Tarot cards and oracle cards are fascinating tools for divination that can help you gain insight and guidance into various aspects of your life. Tarot cards are 78 cards divided into two categories: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana cards offer profound insights into our soul’s journey on Earth and reflect themes that can guide us through life. The Minor Arcana cards, on the other hand, offer specific insights into our daily experiences and are divided into four suits: swords, cups, pentacles, and wands. 

On the other hand, Oracle cards offer a more flexible, intuitive, and personalised approach to divination. Each deck has a unique theme, guide, and energy and bears a special message or image. Oracle cards can help you connect with your intuition and inner wisdom, allowing you to gain insight and guidance tailored to your needs. They offer a broader and more creative canvas for exploration, often honing in on particular aspects of life or spiritual guidance.

While tarot cards are comprehensive and time-tested, oracle cards offer a more open and versatile approach. Oracle cards are more open to interpretation than tarot cards, and the meaning can vary significantly from deck to deck. They don’t have as detailed a structure as tarot cards. If you prefer a more diverse and fluid collection of cards, you may need Oracle cards. They allow you to work more fluidly and intuitively, helping you tune into the cards.

When it comes to choosing between tarot and oracle cards, it ultimately boils down to personal preference. Tarot has a rich tradition and is an excellent option for those who prefer structure and a more comprehensive approach to divination. On the other hand, Oracle cards offer a more contemporary and personalised approach, making them an excellent option for those who prefer a more open and versatile approach to divination.

Oracle provides me with a lot of flexibility regarding the tools and resources available, allowing me to be more creative. I enjoy exploring the full range of possibilities that Oracle offers. I appreciate how it will enable me to experiment and iterate until I find the perfect solution. I feel that Oracle cards are an excellent fit for my style, and when it comes to my approach to work, I love using the Akashic Tarot cards. This unique deck is designed to help you access the wisdom and power of your Akashic Records and receive guidance from the Angels, Ascended Masters, and your Spirit family.

The Akashic Tarot is an incredibly accurate tool for predicting the future, revealing hidden insights, and unlocking new powers. Using this deck, you can connect with the profound energy and unlimited information that make up the Akashic Records – vast fields of wisdom and power that transcend time and space and are immediately available to all.

With each card, you will tap into a powerful Akashic Force and open yourself up to the psychic currents that are constantly flowing between you and the Akashic Realm. The Akashic Tarot deck will transport you to the Great Hall of Records, where you can find the answers you seek. You can use it to attract your greatest love, uncover your most profound mystical histories, and tap into your innermost power. 

This Tarot deck can also reveal ancient and new talents, unexpected victories, imminent rendezvous, unmet allies, and the steps to untold prosperity. It can also open you up to your spirit guides, Ascended Masters, angels, and loved ones in spirit. With the turn of a card, you can enter the Akashic World!

One of my favourite oracle card decks is the “Soul’s Journey” deck. This deck is enchanting and insightful, as it contains 44 cards that offer soulful wisdom and guidance from my higher self. By performing a “soul spread” with these cards, I can receive celestial direction and understand the lessons that my soul is currently being taught. 

The deck was designed by James Van Praagh, who has 30 years of experience in spiritual communication and counselling. I especially appreciate the accompanying guidebook, which provides insights into various life lessons, including Forgiveness, Empathy, and Surrender, and offers advice on using these lessons for my soul’s optimal growth and evolution. 

Using the “Soul’s Journey” oracle cards has helped me make better decisions and discover how to live as a spiritual being in the physical world. Whatever your choice, tarot and oracle cards are potent tools for divination that can provide valuable guidance and insight into various aspects of your life. Whether you prefer a structured or flexible approach, thousands of decks are available to assist you in accessing your intuition and inner wisdom.

So, pick the deck that resonates with you and start exploring the mysteries of the universe!