You may have heard the term ‘grounding’, or an alternative word used is ‘earthing’. Grounding basically refers to you connecting with the earth’s surface, by walking barefoot outside or sitting, working or sleeping with a conductive system that enables you to be connected with the ground.

It’s said that grounding helps you break free from negative energies or feelings, or even the releasing of others’ emotions that you may be carrying. 

For those who are empaths or sensitive, it can make them feel like they have an illness or even a curse that they hold other people’s emotions, but I reframe it as a superpower! You just need to understand how to use this gift. In this article, I will help you understand the importance of grounding and how it can have a massive positive impact on your health and wellbeing

We are all very familiar with the feeling of entering a room where something feels off. If we spend time around people who have negative energy, whether that be sadness or anger, it is not long before their emotions start rubbing off on us as well. Perhaps a close friend has shared some upsetting news with you and days after, you are still having the worries of them on your shoulders, and they seem fine. If that is you, you will love this article so please keep reading on….. 

Empaths and sensitive souls have always been among us, and yes, I too am that type of person. In my previous career as a hairdresser, I would take on all the emotions of my clients as they told me and shared everything going on in their lives. It was a blessing but also an unhealthy way to live. How did I overcome taking on the energies of others? Well, understanding what was happening with awareness was the start of a beautiful journey of self-discovery for me. But you are not here to read about my journey; you’re here to read this to gain insight into how I can help you.

Firstly, if you feel you have been in an environment or situation where you are feeling less than good about yourself or you are having a negative internal dialogue, you need to release this and one way is to journal and do a brain dump on paper to get those words, feeling and emotions out. You need to clear that energy out of you every single last drop, now you may want to do it in one go but if you are a soul that takes on a lot I coach my clients in journaling each day.

Secondly, grounding yourself is a great way to help release emotions. Grounding yourself is the term used to get out into a natural environment. The Earth has an electromagnetic field, and you need to be connecting with it pronto! This helps with physical healing, reduces stress, overwhelming emotions, depression, and anxiety. The best part, it’s free.

So, get out in nature with your bare feet on the ground and connect to this earth’s energy field to recalibrate you. Your body needs to release the positive ions that are built up within you and replace them with negative ions.

When you have too many positive ions, you cannot clear your own electromagnetic field. Water is also full of negative ions, so standing in the beach sea water, or a river will rebalance you.

Connect with nature and the trees around you as they pull the negative energy and absorb it, replacing it with positive energy. One of my favourite grounding activities is to be near the trees, which is why I love where I live now as I’m surrounded with beautiful big trees. My home is situated on the back of nature reserve and I sit in my office looking out at the trees in front of me. This is so important for me in my practice to enable me in holding space for my healing clients and I send that old energy away.

By grounding yourself, you will see positive results in your own feelings and emotions to aid weight loss. Yes, that’s right!

As I know, a lot of my clients reach for food and alcohol to find inner balance and try to recalibrate that way, but unfortunately what happens is it’s covering up what is really going on, not releasing.

This is key advice for children, too, as we are finding that many children are natural empaths and sensitives like ourselves, but we have learned to hide it. But time soon catches up with us; what I have found is that when I work with a lot of my private clients, they are at a point where their health is not in a good place; this overload is starting to create burnout. For myself, my own health was the catalyst for me learning more about empaths, and taking action on how to improve my own self-care journey.

To wrap up, it’s always so important to understand that you are all gifted with a superpower called empathy, but this superpower can be both a blessing and a curse if not managed correctly. Grounding yourself is an essential tool for protecting your emotional boundaries and helping you stay connected to your truth. It’s an ongoing practice, but I promise you when you manage your energy levels your sense of wellbeing will increase. 

If you would like further one on one coaching around this topic or any others, please feel free to get in touch. I am here to help.

Claire Gorman