In a world that prizes logic and rationality, it’s easy to dismiss the power of intuition. However, intuition is a major important part of who we are as human beings, and learning to connect with it can lead to a life filled with passion and purpose. In this blog post, we’ll explore the rise of feminine energy over the last few years and why this year connecting to our intuition can help us achieve our ultimate happiness.

The rise of feminine energy is a concept that has gained popularity in recent years and for good reason. We live in a world that values masculine traits such as competition, aggression, and logical hustle and grind over the feminine, which represents a shift towards more nurturing, intuitive, and compassionate qualities. By tapping into our natural abilities of intuition, we are tapping into our feminine energy and opening ourselves up to new possibilities of creating a lifestyle on our own terms.

So how do we tap into our intuition? It starts by learning to listen to our inner voice. This can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths and tuning into how we’re feeling in the present moment. Our intuition often speaks to us through our positive feelings and emotions, so paying attention to how our body is reacting can provide clues as to what our intuition is telling us.

Once we’ve learned to listen to our intuition, the next step is trusting it. It can be scary to make decisions based on a feeling rather than cold, hard facts. However, our intuition tends to come from a deeper place within us, and it’s often a more accurate guide than our logical minds. Learning to follow our intuition can lead to more authentic and fulfilling experiences in our lives. I often assist clients in understanding the distinction between the voices they hear and their body’s guidance. Trusting this guidance is crucial, and sometimes people require support at the beginning of their journey.’

The last step in connecting with our intuition is nurturing it. Our intuition needs to be taken care of for us to get the best out of it. This could mean setting aside time each day to meditate or journal, or it could even mean taking regular breaks away from technology so that we can tune into the right frequency like dialling into the right radio station. Whatever it is, nurturing our intuition can help us access our deepest desires and live a life with passion and purpose, but like anything, it takes skill and practice to keep developing that intuitive muscle. When I first started, I was not sure of the messages and I would keep asking, “Show me clearer. Show me another way. What does this mean?” The one thing I will always advise is to ask questions like in school; keep asking, and be that annoying student who asks and asks until you get a clear picture and understand. What this does is develop a really good intuitive library for you to accelerate your intuitive skills.

By asking for alternative ways you will develop a way of opening up all your Psychic skills On How To Develop The 4 ‘Clairs’ Of Intuition

  • Clairaudience (hearing voices)
  • Clairvoyance (seeing images)
  • Clairsentience (recognizing feelings)
  • Claircognizance (knowing)


Clairaudient messages sound like someone talking in my mind. This voice will never be harsh or tormenting (unlike voices that people who have certain psychological conditions, severe hormone imbalances, or vitamin and mineral deficiencies can hear). The tone of this voice is almost always the same: even and calm.

To improve your clairaudience, you can work with an intuitive coach or read more about intuition from books. You can also practise grounding and shielding yourself on a daily basis, which will help protect you from any voices that are not coming from your intuition.


Clairvoyance is when one receives information in the form of pictures or images. This can range from a specific person to an entire scene with objects in it. Some people use the term “clairvoyant” interchangeably with “psychic,” however, clairvoyance is just one of the four “Clairs” that psychics possess. My clairvoyant messages, which arrive as an image or scene in my mind, are usually like watching a movie at the IMAX.

To develop clairvoyance, pay attention to any sudden mental images as they could be intuitive messages. It’s important to be patient as developing intuition takes time.


The most common of the four claims is clairsentience, which involves receiving messages as a feeling. This is also the superpower of empaths and sensitive people, and many children have this skill too.

This includes reading the emotions of others, sensing the collective energy of a room, and relying on gut instincts. I can assess a client’s energy level before speaking with them. I can determine if they are bubbly, serious, outgoing, highly intellectual, or nurturing. If the message I give them gives me chills, it means they must hear this guidance.

Sometimes, I experience physical sensations related to my client’s ailments before or during our call.

If the client recently underwent surgery, I may experience a brief feeling in that same area. Similarly, if the client experiences digestive issues, I may feel a sensation in my stomach. Additionally, if the client’s throat chakra is blocked (which is connected to our ability to express emotions), my own throat may briefly feel tighter or I cough  during our session.

To develop clairsentience, start by keeping a journal and writing down any strong intuitive feelings you experience. By doing this consistently over a few weeks or months, you will become more aware of these clairsentient messages and start recognizing them more easily.


How can I determine if my client is struggling with subconscious obstacles or past emotional trauma that may be limiting their progress, or quickly understand complex dynamics between the client and others in their life?

The ability to instantly receive information from our intuition is known as claircognizance. It’s similar to quickly downloading a large file to a computer’s hard drive, but in this case, it happens to a human brain within seconds. Our intuition has a remarkably strong connection, eliminating the need to wait patiently for the information to arrive.

To improve your ability to intuitively know things, try asking your intuition for solutions when faced with a problem that your logical mind can’t solve, or when you need to find the quickest way to finish a task. You can ask your intuition for the answer. Another option is to set an intention before bed that you’ll wake up with the guidance or information you need to solve a problem. Your intuition is always attentive and can offer valuable insights.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that tapping into our intuition is a practice. It’s not something that happens overnight, but rather something that requires consistent effort and attention. The more we listen to our inner voice, the more we’ll start to recognise its patterns and nuances. We’ll learn to distinguish between our intuition and our fears, and we’ll be able to make decisions that align with our truest selves.

I believe connecting and understanding our intuition is a powerful self-awareness tool for unlocking our ultimate happiness and living a life with passion and purpose. By tapping into our feminine energy and listening to our inner voice, we can make more authentic and fulfilling choices in our lives. Whether we’re navigating a major life change or simply figuring out what feels true in the present moment, our intuition is there to guide us towards our highest good. So take a deep breath, tune out the noise, and listen to the whispers of your intuition. Your ultimate happiness is waiting for you. 

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