We all have them! We have them to keep us safe!

Limiting beliefs don’t generally exist by themselves; they’re usually connected to a negative emotion. The first step is to find the root story that gave rise to the limiting belief. This can be done by digging through layers of old stories that we believe to be true, that also has a connection to some form of emotion or feeling, this allows us to reveal the bottom belief that hold all other programs in place. Pull out the root and all other beliefs release.


Limiting beliefs are the brain’s way of coping with the world around us, based on the information that has been available to us at that moment. Most limiting beliefs are not necessarily rational or logical, but they have a vital emotional component. This means the only way to change the limiting belief is to heal the underlying negative feeling attached to it and replace them with a positive one.

The Healing sessions works by using intuition to find our subconscious limiting belief, allowing us to release the emotional charge associated with the feeling. Hence, it no longer has power over you.

We start a session by identifying the goal you’re trying to achieve.

I ask you questions like, “What am I avoiding?” We discuss the first answer that comes to your mind, whether it seems related or not.

The next layer of the discovery of the limiting belief will give us the information you need. We can then address the root cause with muscle testing and finish by releasing the limiting belief’s emotional charge so the subconscious mind no longer resists the goal.

You’ll be able to achieve the goal with ease once the block is removed!

We Muscle test the belief to see if it’s true

Muscle Testing Muscle testing is a technique used during sessions. It requires the client and practitioner to agree on a sentence or phrase that will describe what the client wants, and the practitioner will muscle test the client to determine the answer.

Muscle testing allows us to check whether the current set of beliefs is aligned or not. If a muscle test shows the belief as accurate, the healer can focus on the root emotions to remove the negative charge.

For example, the practitioner might say the trigger phrase “I am worthy,” and the client would respond a certain way in their body. This is because the subconscious mind believes what you are saying. The sentence will trigger the body and mind, and the client will move in a direction to show if you have the belief stored.

We always heal the underlying negative emotions and replace them with positive ones. Replace the limiting belief with the feelings and positive thoughts you desire. Since the subconscious mind only knows its views, you will be able to program the new emotions into the subconscious mind by repeating the sentence describing the new belief.

You can also ask the subconscious mind to help you find the perfect feeling and emotion to achieve your goal.

It’s not always easy to find the root emotion behind the limiting belief. By booking a session with a certified practitioner is your best option, the theta healer will pinpoint the root emotion,

“the subconscious mind loves to hide the limiting belief.”

Time to recharge the batteries! Once the limiting beliefs are cleared, it’s essential to re-energise your batteries so you can work toward your goals with ease. By enhancing your energy levels you will have the feeling of empowerment to get moving towards taking action!

Finally, You have the power and you have permission  to change your beliefs that hold you back. The process of releasing allows us to replace negative self talk with positive ones and open the door for a new version of ourselves, one that is free to the attainment of the goals we’ve always wanted.

Now that you know the steps, what are you waiting for? Let’s Get you started!


Much Love