Akashic Records Consultation

Soul of Origin

Immerse yourself in an introductory reading inside your original ‘Book of life’ This consultation will illuminate the origins of your Soul, unveiling the planet of your earliest incarnation and the profound impacts that occur on your present life. Through this explanation, you will discover more about your multidimensional self and gain insights into the cosmic ancestry that shapes your Soul’s purpose and destiny.


‘My Love of Using the Akashic Records’

To Reclaim Your Personal Power: Heal the Past, Own the Present, Manifest Your Future.

Akashic Records 

Akashic Records Session

An Akashic Records ‘Soul Evolution’ Session can profoundly impact your personal growth and business success, helping you create a life of abundance by addressing past challenges and fostering a higher version of yourself for the future.


Akashic Records Home Healing

‘Walk into a peaceful environment that promotes harmony love, and tranquillity’ 

Discover the transformative benefits of property energy clearing. Like humans, homes carry their energy and, intriguingly, a soul-like essence with an Akashic Record unique to each property. By tapping into the Akashic Records of your home, you can enhance the vibrational atmosphere, making your space more harmonious and a true sanctuary that reflects your spirit and intentions.

This approach goes beyond traditional home improvement by addressing the energetic foundation of your living space, promoting a healthier, more balanced environment. Ideal for anyone looking to improve their home’s feel and flow, Akashic Energy Healing can elevate your living experience by clearing old energies and revitalising your surroundings.


Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

VIP experience like no other!

Mentorship Advisory Visionary Membership

‘Akashic Business Accelerator Vip Days’ & ‘The Akashic Accelerator’

Ready to be a more extraordinary success story?

Imagine a world where time bends to your will, where quantum leaps catapult your business to unimaginable heights.

With my VIP Akashic Business Accelerator sessions and VIP Membership, imagine an Energy Makeover; you’ll experience a mind-blowing transformation that reaches deep into the very fabric of the soul of your business. We’ll dive deep into the Akashic records, clearing energetic blocks and installing powerful success anchors that unleash a magical flow of abundant energy.

This isn’t just about faster results – it’s about an energetic re-awakening that aligns you with the divine feminine and masculine energies, allowing you to effortlessly manifest your dream business with ease, grace, and flow.

Get ready to experience the impossible – a quantum leap in business success that will leave you breathless with awe.

Quantum Leap Your Business Success

Akashic Business Breakthrough Session

Feeling stuck in your business? Repeating the same frustrating patterns? It’s time to break free and unleash your true potential.

The Akashic Business Breakthrough session is your gateway to profound transformation. If you’re yearning for a significant shift in your business, struggling to achieve the results you desire, and open to receiving spiritual guidance, this is your invitation to step into a new reality.

75 minute session

Investment: $444 Including GST


Private Healing Sessions

Intuitive Alchemy Success Single Session

Private Healing Session

If you are looking for a single session to address your needs, I offer a 90-minute session. Before we start the session, I will intuitively know the best type of modality to use in achieving your desired outcome. I provide a range of modalities, including Theta Healing®, MIT- Medical Intuitive Technique, Embodiment & Empowerment healing, re-alignment activations, Re-imprinting meditations, and quantum visualisation to help you achieve your desired results. My goal is to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes through a combination of my own Intuitive Alchemy techniques.

Intuitive Alchemy 5 Success Sessions

Freedom Healing Package

5x 90-minute sessions set over two months. 

The Freedom Package is designed to help you achieve a powerful personal transformation by gaining clarity, building energy, and cultivating courage. You can unlock your productivity and break free from limiting beliefs holding you back. It’s time to become your best version and soar confidently towards your goals. With renewed clarity and vitality, you will cultivate the courage to pursue your dreams and live a life that aligns with your authentic self.