This first eclipse season is a rare one; we’re going to have six weeks of letting go, clearing, uplevelling, evolving, ground in new frequencies, and transforming all those changing energies in a very short space of time. The first eclipse starts on the 20-21st April, depending on where you are in the world.

Leading up to the eclipse, I have found that we are healing old programs, paradigms, and limiting beliefs; however, what I have found working with my clients is that the karmic patterns and negative parallel lives have been showing up and ready to heal since Pluto went into Aquarius a few weeks ago.

Speaking to Stephanie Johnson, who is a leading global astrologer and also a good friend, she confirmed that this was quite an on-point for everyone and she wasn’t surprised that this is the type of work I am doing presently. So, really since Pluto moved into Aquarius, it’s a time when we are encouraged to be looking at clearing away what no longer serves us.

Let’s start preparing strong foundations for where we are going and what we are moving into. What is serving you now from a higher soul standard? This year is the seventh year of numerology, where soul and intuition meet together and come into the body, and you start to make decisions from the soul and a higher perspective and make decisions from the heart rather than head (ego).

This is the first eclipse as of 2023 and it’s very key, having an important role for us all in this seven-year number.

This first strong shift over the next 6 weeks is helping us to cleanse and declutter; actually, it could be undertaking things like spring cleaning your home, decluttering your environment, and even reassessing your friendship and relationship circles. I know I spent the day pretty much giving the house a good cleanse and smudging inside and outside of the home.

You may be feeling that you are letting energies release old stagnant emotions in the form of sadness, guilt, and shame, which are all low-level vibrations. So, what could have been happening is triggers may have been happening for you to become aware of. Now is the time to work through and release them.

This is not the time to just keep burying things; this is a time to face it. Heal it, transform it, and elevate from it. No more hiding, no more pushing those emotions deep. You may have been feeling unwell; illnesses could have come up. I know I have worked with a few clients who have had to release some really tough things in the last few weeks. Together we have faced it, we have cleared it, and we are moving on. Think of this eclipse season as a way to raise your consciousness and vibration to the next level. Take advantage of the energies and frequencies that are open and available for us; ride with them.

So, the karmic patterns that could be showing up for you may be limiting beliefs, understanding what you need to change, what you need to energetically cleanse and clear, and by the end of the season, on May 21st.

I am offering a live energy healing and clearing session for my holistic spiritual community to support you during this time. I will work to bring you back into balance and alignment, but please note that I will be channelling the healing without a predetermined plan. This approach allows me to go with the flow and deliver a unique experience. The evening ahead is expected to be powerful, and I’m honoured to be part of this collective journey. If you’re not currently a member of my community but would like to participate, click the link to join this community for free.

Also, what’s been coming up in the collective is;

  • Karmic parallel lives complete
  • Soul contracts
  • Healing old wounds, for example, gift wounds, neglected wounds
  • Letting relationships in your life go, that you are not aligned with anymore

As the six-week eclipse season comes to an end, you will become increasingly aware and receive more signs, inspiration, guidance, clarity, and direction as to where you should be heading. This is an exciting time! However, it’s important to let go quickly and make consistent progress every day to move forward.

The eclipse season finishes on May 21st, and now you are growing and becoming more like your true self as a soul. You value yourself more, and your commitment to your principles is helping you align with your purpose. Remember to reach out, and if I can support you in your healing journey, please get in touch.

Wishing you a beautiful and powerful journey ahead.