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Immediate support

Healing Kick Start Session

90-minute session for people needing a single support session or wanting to tip their toes into the healing arena before committing long-term. 

Are you having difficulty overcoming an issue that demands immediate attention? If so, it’s time to book a 90-minute session, where we will dive into one main problem blocking your pathway to unlock fresh energy flow and step you back into harmony and balance.

After this session, you will be left feeling lighter and more empowered. You’ll leave this session feeling motivated, inspired and ready to take action.

Let’s Do This!

(If you feel like you need more assistance, take a look at my FREEDOM package of 5 sessions below.)

$444 incl GST 

Quantum Leap: Your Business Success

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Welcome to the Quantum Mastery Accelerator Session, where the boundaries of conventional business strategies dissolve, and entrepreneurs embark on unprecedented growth and success. In this exclusive three-hour session, I invite you to step into a realm where time collapses, procrastination dissipates, and a roadmap to unparalleled achievement unfolds. As your guide and channel for aligned success, we will delve deep into the intricacies of your business, unlocking the quantum potential that lies within. Prepare to leap beyond the ordinary as we navigate the pathways of ROI acceleration, fast-track service and offering optimisation, and the profound clearing of self-sabotage. This is not just a session; it’s an immersive experience designed to align you with the quantum forces of success, paving the way for your unparalleled rise in the entrepreneurial cosmos. Welcome to the Quantum Mastery Intensive, where your business transforms, and your journey towards prosperity takes an exhilarating leap into the extraordinary.

During this half-day event, I will be sure to tap into my intuition to provide channelled future guidance for your business.

I tailor this experience to align with your desired awareness and insights for your future business plan. With my intuitive and psychic skills, I will access your Business Akashic Records to discover clarity, guidance, and ideas that will expedite your business growth and scaling process. Also, I’ll go into your timelines to address and heal any self-doubt, fears, and worries that might hinder your future success. By the end of our session, you will emerge with renewed confidence and clarity; with additional implementation of aligned success anchors into the Business records, your business will have rapid growth and transformation.

Get ready to pursue your passions and attain limitless success in your business and personal life. Knowing which actions to take, you’ll be equipped to shape a radiant future and manifest your desires.

This insightful half-day event is an inspirational journey that promises surprising revelations in our extended session.

It is tailored for entrepreneurs on the cusp of elevating their journey, potentially grappling with decision-making, harbouring multiple ideas yet needing to be made aware of the next step, or experiencing procrastination.

Past participants have experienced transformational success, including the creation of aligned programs, the discovery of harmonious pricing strategies, and the clarity to focus their time investments. They’ve shifted their focus, harnessed essential support, and fully unlocked their inherent potential. 

Duration: 3 hours
Recording: A session recording to revisit insights.
Empowerment: A detailed roadmap to materialise your next-level business vision.

Investment: $1555.00 Including GST


Healing, Energy Clearing & Akashic Success Sessions

Freedom Package

Are you looking to take your life to the next level? Join Claire on a transformative two-month journey of healing, energy clearing, and high-performance Akashic Record work. Let go of the burdens and blocks holding you back and experience the freedom to be your best self.

The Freedom Package is designed to help you achieve a powerful personal transformation by gaining clarity, building energy, and cultivating courage. You can unlock your productivity and break free from limiting beliefs holding you back. It’s time to become your best version and soar confidently towards your goals.

Throughout this personal transformative journey, you will receive personalised guidance, support, and healing from Claire, a renowned high-level healer in her respective fields. Her expertise will empower you to embrace your potential and achieve remarkable results.

With renewed clarity and vitality, you will cultivate the courage to pursue your dreams and live a life that aligns with your authentic self.


5x 90 Minute Sessions set over two months. 

$1777 including GST