anger within ourselves. We may wear a happy face like a mask, hiding feelings of fear, pain, and sadness under its surface. To truly connect with ourselves and others, we must learn to remove the mask and acknowledge these hidden emotions.

  1. It seems like you’re afraid to reveal your true identity or take off this mask because people have already associated you with it.
  2. Sometimes, people wear masks to maintain peace and harmony for others, which can come from a tendency to please people.
  3. It feels easier to continue juggling everything while feeling helpless and pretending that everything is fine, rather than taking off the mask and confronting the situation. However, this just maintains the status quo and keeps us in our comfort zone.

The source of the problem may not necessarily be your possessions, but rather a complex accumulation of emotions, beliefs, and experiences passed down through generations and genetic lineage, possibly even from past lives. Addressing deep-seated grudges can have a profound impact on many aspects of your life.

But you need to find your truth, find correct alignment, and show your authentic self. You need to find a way to unlock yourself and fully express yourself, radiating and shining. Give back your power!

What are the signs or symptoms of being stuck with emotions?

When we are angry and resentful, it can make us sick. These feelings live inside us and can be hard to control. This anger has a lot of power that needs to find a way out. We need to pay attention to it because it wants attention. If it’s difficult to express your true self, you may struggle with feeling empowered. Anger is a natural emotion that can assist you in distinguishing between acceptable and unacceptable behaviours. Allowing yourself to feel angry can help you understand yourself better and establish healthy boundaries.

Work with self-love instead of having Resentment, Rejections and Regrets

Clearing the 3 Rs and negative emotions tied to rejection, resentment, and regret can help you free up a lot of energy that’s currently being spent on these issues. When these thoughts and feelings take up too much space in your brain, it can be hard to think positively. By releasing them, you can help your brain create new connections for more positive thinking.

I have experience working with clients who are facing anxiety and depression. By using the core pattern release technique, I have observed that it provides them with instant emotional relief during a Theta healing session. Combining releasing and feeling work will stimulate the brain and creates a new positive connection. I help many clients experience the sensation of positive emotions and learn how to break negative habits. Our bodies have receptors for various emotions, including both depression and happiness.

The receptor is always used to the dominant emotion that is stored there and it likes to feel that emotion constantly!

So, if the emotion is heartbreak, sadness, guilt, or shame, the cells need to feel that emotion constantly. The Theta Healing modality shows you how to release it so you can change it to a positive feeling emotion. We download you with feelings of acceptance, joy, and happiness. And if a negative situation of life shows up in life, you are aware of it but are not triggered by it anymore.

Isn’t it finally time to take accountability for your happiness and take charge of shaping your life? That feeling of freedom and striving to be the best version of yourself, while letting go of negative feelings such as resentment, envy, jealousy, or bitterness? Wouldn’t it be so enjoyable to effortlessly incorporate and elevate new positive energies into your life with grace?

Book a free 30-minute energy scan with me to gain clarity, uncover, and address the emotions that you wish to release. Together, we’ll identify the barriers that are preventing you from moving forward.

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