What’s happening this year within the energies around 2022, which totals a six number, which is feminine energy number, the ‘year of the feminine.’

Over the last few days, I am back coaching with clients; we have talked about what will happen this year in their business and how this affects our personal lives.

It came to me that it’d be wise not to waste precious time in coaching sessions but to communicate this to you and that you would like to know some of this information.

What’s happening in 2022. 

This is something that I’ve been looking into over the last few weeks. I’ve been working on myself as I usually do. I’ve been researching the messages coming through. I’ve put together for you what will happen this year in this blog. 

Firstly, let me share this with you it’s all about feminine energy. It’s about the rise in feminine energy women are going to feel this calling energy to step out and be seen. 

Feminine is all about receiving & masculine is more giving.

So what does that mean? We are born with both energy forms. We have masculine, and we have Feminine. Some of us can be more feminine or masculine. Still, we can switch between the two and use our intuition to work them to our advantage.

Feminine energy is all about receiving. So if you are really into manifesting and things like that, you need to contact and have it in your energy field. 

(Aura) and contain it in the body.

Masculine energy is the hunter. It’s about being driven, focused, and the go-getter in life.
You’re probably thinking, OK, I might be more dominant in one of the energies. I know I’ve been more in feminine energy at a particular time throughout my life. Then I’d be more masculine at times, depending on what was happening in my life at the time.

You can see that I’m sitting more in my feminine energy at this moment in time. Even by looking at me, my hair is longer. It’s a lighter shade, softer, and more natural. There was a definite reason I have changed my image in the last couple of years. I needed and wanted to be more approachable. Several years ago, my hair was cut very short and nearly black. I even had the shaved off a piece at the side. As my career was changing, I was transforming personally inside and out. My image needed to portray this new version of me.

This year also is about a relationship. It’s all about connecting with compassion through thoughtful relationships.
Now some of you might find that you might change friendship groups, even life partners; I don’t know what will happen for you without consultation or a coaching session. 

“This year, there is a definite possibility new’s relationships are going to come in, and you’re going to release some of the old that is perfectly normal.”

You might have already felt like some of your relationships have changed over the last couple of years. Still, if you have changed relationships this year, you’ll find where you make way with the old; the new comes in. And that is precisely what is meant to happen this year. And I must say that to you so that you don’t start panicking. Good relationships are coming through old relationships that no longer serve are released.

Let’s talk values. 

So looking at your values, what’s essential in your life, and live authentically in those values, what is important to you, how you value yourself, and your self-worth. This year, this will be big for us going back to the connection friendships relationship. What do you love? What is important to you? These questions will keep coming up.

I am unique, and I have to be ME!

For a long time over my life, I struggled with that. I constantly was dimming to fit in with people to be part of a group. It wasn’t until I realised and accepted my uniqueness that it gave me inner peace and was a gift and one of the top values I live by. So it’s an authentic year, and it’s showing us who we indeed are here to be. Unique and authentic.

Doing the inner work shows on the outside. 

So January, it’s quite an exciting month. I’ve personally been doing a lot of inner work over the Christmas period. I’m getting ready to uplevel this year. I’m working on, money mindset and abundance preparing for my course that will happen at some point early mid-year.

So I’m taking this next level. I thought, January, I’ll be back all guns blazing, but I’m sitting quietly and reflecting; ( more in this feminine energy space.) I’m going over things. I’m looking at my self-love program, which I produced last year. How can I tweak that? How can I make it better? What are my packages and programs going to be this year? Who am I working with? Who are my private clients? I’m also going through a bit of a mini rebrand at the moment. So once again, I’m leveling up and creating some changes. 

Balance and harmony in 2022

It’s interesting because in my group program last year, some women said they wanted more balance in their lives in 2022. They’ve picked up on what’s coming through to focus on thought this year this year. So unity, balance, and harmony will be personal for you this year.

In January, what we do will set us up for the rest of the year. 

January is a bit of a funny month; I’m picking up that January could be quiet for you. You may be getting over some illnesses and forced to take rest; this will give you time to reflect and refocus. Sometimes illnesses come to make us slow down! They’re making a slow down to reconnect. 

“Make January a time to do inner work and put solid foundations in place. That will pay dividends towards the end of the year.”

If you all go, go, go this January, keep going with it!! 

It’s what you feel called to do. What’s in alignment, and what’s right for you. So we’ve either feeling we need to be slow, doing the internal work, working everything out. Or feeling drive and passion.

Masculine drive or Feminine receiving rest internal knowledge and guidance.

Remember, you’re in the correct energies, as long as it makes you happy and feels right. So if you’re going, go, go, go, but you feel ill and want rest. It would help if you were in the other energy camp.

As I have said earlier, intense feminine energy here this year, it’s all about receiving. You could be receiving the most random things, and you think I will manifest X, Y, Z . But you might end up with ABC. 

You’ve got ABC because that’s what the universe wants to give you. This is because your most significant growth will be here. That’s where your development is. And that’s the path that you’re meant to be on. 

Spiritual Awakenings 

I had my massive awakening in 2020. And that is because I needed to be at this place now to help you go through the transition. Some of you reading this blog will also have awakenings this year. How exciting!

Now, you’re either going to surrender & go with it. Great! or it’s going to feel like you are walking on shaky ground. The energies of this year are pretty rugged. Last year was rocky. This is shaky, spinning around, up and down. But I don’t want you to freak out over this! I’m just preparing you. Go back to my point on doing the inner work!

The spiritual awakenings will come in different ways, very unique and individual. There might be big awakenings for some or slight upgrades to the already awakened. It depends where you are on your spiritual development and spiritual journey. 

Don’t resist the changes. You can’t fight this stuff. 

If you fight it, you’re going to get anxious, worried, or stressed. You find yourself spinning around in that energy, that negative energy of nothing’s working, until you finally figure that things need to change. You accept it and move forward. The last two years have been teaching us this.

Life comes to you, and sometimes you get to the point that you need to surrender and go with it. And this year, that is going to happen for some of us, learning to surrender and receive. 

I once again had a giggle because, when I looked back to last year and said to myself, What am I supposed to be doing, how am I to be of service? My three signature programs came to light.

So the first one was my self-love program. And I am now sitting here in January, discussing the rise of the Feminine. It fits very authentically with the self-love program. All my programs, hand on heart, are divinely guided. So that’s why self-love was born to really help women transition this year. A lot of women are really going to look at themselves and actually get to a point in their lives where they think I don’t want to feel like that about myself anymore. I’ve had enough, and I’m drawing a line in the sand. All right. If that’s you, you are for my self-love program.

The peaks and troughs, highs and lows of the year.

Unfortunately, that’s what will happen, and it is taking command of your life and having the courage—taking control of having the courage with a strong focus on leadership skills. With the rise of these feminine energies, you’re going to see a lot more powerful women standing forward and claiming their place. It will be exciting to see what happens towards this year’s end starting around October onwards. But the back end of the year is stepping forward and claiming this leadership position in your life. Still, please do the inner work on yourself this first part of 2022 to transition smoothly towards the end of 22, helping with peaks and troughs, taking command, and finding your courage. You’ve found out your values what’s important. You’re trying to create balance and harmony, and unity. And by the end of the year, you’re ready to be the leader of your life. So whether that’s business, whether that’s personal, you know, this is the journey this year will be unique to you.

If you’ve done the inner work, your year will be a lot smoother transition. So 

  • You’ve made some of the changes that needed to be made. 
  • You’re connected to your values. 
  • You’re taking command and taking courage. 
  • You’re looking at the new version of yourself! 

Fabulous, well done you!

Then you can now look to focus on the second part of the year, which is rebirthing you and showing the world who you are. Did you experience any forms of transformations last year?

Then we’ve got this spiritual awakening happening.

If this is you, you will start looking at yourself in a different light, but also, what’s going to come through this year is Sacred information. 

Spirituality is to become more mainstream and widely accepted.  

The second program shown to me mid-last year is to help people connect. I’m a connector. And the reason why I know I’m a connector is because I have helped a lot of souls over the last 18 months working with them. And I’ve helped many healers to strengthen their spiritual connection too. This program supports you in your pathway starting on 7th February 2022.

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In the second part of this year, let’s talk about that.
The second part of the year is more looking at rebirthing You!

Communication skills come through strongly.

As I said, it’s the rise of the Feminine, and it’s about taking command and having courage. It might not be taking massive control like becoming CEO of some huge company. But it could be that you’re taking the power of your life. You’re taking command of your voice. You’re going to be heard, and it will trigger some of you that you need to step into your courage. So courage is something that we can learn. It’s a life lesson to find our courage.

October Onwards 

So the masculine energy kicks in during this time, and it starts to pull everything we have learned throughout the year and push us forward in active motion. This is where the leadership side of things is now beginning to come into play. 

We, women, are here to be seen. 

This is a prominent focus for us this year. You possibly may feel like you are being pushed and pulled forward like an energetic force and full speed! Or you’re just going to flow into a type of leadership role gracefully; however it happens, trust it’s right for you.

I know I am feeling this effect now, even at the start of this year.

We must be looking at being authentic, standing in our truth. What our values are. Some of us will struggle to find our voice, be seen and heard, make sure we communicate the right messages and find the courage to speak up. But by coming back to the heart center and thinking, What is authentic in me? What do I value?. Remember, we are all unique. We’re not like anybody else.

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” -Jim Rohn
This year will be a great transition for many of us as we move through 2022. For me, it’s been exciting listening to my clients ready to grow and flourish! It has also been fun discussing their plans for this upcoming 12-month period.

So I’m glad that I can share some information with you before they happen – because who knows? Maybe things are happening now where YOU could use all sorts of support (and guidance).

The year ahead is yours to create.

Why are you here? What do you want out of life? And what’s important to you. If not, every day will pass by with no meaning or significance. So choose your year ahead! And then write that into a dream board, a vision board, or a goal list for you.

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