Mercury retrograde is a phenomenon that occurs three times a year. The scientific explanation is, it happens when Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, appears to be moving backward in the sky. It’s an illusion caused by how fast Mercury travels around the sun and how fast Earth rotates on its axis. You can think of it like two people walking on a track at different speeds: they will appear to walk in opposite directions from one another even though they’re moving forwards at their own pace.

The Astrology of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is a term used by astrologers to describe this occurrence in which Mercury appears to move backward in the sky. It’s not the same as stationary, which means that it appears to stop its forward motion for a short period. As with all prominent astrological events, there are many explanations for what causes Mercury Retrograde and how it affects your life.

Mercury in Retrograde in 2023

In 2023, Mercury Retrograde takes place on the following dates:

  • December 28, 2022, to January 18, 2023
  • April 21 to May 14
  • August 23 to September 14
  • December 13 to January 1, 2024

The ruler of communication – Winged messenger of the Gods

Aspects of life appear to slow down or be disrupted, such as emails, media, social media, contracts, connections, travel, transport, and phones. Technology can break down; Many people think that retrograde is the enemy, but you can use Mercury Retrograde as your ally. In the collective, we hear that retrograde can cause communication and travel plans to go astray; I believe that’s because one is supposed to stay still and look at it from a different perspective.

If you are signing any type of contract, make sure you have a highly recommended experienced lawyer overseeing the smaller details as we can overlook things. It is also wise to take your time understanding all the terms and conditions of any agreement.

Mercury Retrograde in 2023 offers a unique opportunity for each sign of the zodiac, to review and reflect on how they communicate. It can be used as a powerful reset button, allowing you to step back from your ordinary lives and look at things from a different perspective. During Mercury Retrograde, it’s important to be mindful and patient with yourself and those around you. In the same way that you use technology, you need to tune into your inner technology as well, trusting in your instincts and gut feelings.

It is also wise to look at any area of life that needs improvement or reform. Review to see what could be improved, and where actions can be taken. It’s important to remember that Retrograde is not always negative; it can also be an opportunity for growth and transformation. These are the times when you can make the most progress if you take advantage of this cosmic energy. Allowing yourself to take a step back and reassess things can be beneficial in the long run. This year, I urge you to make the most of retrograde and reflect on your health and well-being. Health and well-being are highly influential in your life this year, so taking a step back and reflecting on your current situation can lead to amazing insights.

A good declutter is recommended during this time frame and energy clearing your space will benefit you: I have a good guide you can download it here.

I look at Mercury Retrograde like a big energetic magnet, you are being pulled or held back to bring awareness to old life patterns you need to release. Mercury Retrograde is a perfect time for you to do a big energetic decluttering.

Dreams can be strong during this time, as it is a way where you experience slow and deep sleeps, and your subconscious mind will show you images and situations that you need to go back over, clear, heal and change. Having healing sessions are ideal during retrograde.

When others from your past show up in your life, it’s because you’re being asked to go back over old grounds. That you need to be healed, or energies need to be shifted in order for you to move forward. You may also find yourself repeating similar life lessons with other people, so it is important to look at the bigger picture. How is this happening FOR ME rather than how is this happening TO ME? Mercury Retrograde is allowing you to amend and release.

After a retrograde taking action

Harness the opportunities that come with a retrograde to make bold and meaningful changes in your life. Use this time of introspection to make amends, refocus, and then, after a retrograde, use the energies available to you during this next stage period as an impetus for growth.

My clients love to do Quantum Jumps with me after a retrograde to experience massive shifts in awareness and gain confidence to level up. A quantum jump experience is a half-day event that will open up your intuition, and we tailor the experience specifically to what awareness and insight you desire for your future business plan. With my intuitive and empowered healing skills, we access your Business Akashic Records and personal timelines to heal any self-doubt, fears, and worries. By this end, you will have newfound confidence and clarity to pursue your passions and achieve limitless success in both aspects of your life. You will know what actions to take to create a bright future for yourself and manifest what you desire.

And finally….

Steph Johnson has a great explanation on her podcast: Episode 31 – The Positive Side to Mercury Retrograde. I highly recommend that you listen to it; she gives some great value in her shows.

In this episode, Stephanie Johnson speaks about the positive side of Mercury Retrograde, including:

  • Mercury and what it means;
  • What NOT to do during Mercury Retrograde, and
  • What you can do when Mercury goes into Retrograde.

Did you know that Mercury is the Trickster? And, that Mercury is all about connections and communication?

There is a positive side to Mercury Retrograde and in today’s show, Stephanie is going to dive a little deeper into what that is. Listen here