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Akashic Business Transformation

Why I’m Passionately Devoted to Akashic Records for Business Transformation

For over a decade, I’ve witnessed the remarkable magic and power of using the Akashic Records realm to great benefit in my company and with great success for countless clients. I’ve seen them skyrocket to success, blocks dissolve, and dreams manifest astonishingly. This isn’t just about growth; it’s about aligning with your soul’s purpose and creating a business that thrives effortlessly.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, look below at my different options and packages, such as ……

  • Business Breakthrough Session
  • Akashic Business Accelerator VIP Days
  • Private Mentoring  inside ‘The Akashic Accelerator’ for Female Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Together, we can explore how working within the Akashic Records realm can transform your business and your life.

“Unlock Your Business’s Akashic Soul Blueprint: Manifest the Success You’re Meant For”

What Are the Akashic Records?

Imagine a cosmic library holding the energetic blueprint of your soul, your business, and every experience you’ve ever had. That’s the Akashic Records – a vibrational dimension containing the wisdom and knowledge of your past, present, and future potentials.

My Journey as an Entrepreneur

My entrepreneurial journey spans over 35 years, from building successful businesses to working within global companies. I’ve taught and trained countless service-based businesses on how to attract customers, build their brands, and establish trust. However, the most significant rapid results and breakthroughs in my success came when I started incorporating energetic healing into my business practices.

By clearing my own limiting beliefs, healing past wounds, and installing a positive mindset, I experienced a quantum leap in my results. As a manifesting generator with a lineage of go-getters, I’m always looking for ways to accelerate success and create win-win outcomes. This led me to the Akashic Records, where I discovered a powerful tool for collapsing time, amplifying positive energy, and manifesting extraordinary results.

Why I’m the Right Guide for You:

My passion for the Akashic Records stems from the profound transformations I’ve witnessed in my own life and the lives of my clients. I bring decades of entrepreneurial experience, a deep understanding of business energetics, and a heartfelt commitment to helping you manifest your dream business.

Are you ready to experience the quantum leap your business deserves? Let’s connect and explore how the Akashic Records can transform your business and your life.


Akashic Business Breakthrough Session

Feeling stuck in your business? Repeating the same frustrating patterns? It’s time to break free and unleash your true potential.

The Akashic Business Breakthrough session is your gateway to profound transformation. If you’re yearning for a significant shift in your business, struggling to achieve the results you desire, and open to receiving spiritual guidance, this is your invitation to step into a new reality.

75-minute session

Investment: $444 Including GST


What awaits you in this 75-minute deep dive:

Akashic Record Exploration: We’ll open your personal and business Akashic Records, uncovering the hidden energetic and karmic blocks that have been holding you back.

Energy Clearing & Healing: Through powerful techniques, including pendulum healing, we’ll release limiting beliefs, old wounds, and stagnant energies, making space for new possibilities.

Quantum Upgrades: Activate your dormant soul powers, talents, and gifts. Install success anchors that align you with abundance and accelerate your business growth.

Rewrite Your Business Destiny: Together, we’ll tap into the infinite potential of your Akashic business records and rewrite the story of your success.

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs ready to break free from self-sabotage and karmic patterns

Business owners seeking clarity, direction, and a quantum leap in results

Visionaries who are open to exploring the spiritual dimension of their business.

Individuals comfortable with past-life readings and energetic healing

Don’t let energetic blocks hold you back any longer. Embrace this opportunity to transform your business and your life. Book your Akashic Business Breakthrough session today!


“I was struggling to fill my women’s circle – even after reaching out to so many people, I’d only sold a few spaces. It was disheartening! Claire suggested an Akashic Records Breakthrough Session to shift the energy and my beliefs around holding space for the circle. What can I say – within three days, my women’s circle was completely sold out! I’m amazed and thrilled. Claire’s work is powerful, and I’ll reach out again for support with my retreat.

M. Brown- Women’s Yoga, Reiki Master & Empowerment Coach


How Can the Akashic Records Transform Your Business?

The Akashic Records are a game-changer for entrepreneurs. Here’s how:

    • Heal Past Wounds: Clear the energetic blocks and limiting beliefs that sabotage your success. Release old vows of poverty, loneliness, or sacrifice that hold you back. Let go of shame, guilt, frustration, and grief that drain your energy.
    • Unlock Your Business Soul: Discover the soul of your business – its unique identity, archetypes, and desires. Align with your business’s highest potential for extraordinary growth.
    • Shift Your Business Identity: Uncover how your business wants to show up in the world. Clarify its purpose and messaging for deeper resonance with your audience.
    • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Tap into the flow of abundance and create a business that works for you, not the other way around. Eliminate burnout and stress, and experience more ease, grace, and joy in your entrepreneurial journey.

What personal information do you require for my sessions?

In order for me to access your personal Akashic Record, I will need the following information from you:

  • your full legal name at birth
  • your current full legal name (if it has changed since birth)
  • your date of birth
  • your birthplace (country, city)
  • Registered Business Name Also, what do you identify the business name as?

This information contains a vibrational code that opens your personal record, not anyone else’s.

VIP experience like no other!

‘Akashic Business Accelerator Vip’

Tired of waiting for your business to take off?

Imagine a world where time bends to your will, where quantum leaps catapult your business to unimaginable heights.

With my VIP Akashic Business Accelerator session, imagine an Energy Makeover; you’ll experience a mind-blowing transformation that reaches deep into the very fabric of the soul of your business. We’ll dive deep into the Akashic records, clearing energetic blocks and installing powerful success anchors that unleash a magical flow of abundant energy.

This isn’t just about faster results – it’s about an energetic re-awakening that aligns you with the divine feminine and masculine energies, allowing you to effortlessly manifest your dream business with ease, grace, and flow.

Get ready to experience the impossible – a quantum leap in business success that will leave you breathless with awe.

3-hour online session

Investment: $1111.00 Including GST

Full Vip Immersion Day In-Person

  • You already have a business and need a boost or uplevel.
  • A 30-minute pre-call to set an agenda based on what you need would be great.
  • 1hr post-call as part of this intensive.
  • 1  Day in-person in Central Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Virtual 10 am-5 pm.

Intuitive transformational channelling & guidance with deep clearing of subconscious beliefs & karmic patterns installing success anchors plus energy alignments –


Elevate Beyond Ordinary Business Coaching: Unleash the Quantum Potential of Your Business Soul

Traditional business coaching focuses on strategy, tactics, and mindset. While valuable, it often falls short when you’re facing deeper, unseen blocks. Your business has a soul—a unique energetic blueprint with unlimited potential. That’s where accessing the Soul Business Akashic Record becomes a game-changer.

Here’s why high performers choose this quantum leap:

    • Breakthrough Self-Sabotage: Bypass the surface-level strategies and dive deep into the root of your self-sabotaging patterns. Release subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, and ancestral patterns that hold you back.

    • Collapse Timelines: Accelerate your success exponentially. The Akashic Records offer insights and energetic alignments that propel you forward at an unprecedented pace, bypassing years of trial and error.

    • Amplify Your Intuition: Tap into the wisdom of your business soul, gaining clarity and guidance that surpasses any external advice. Make decisions aligned with your highest potential and purpose.

    • Manifestation Mastery: Activate the energetic frequencies that effortlessly attract abundance, clients, and opportunities. Align with the divine flow of success and watch your business thrive beyond your wildest dreams.

    • Quantum Healing for Your Business: Address and heal past wounds, traumas, and karmic patterns that may impact your business. Clear energetic blockages and create a harmonious foundation for sustainable growth.

If you’re a high performer ready to shatter limitations and transcend traditional business coaching, the Soul Business Akashic Record is your key to unlocking the quantum potential of your enterprise. It’s time to rise above the ordinary and step into limitless possibilities.

Mentorship Advisory Visionary Membership

‘The Akashic Accelerator’

Ready to be a more extraordinary success story?

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