Akashic Records Consultation

Soul of Origin

Immerse yourself in an introductory reading that will illuminate the origins of your Soul, unveiling the planet of your earliest incarnation and its profound impact on your present life. Through this journey, you will discover your multidimensional self and gain insights into the cosmic ancestry that shapes your Soul’s purpose and destiny.

This consultation includes:

Angelic Realm of Soul Training In the realm where your soul underwent its initial “training,” a specific energy was instilled within it, shaping your personality with distinct characteristics. Exploring this realm will illuminate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and obstacles. It will clarify the areas where you can harness your gifts and talents with the greatest ease. 

What is a Soul of Origin Consultation?

Imagine a world shaped by over 25 distinct civilisations, each infusing our collective and personal growth with unique influences. These legacies, woven into our DNA, define our talents and the challenges we encounter.

A Soul of Origin consultation accesses these deep-seated memories, unlocking your inherent gifts and energies. This journey empowers you to live with greater purpose and alignment, helping you to harness your heritage fully.

Embark on a Soul of Origin consultation to unlock your celestial potential. This transformative experience invites you to activate the profound capabilities of your lineage, enabling a more complete and empowered version of yourself. Rediscover your true essence and strengthen your connection with the universe, guided by the ancient wisdom of celestial beings. This isn’t just an exploration—it’s a profound return to who you truly are.


Testimonial of a Soul of Origin Consultation

“Thank you so much for my Soul of Origin session. It was very enlightening and empowered me to embrace my gifts and work on the areas I face challenges with fresh motivation and determination, but mostly understanding and now with deep compassion. I truly feel I can move forward to achieve my vision with these insights. Your support is always welcomed and appreciated, and it is so incredibly powerful. Thank you” 

Melissa Pritchard


Is a Soul Origin consultation right for you?

  • Do you sense a deep part of yourself that yearns for something… different? A feeling that perhaps you have a home far beyond the stars?
  • Does a quiet, intuitive voice whisper that there’s a greater purpose waiting for you, a way to share your unique gifts with the world?
  • Perhaps you’re exceptionally sensitive, feeling the energies around you with a depth that others don’t understand.
  • Do you sometimes struggle to find your place, feeling adrift in a world that doesn’t resonate with your soul?

If this sounds familiar, a Cosmic Soul Origin reading could be the key to unlocking the answers you seek. Together, we might gently uncover:

  • Your true belonging: Explore where your soul’s journey may have begun and how that knowledge brings peace to your heart.
  • Your hidden gifts: Tap into your sensitivities and understand how they might be used to fulfil your more profound purpose.
  • A path of authenticity: Discover steps to live aligned with who you truly are, bringing more joy and fulfilment.

Let me help you illuminate your cosmic origins and find a sense of belonging in both the world and within yourself.


What personal information do you require for my Soul of Origin consultation?

In order for me to access your personal Akashic Record, I will need the following information from you:

  • your full legal name at birth
  • your current full legal name (if it has changed since birth)
  • your date of birth
  • your birthplace (country, city)

This information contains a vibrational code that opens your personal record, not anyone else’s.

Extend Your Consultation…

Embark on a transformative journey within the Akashic Records.

Consider amplifying the effectiveness of your Akashic Records Soul of Origin with a ‘soul evolution’ session. This 2-hour long session can facilitate rapid transformation and change by leveraging your soul gifts and talents.

In this private one-on-one Zoom session, we will delve into your soul origin reading and incorporate a healing and energy transformation to address any Akashic blocks and healings that you may be experiencing. We will also explore intuitive steps that can solidify the changes inside your records, leading to rapid and positive transformation. Furthermore, we can create a plan of action to implement concrete changes that will result in long-lasting positive outcomes.