Elevate Your Life – using the Sacred Star™ technique. 

Sacred Star™ is an exclusive embodiment modality that creates profound and lasting change.

Internationally recognised for it’s empowerment system towards total female transformation and liberation.

Claire is a certified, licensed, and internationally accreadited with using the Sacred Star™ technique. 


“When you add energy healing at the highest level of expertise, women experiance deep awakening, embodiment, and empowerment, the impact is truly revolutionary. You will free yourself from any blocks or emotions that might be stored so you can open yourself up to having everything you need to take yourself to the next level with more happiness, love, wellness, and prosperity.” – Claire Gorman




Elevate Your Life

You’re probably reading this because you’re one of the many women who feel like they never have enough time or energy to go to he next level in life!

You long for some inner peace, but you can’t seem to find it anywhere. Your stress levels are high that you’re about to explode!

You have illness in the body, headaches, back and neck issues, and feeling overwhelmed, anxity, stressed, and tired.

Somedays, you may just want to hide from the world and stay in bed!

The first step is to let go of the mindset that you don’t have time to make yourself a number one priority!

Sometimes we need some extra support and guidance to find our inner balance and get back into alignment, which I help you with within my powerful guided 60-minute Elevate Energy Sessions.

The best part is that all of these healing & energy-clearing sessions are activated and ready for rapid change.

I believe we all deserve to live a happy, fulfilling, energetic, joyful life!

We all can heal anything if we set our minds to it. Energy Clearing & deep relaxing meditation is one of the first areas where you can make changes for the better.

If you’re weighed down with life, or need a greater sense of vibrancy, then Elevate Sessions can help you with:

  • Removing built up emotional stress leading to fatigue.
  • Healing self worth issues.
  • Clearing the body and gaining clarity, direction and guidance over your future.
  • Claiming back your inner and outer confidence.
  • Gain more energy to help you with career & personal life transitions.
  • Creating deep connections with your body leading to ultimate self love and acceptance.
  •  Abundance in health and wellness.
  • Helping you to connect to your inner gudance.
  • Tap into the feminine flow with ease and grace making life flow in alignment.
  • Body wispering, listen to the messages that your body is always talking to you.
  • Heal the past, to be free to move forward to a positive future.





    How The Elevate Meditation & Energy Clearing Sessions Work

    This is Ideal for the woman that needs to release stress, resentments, anxiety, sadness and worry and move into serenity, joy acceptance and inner peace and calm.

    3 x 60 mins Intuitive Bespoke Guided Energy Clearing Meditions Sessions, working on releasing stuck energy from the body which is holding you back.

    What’s included in the 3 session offering: $450 + GST

    • 1 x 30 mins Clarity Call to discuss what is going on intuitively for you
    • 3 x 60 mins Live Energy Clearing Sessions via Zoom
    • Complimentary guided meditation to support your transformation.
    • To be used within 3 Months or sooner depending on the issue.
    • Option to purchase extra digital Energy Healings.


    Once you have clicked the button below you will be taken to a booking page to book your 30 minuite Clarity call.

    Ready to take action, the button below will ask you to book and pay for your 3 sessions. At the same time you will be asked to book your first Elevate your Life Energy Clearing appointment.

    What happens during a session?

    A guided 60 minute live meditation session via zoom in the comfort of your home, will to put you into a relaxing peaceful safe space where your journey will begin.

    Claire will read your energy feild and discover what blocks are presently keeping you stuck.

    Claire then uses her skills as a intuitive channel to remove energy blocks and improve the flow of energy through your mind, body and spirit.

    The goal is to help you gain clarity, feel lighter and at peace and raise your energy consiousness to a elevated state of wellbeing.

    Benefits of regular energy meditations.

    • Improve self-esteem and self-awareness
    • Better focus and concentration
    • Reduce stress
    • Manage anxiety or depression
    • Fight addiction
    • Control pain
    • Make you more kind or loving
    • You’ll get a mood boost
    • You can retrain your thoughts
    • Good for your heart, lowers blood pressure
    • Break bad habits, helps with brain fog, helps with anger
    • Help you relax and de stress sleep better helps with insomnia, and much more

    These sessions are for you,if:

    •  You are ready to step out of your stuck energy  and turn up the vibrancy dial in your life.
    • You are open and willing to explore your body and connect to it.
    • You are open to intuitive self-discovery.
    •  You are willing to put in the time.
    • You are willing to explore your surroundings with curiosity and wonder.
    •  You are looking for more fun, excitement and JOY.
    • You are ready for a energy CHANGE.
    • You value self-actualization and growth.
    • You are interested in all things spiritual, meditation, crystals, yoga and wellbeing.
    • You want to create more get up and go mindset.
    • You feel stuck, you want change but need help and clarity about what holds you back energetically.

    These sessions are Not for you,if:

    • You’re content playing small or thinking your current state of energy will get you health and wellbeing abundant life you want.
    • This is energy clearing sessions, not mindset reprograming.
    • This is not an option if you’re looking to get more minsdet healings. During your pre call we will discuss your best options.
    • You’re playing the blame game and are unwilling to take 100% responsibility for your life.
    • You’re not 100% committed to becoming the best version of yourself.
    • You’re looking for low budget meditations or healings, I offer low cost pre recorded meditations in my store.



    “Your Meditation last night was great!” -Tanya


    “WOW- The activation was like a surge of energy being plugged into me!” – Dawn


    “Things are fantastic today, I slept a lot last night and cleared a lot of stuff; this morning, I have woken up feeling like I can go back to work!” – Debbie


    “I had an Elevate Meditation last week, and it was AMAZING!! I was getting great messages, and it was beautiful! I’m now looking forward to doing the Manifesting Meditation!” – Pina

    “Claire’s elevate meditations have grounded me during some really tough times. They have created calm in chaos and allowed healing. I would recommend to anyone who wants to do some inner work to create peace and calm in their life.”
    - Debbie Laporte

    “I had heard about Claire and her Energy Healing and wondered if it would have an impact on me. With an open mind, I attended a session with Claire. I was blown away by the meditative state that I went into and throughout my appointment, I laughed, and I cried and I allowed Claire to work her magic. And did she weave that magic!
    I have big goals to achieve this year and I wanted to set myself up for the year, which was part of the reason I decided to work with Claire. I will continue working with Claire, apart from anything else, it was a beautiful form of self care for me. Having said that, I know that the work I do with Claire will have long lasting results for my business, thank you Claire, you are amazing!”
    - Emma McQueen

    , Director - Emma McQueen Leadership & Business Coaching

    After my first session with Claire, I felt lighter, yet empowered!
    I was able to connect with Claire on such a deep level. Her intuition and guidance are outstanding. By being open-minded and allowing Claire in, has provided me with massive shifts and growth, both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone seeking self-improvement, self-awareness, general healing and genuine progress in both a personal and professional setting.”

    - Rebecca Kartel

    The Kartel Solution