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Akashic Records Home Healing

Discover the transformative benefits of property energy clearing. Like humans, homes carry their energy and, intriguingly, a soul-like essence with an Akashic Record unique to each property. By tapping into the Akashic Records of your home, you can enhance the vibrational atmosphere, making your space more harmonious and a true sanctuary that reflects your spirit and intentions.

This approach goes beyond traditional home improvement by addressing the energetic foundation of your living space, promoting a healthier, more balanced environment. Ideal for anyone looking to improve their home’s feel and flow, Akashic Energy Healing can elevate your living experience by clearing old energies and revitalising your surroundings.

Experience the Benefits of Clearing Negative Energy to Transform Your Living Space with Akashic Energy Home Healing.

The Power of Akashic Energy Healing:

Akashic Energy Healing goes beyond simple space clearing; it involves aligning your home’s energy with your vibrations. By accessing the energetic history (within the Akashic Records) of your home and land, this process can:

  • Identify and Remove Negative Energies: Clearing residues of past traumas, disputes, and lingering entities.
  • Evident Geopathic Stress and Land-Related Issues: Addressing disturbances from the ground beneath your home.
  • Experience the practical benefits of Vibrational Harmony: Establish an environment that fosters peace, prosperity, and easier manifestation of your desires.

Benefits of Akashic Energy Healing:

    • A Lighter, Happier Home: Enjoy peaceful vibes and improved dynamics within your family.
    • Enhanced Health and Well-being: Notice better sleep, increased vitality, and a sense of renewed calm.
    • Boosted Abundance: Attract positive energy that supports financial prosperity.
    • Easier Home Sales: Make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

How It Works:

  • Remote Magic: No need for a home visit—I can conduct the session remotely using just your address.
  • Thorough Energy Investigation: I meticulously scan for energy blocks and imbalances, leaving no stone unturned to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your energy.
  • Tailored Clearing: Each session is customised to clear known and unknown energies.
  • Personalised Report: if you don’t wish to be on the live call, you’ll receive a detailed summary or recording of findings and actions taken.


“Claire’s energy clearing transformed our home! After months of no interest, the energy shift brought us multiple potential buyers. Our home now feels lighter and more welcoming. Thank you, Claire!” -V & S. Smith

“When we moved into our newly renovated, century-old homestead, it felt…empty. Soulless. Despite the beautiful updates, there was a lingering sadness from the previous occupants, and I was also taking on the sadness. Thankfully, I found Claire. Her energy clearing transformed our home. She intuitively guided me on crystal for the land and each room, creating a shield of peace and harmony. The once heavy atmosphere lifted, replaced by love and light. My children are thriving, and as someone who works from home, I find the positive shift in energy invaluable. Claire’s work didn’t just clear our home, it transformed it into a sanctuary filled with joy. Our once-empty house now feels like a true haven for everyone here. I am beyond grateful for her gifts and highly recommend her to anyone seeking to transform their space into a sanctuary of peace and positivity.”  –B & F Andrews, Vic 


Is Your House Weighing You Down?

Your home should be your sanctuary—a place where you feel safe, loved, and inspired. However, if unseen energies from past events or the land itself are causing disruptions, it can affect your peace, create tension, and hinder your overall well-being. With Akashic Energy Healing, you can restore balance and harmony to your living environment.


Common Signs Your Home Needs Energy Clearing:

  • Heavy Atmosphere: Does your home feel uncomfortable or oppressive in certain areas?
  • Relationship Tension: Are unexplained arguments or conflicts common among family members?
  • Stagnant Energy: Are you feeling stuck in aspects of your life like finances, health, or career?
  • Discomfort for Pets: Do your animals seem unsettled or avoid specific rooms?
  • Feeling Unsettled: Have you recently moved and still don’t feel at home?

What information do you need for my Home Healing session?

For me to access your homes Akashic Record, I will need the following information from you:

  • your full legal name at birth
  • your current full legal name (if it has changed since birth)
  • your date of birth
  • your birthplace (country, city)
  • full address of home
  • permission for the bill payer/homeowner

Please rest assured that this information is strictly confidential and will only be used for the.  The purpose of your Healing session information contains a vibrational code that opens your record, not anyone else’s.

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1 Hour session $333.00

Creating Calm – Energy Clearing Your Space

Extend Your Home Healing Consultation 

This program is key to understanding and harnessing this energy to your advantage. Imagine coming home to a space that radiates tranquillity, where stress melts away and serenity occurs. It’s not a dream; it’s your reality waiting to be realised.

What “Creating Calm” self-study home healing offers:

Energy Awareness: Gain a deep understanding of the energy surrounding you and its influence on your well-being.

Energy Clearing Techniques: Learn powerful methods to cleanse and purify your living space, removing negative energy and creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Space Transformation: Witness the transformation of your home as you infuse it with positive energy, fostering peace and tranquillity.

Learn Daily Practices: Discover practical, daily rituals to maintain the positive energy flow in your space.

Serenity on Demand: Unlock the ability to create an oasis of calm whenever needed, providing a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Investment $59